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    : Out of all of these "Up & Coming artists" There's less than a handful who truly ascend to stardom. This guy's not likely...

  • L.Smalls

    i doubt he'll be a star as well

    isnt he signed to aftermath?

  • L.Smalls

    nevermind, the aftermath guy is problem aint heard anything from him for a while.....

  • Being frank..sinatra

    This is shake on here rapping trying to test the waters..canadian mc" sure......

  • Jay Cole

    did he just say "cole did it and he aiiight" ???

    Cole aint "aight"...he's GREAT!

  • SFD


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  • HeathenHavoc

    I've honestly never heard one track (or bar) that qualifies j.cole as anyhting more than 'your average rapper'..

    Feel free to post suggestions, If you think I haven't heard his greatest work...

    Not a hater (by nature), I'm just not impressed (yet) and assume I must be missing something..