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Buff1 – Ghosting (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 25, 2010

As an avid fan of alternative genres of music, I’ve been spinning this project front to back for the past month like it was the only thing I had on my iPod. I’m glad to see it’s finally getting released. Don’t sleep.

Ghosting is a project that gives listeners insight on the types of artists and music that inspires Buff1. Giving himself one week to write original material, Buff1 created this free project to be released into the blogosphere. Choosing songs that coincidentally had space for Buff1 to spit, none of the original songs have been edited.

Buff felt there were obvious similarities between the music on this project and one of his favorite Ghostface songs “Holla”; on which Ghost raps over the entire Delfonic’s song “La-La Means I Love You”. Ghosting also happens to be a game where one person follows behind another, mimicking their movements as closely as possible, without being detected.

The Ghostface homage, combined with Buff1 trying his best to follow in the footsteps of the artists who inspired him to write this project, made the title obvious. Lastly, don’t sleep on the exclusive bonus track “Better” produced by Slot-A.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Buff1 – Ghosting

  • freshmike

    Where’s Lupe??

  • Drew

    Fuck all this Lupe Shit..!!! Is this post about Lupe?? NO!!! so move on with that bullshit..

    Buff1 is nice can’t wait to give this a spin..

  • they said

    This is about lupe DREW!

  • sh17S Pr0BALY T1TE! Bu7 WHy? HiZ Sk!N s0 Wh1t33333??????
    WURZ SoUlJ4 B0Y H3 SO CUT3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drew

    No dude it’s not about him at all…read the post title “Buff1 – Ghosting (Mixtape) nowhere in that title is Lupe Fiasco..So shut up unless your gonna talk about Buff1 or his music.

  • Lupe’s probably somewhere fucking up with lyrics again. Buff1’s nice.

  • Props!

  • BostonsBoy

    i fuck with these guys actually, when im not bumping SAMMY!

    Buff1+Sammy = WIN!

  • fofofofum

    wow, dude is rapping on a Mirah song, even though thats one of my least favorite songs by her, i wanna hear this

  • GOD

    Why do you have to add that you’ve had this mixtape for a while? Nobody cares homie.

    You have one hell of an ego my friend

  • Rockets

    Shake refuses to post Lupe. BTW is this worth the download?

  • bigswoosh

    The Lupe references are getting a lil old now. Thanks for the UP.

  • @GOD

    Maybe what he is saying is that this is really good, and although this isn’t from a big name like Jay-Z or Kanye West it’s worth a listen.

    Oh wait, that’s exactly what he is saying. No ego, just being straight with us.

  • Pssssst

    come on, buff1? for real? fucking new age cocksuckers i swear. wheres max b?

  • quithating

    I can tell from some of your comments that this is going to be over your heads…

    Buff1 is spitting on this shit though. And if you haven’t paid him any attention yet, then go back to listening to Lil B.

  • shakes a panzy

  • Brazzle

    Wheres the intuition shout out. Dude already did something like this with “I ruined these songs for you”.

  • “I’ve been spinning this project front to back for the past month like it was the only thing I had on my iPod”

    u killin us with ur corniness

    actin like a 10 yr old n shit

  • NYdutchmaster

    true that ‘brazzle’; and while i like both artists, good verses on songs that suck aint for me.

  • Clark

    This is dope, definitely worth the download. I agree with yall that it is funny Shake always has to put in some reference to how he gets music first way before we’ve heard it….we expect you to get the shit first you work for a music site.

  • The cover kinda trippy which one is Buff1?

  • De-bo

    This is one of the most unique mixtapes I’ve ever heard. He has some amazing taste in music. It’s kinda out there, but he, somehow, flows over it on topic of the song. It’s a work of art in my opinion. I didn’t like it at first, but after giving it another try, I’ve been spinning it nonstop. I’m going to have to check out some other tracks by this cat. This may be a little sacrilegious to the hiphop game, but he sounds a bit like Black thought (tone-wise, not flow-wise). I’m just saying he’s got flows, a good voice, and some really interesting tracks. Definitely worth the download