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P.SO – Dubstep Debauchery (Video)

blame it on Meka August 25, 2010

Yo, I hate when I’m at an event or party and there’s that token “one man horrible b-boy band man” who constantly bumps into any and everybody within a five feet radius while “dancing.” Take that hippie shit to Pitchfork or Rock The Bells where there’s space, not Santos or the Roxy or other sweatboxes where there’s not. Anyways, here’s a new Nicolas Heller-directed video from the Earth Tone King’s Suicide By Jellyfish project.

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  • jimmy brooks


  • fy4sko21

    ahhhh, how i cant wait for the fuckin album

  • this is actually drum n bass..not dubstep but watevs..great tune all the same

  • yurp

    dubstep is soo fuckin wack now… hipsters gotta ruin everything…oh and rap and dubstep DO NOT mix well

  • so has this suicide by jellyfish thing dropped already???

  • yeah

    is that Shake?

  • red

    @ Yurp

    Have you heard Skream’s Outside the Box? That MURS feature was pretty tight.

  • seek

    I HATE stiff fuckers at shows that stand there looking hard and shit, too scared to let loose. So what if cats can’t “dance” at least they can enjoy themselves, but it is a balance for sure, cause there are motherfuckers that need to sit their ass down

  • sam sneako

    Hey P.SO, this ISN’T dubstep.

    This is very very very bad Jungle.


  • red

    I don’t know the exacts but yeah this doesn’t sound like dubstep to me.

  • Flohno

    I’ve avoided listening to any dubstep song and yet I know I hate it.

  • chuck chizzle

    just cuz u wanna act “grown” dont mean others have to comply w/ your do’s/do nots at an event. i myself have been to numerous “events” since ’93 so i DO just chill, but i say let the kids have their fun just like we did back in the day. EVERY generation has their “schtick”

  • hahahahahahaha! hilarious! he was waiting for the bathroom the entire video! dude had to pee! the entire dance was a I have to pee dance.

    fuckin silly!

    love it!

    jungle/brokn beat/dubsteb/garage/drum and bass whatev it is, this shit was dope

  • .

    hehe and I was at my down like whole day..and the more I think what to write I’m getting down again so let’s back to dope humor in this video..

  • C RnB

    Not Dub Step Its Jungle

  • C RnB

    LMAO Just Saw The Ending ;P