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The ILLZ – In Between Video Series (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 24, 2010

The dopehouse, OnSMASH and YouHeardThanNew bring you the latest release from The ILLZ, Kristopher Rey-Talley and HotMop Films. That’s a lot of teams. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: The ILLZ – In Between Video Series (Mixtape)

  • YourMomzCouch

    i thought this shit was never coming out. *downloading now*


    This dude is incredibly ILLz

  • Melo15

    Dudes nice… this was big in this slow ass week of rap

  • No Homo

    I don’t really like his music but he is by far the sexiest rapper alive :D

  • No Homo

    Why does he have an “Ode to New York” when he is from New Jersey?? I think it’s really lame when rappers from New Jersey try to rep for New York. Now I take back what I said about him being sexy, he is a lame. :(

  • luis


  • nito


  • Dblack

    Is No Homo is a dude? lol. Great project. DLing right now!

  • wadduphoe

    dude is nice he’s like the first dominican rapper to be dope at least in american hip-hop

  • Rezo

    This dude is DOPE! This and the “The Pursuit” are both lyrically great. He raps from the heart and I respect that.

  • jake 101

    @wadduphoe yo he said he was part arabic or full arabic idk lol but yeah nice to see ppl like him doing their thing too.

  • Rezo

    ^^ He’s Dominican but mixed with a tiny amount of Beirut (Arabic).

  • bigswoosh

    bandcamp >
    Thanks for the free DL. Can’t complain about free shit….


    Finally. They have dropped nothing but hotness the last five weeks.

  • Rezo

    How does this only have 14 comments? #hiphopisajokenow

  • swoby

    Been waiting on this..every song he’s dropped has been great..

  • RussDa59

    man. real talent, flying under the radar just how i like it

  • Mark Twain Fame (MTF)

    @nohmo — he’s not repping New York per say (he reps and talks about Jersey alot in songs/interviews) but he’s close to New York by way of Jersey…he probably has alot of peoples & family in NY, and grew up in a sense in both cities…so he wanted to show love to the NY. aint nuthin wrong with that…dumb small minded anal ass people. Everybody has to complain about something. smh. I feel sorry for this generation.

  • Mark Twain Fame (MTF)


  • Xero

    he ain’t the first dominican rapper that’s dope, but as far as i’m concerned he’s definitely the dopest. Juelz Santana is apparently Dominican and so if Fabolous??? whatever though, dominican pride