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Nametag – S.I.N f. Quest M.C.O.D.Y. & Buff1 (prod. Black Milk)

blame it on Shake August 25, 2010

The Mid West is definitely represented on the latest leak from Nametag’s upcoming Classic Cadence 3 mixtape; which is looking at a 4th quarter release. Those wanting more music, you can grab his debut album The Name is Tag on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Featuring including Black Milk, Danny Brown, Ro Spit and more.

DOWNLOAD: Nametag – S.I.N. (Strength in Numbers) f. Quest M.C.O.D.Y. & Buff1 (prod. Black Milk) | Mediafire

  • 2dopeboyz=fail

    Ok, no hate towards this track. Its actually decent…but I needed somewhere to comment on the fact that this blog absolutely went from great to AWFUL. Seeing the decline in comments, etc…I dont think Im solo on this thought. For three days I have not seen one track Ive even thought about downloading. Shake, Meka…Is there something wrong with your ears? Most weeks I will pick up one or two tracks from the site, used to be I would have a whole ablum worth. I dont know who put you two in control of what the public is to hear but they obviously made a terrible decision. Please…step it up, or dont, but your losing readers…fast.
    No hate, just saying.

  • “Please…step it up, or dont, but your losing readers…fast.”

    traffic reports say muuuch different. and don’t blame us, blame the people that actually make the music.

  • 1

    dope track. shame people will sleep tho

  • Dro

    Not even gonna address dude up top, but just to balance it out a bit… Without a doubt 2dopeboyz is the best source for hip-hop I’ve ever had. It’s better than any forum, or other blog I’ve come across hand down. Yall boyz keep up the good work, definitely keep postin the obscure shit, and I’ma keep comin back daily.

    Oh yea, and holla at ya boy if you ever need to expand the staff. Yall know you could use a Texas boy’z contributions!

  • xastey

    man this slipped pass my radar.. yo Dro where you repping in TX.. SA here..

  • Pssssst

    pretty meh. he lucky he got black milk production or i would of never checked it. & your site definitly losing traffic. stop lying. you got defensive to quick fuck boy. wheres max b?

  • Dro

    Yessir!… Same here. Home of the Spurs.

  • dirtysixchambers

    isn’t this quest mccody dude the guy that was on the one made episode on mtv… about a kid wanting to be a rapper?

  • “& your site definitly losing traffic. stop lying.”

    yea? is that why you continue to come? i guess we make up for everyone else leaving by having you around every second of the day. thanks buddy.

  • this Black Milk beat goes HARD..damn i want this instrumental to jam to!

  • xastey

    @Dro – damn bro, small world.. btw screw the Spurs lol

  • Jay Daniels

    The rokits in the background, nice.