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Shyne On Brooklyn And Belize (Video)

blame it on Meka August 24, 2010

Po reminisces on what he misses about Brooklyn and speaks on the historical significance of Belize and why he and his country are destined for greatness.

I call malarkey on a portion of that last statement.

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  • Rezo

    Didn’t he get like $5 million from Def Jam? Why does this dude look like a malnourished homeless dude from a 3rd world country? Seriously, $5 million in Belize is like $20 million here. Shyne needs to get his shit together he looks terrible, no homo.

  • Peace out to Brooklyn! myspace.com/crooksda1.

  • did the video keep fuckin pausing for anyone else?? WTF??


    No Lupe, But avidly follow Shyne?!?!?!?! I came to this site by accident searching for Lupe Leaks and Mixtapes 3 years ago, been loyal by visiting/posting 2DB almost every day and you do this to us. As Lupe would say 2DOPEBOYZ.COM had “Dumbed It Down” …..Keep following B.O.B. and Shyne but not Lupe….Nothing Underground about either one of them …..(New Shyne Sucks sooooooo bad, he doesn’t even get a second opinion)

  • I understand what Shyne is trying to do, but that’s a hard damn sell.
    I wish him luck dealing with them yard boys.

  • The JEDI Street Team

    it kept pausing for me too but reguardless of the fact shyne voice isnt what it iz that nigga is like a real real dude like he would lay the clip on a nigga n piss on his grave n he keeps it real n doesnt fuk with much dudes since diddy did him that cold shit

  • Made Man

    Shyne is positioning himself as a man amongst men. Not some demi-God like the entertainment industry tends to portray. He is in a country where poverty has increased over 7% from 08-09. Of 142,000 thousand Belizeans, 43% of the population, are considered poor, while 52,000 of those, 16% of the population is considered indigent, or very poor. Which means that they can’t afford the minimum food basket which is $5.50 per day. With stats like this what fucking good would he be doing if he completely balled out with jewelry, women and cars.? It would be insensitive and careless. Shyne has a deeper respect for his people and it is no coincidence that off all the places he could have ended up the very last place he would have been before his incarceration is the very first afterwards. The tone of this “new voice” Shyne has created sucks. But the potential for his message is clear. Give him time. I bet if he was spitting all of that BMF bullshit he would be nicest rapper in the universe. Authenticity used to mean something. Then again rap fans are not even fans anymore, just posers with computers who download music, vibe on rap beef and get gangster during chatroom fights. Shyne is still Shyne, the nigga is still nice and i’m certain he is aware of what everyone is saying. Makes you wonder what type of a person jumps into a pit of fire and stays there. Give him credit, the man had 10 years to consider his options…at the very least anyone who can get two 7 figure deals in jail and fresh out of must be good for sumn.


    Made Men, stfu. You don’t know Shyne, and have never met Shyne. There is nothing “deep” about Shyne. He shot a woman in the face, tells us in prison he won’t be doing hardcore rap anymore, and then proceeds to get out of jail and do just that with a voice that sounds like he has semen in the back of his throat. Don’t try in anyway to relate Shyne’s appearance to the situation in Belize, considering they have NOTHING to do with one another. He has no message, as he has no future in the music industry. He clearly is unaware of how bad he sounds on the mic, considering every song he has put out has sounded like he was drowning. Hop off his nuts.

  • liamswinton

    a dartmouth shirt lmao? shyne went from gangsta to upper-class ivy league prep. i respect it.

    oh and fuck dartmouth princeton is the name ;)

  • No Homo

    ^^ LOL he was also wearing a YALE shirt also in the video. I guess those were the best pickings from the Salvation Army donation.

  • d-bo

    That’s a sick ass ride yo.

  • Method Man

    this nigga only got ivy league shirts, he had Cornell the other day

  • Musikfiend


    Yeah those bs XXL vids keeping pausing every time for me too.

  • Made Man

    @WHATTHEFUCK Who are you and what have you contributed to the rap game? Better yet what do you do? Are you even IN the music biz? You cannot hang with my accomplishments TRUST me. I need no merit for who I know and what I have done and I have done MUCH. As for your points…you make good ones. But don’t assume who is on the other end of a post. If you are a betting man you will lose a lot. And FYI…lose the anger and hate…it mutes your message lil homie.


    stfu man, you haven’t done jackshit or you wouldn’t be checking comments on a shyne post. this coming from someone who also hasn’t done shit. stay in your lane nigga.

  • Made Man

    @Whatthefuck You win buddy. All the best

  • Shyne Boy Step You’r Game Up!

  • Jesus Medina

    Solid track man hey whatthefuck you are way out of line listen to one track from godfather buried alive stupid ass motherfucker you probably thought lolipop by that weezy bitch was deep