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Wiz Khalifa On Declining Deal w/ Rick Ross

blame it on Shake August 25, 2010

Similar to the reasoning behind not going on tour with Drake, Wiz reveals to VIBE why he believes building is own brand is more important than putting himself under someone else. A statement I fully agree with.

…Ross ended up calling me [the same day] to say it himself.

Though the convo Khalifa describes as cool and chill concluded with a respectful decline, the Pittsburgh native admits that even if his deal with Atlantic were nonexistent, he still would’ve passed on Ross’ offer. “I would’ve kept doing what I was doing till I found something huge [outside of Maybach Music]. I’m all about standing behind my own brand instead of putting myself up under somebody else’s,” he explains. “[Success] might take a little bit longer and take more work, but in the end it pays off because I can stand right up there with my peers and have respect.”

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  • Jean dos Santos

    Real nigga right there.. FIRST

  • FunkyButtLovin

    good shit. TGOD

  • roc


  • real shit mane

  • PACO

    I respect that

  • Evan rOss

    Most dudes are scared of hard work now days. Good look Wiz.

  • That’s too many tattoos for my liking.
    For the record.



  • real shit..too bad his brand my it self = 0 in real life

  • omar

    I respect it, but I honestly don’t ever think of Wiz Khalifa as the type of rappers who is here to stay, meaning that he is missing out on some great opportunities to make a quick buck. I mean really, what does the dude REALLY rap about? Girls and weed.

    Still I respect it, and maybe he will prove me wrong.


    this nigga shoulda just rode the coattails of drake and ross. im saying this to be the devils advocate, life is a double-edged sword you know.

  • raptorfan

    shots at cole?

  • d

    lol yea good thing hes declining all these opportunities to “build” his “brand” which is definitely going to be sustainable in the long term and on a major level…that was all tongue in cheek btw…we’ll see how this nigga is doing in a few years….

  • Lee

    Wiz da truf!!

  • snoop dog has been rapping about girls & weed for almost 20 yrs & he’s still relevant in the game

  • THC wade

    wiz is to much for these “sell your soul” type niggas.

  • OK my turn!!…I think this and the Drake move was wrong..If u got a opp.2 tour with 1 of the hottest artist in the country u TAKE IT and u jus mite pick up some NEW fans…i think Wiz got some kind of ego prob.and should swallow his pride or he gon lose some fans who would LOVE to see him & Drake rock on stage or some more Ross features..not sayin that cant happen in the future but 2moro isnt promised 2 none of us…. #oppknocksopenthedoor

  • I 100% respect his decision. Say what you want about the girls and weed talk but Kush & OJ was a near perfect mixtape and better than most’s albums these days. TGOD is doing pretty well off of blog/net hype alone so no doubt if he keeps pushing he’ll get where he wants to be.

  • stompintom

    wiz khalifa sucks ass as a rapper though i respect that speech

  • Ill explain even further….If Michael Jordan asked you to shoot bball with him and you being a pretty good bball player yourself say “oh im good MJ ill jus watch u play” FUCC OUTTA HERE!!

  • ill explain EVEN further…If Pres. Obama invited U to eat dinner at the White House are u gonna decline the offer cause u already ate?? FUC OUTTA HERE!!! #prideisonlygoodwhen

  • zookeeper


  • maraterasu

    So drake = MJ!?!?!?!?!? LOL

  • ok Kamus, If Obama invited you out to dinner with him as a FRIEND, not to talk politics and you were a hardcore republican/tea party advocate, would you accept the offer because of the opportunity to advance your political platform? No because Obama is your competition. Wiz is doing the right thing here, for himself and hip hop, and if you can’t see that its probably because you are just another mainstream hip hop sell out BITCH. Peace.

  • And I’ll prove you even more wrong. That’s like playing a year or two after MJ’s draft class and the same position and going to the same team as him just to ride the pine even when you know your better than him you just gotta prove it to everyone else.


    You are now lookin at one smart black boy / Momma ain’t raised no fool

  • Being frank..sinatra!

    That type of “I don’t need nobody else” attitude will be the end of a career…

  • @KAMUS Drake is good and everything but you comparing him to Jordan is outlandish maybe one day, but right now he’s more like Kevin Durant if we’re talking NBA. I also think maybe Wiz should have accepted the Drake offer, but I respect and understand his stance on it. And the Ross thing, I agree 100% with his decision because when you join the rapper-managed label you usually end up become a bench warmer just waiting. This just fuels his hunger and he did get signed to Atlantic so he’s still making progress

  • Pedro

    @KAMUS You want to compare Obama/MJ/Drake/Rick Ross ? And if you are saying that Wiz has a ego problem that’s because you don’t know Wiz.

    And being on Drake’s tour will just keep coming some more money to Drake, I mean Drake is one of the top cometition to Wiz, so yeah I think he should continue his tours, and build his brand and give us more good music.


  • Shawn

    Cole and Drake just got called out.. lol

  • Bizzy

    WIZ MOTHERFUCKING KHALIFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD

    Real niggas do real things


    Hey Kamus, you’re fucking retarded. Way to throw around scenarios that in no way relate to what Wiz did with Ross and Drake. Try thinking before you write/type shit, thanks.

  • BostonsBoy

    Wiz you should hop on a track with SAMMY ADAMS!

  • fuckthewhat

    ^^^ off yourself.


    Whiz just got a new fan, I will no longer hate on his mediocre lyrics, but embrace them in my Dodge Caliber for he has chosen not to “Dumb it Down”

  • G-Shit.

  • GOD

    Wiz makes fun music, not necesarily lyrically brilliant but you can tell he has a good time making it and it is enjoyable to listen to. I’ve been a fan for a while but this dude deserves respect because he has done the indy thing for a while and recieved success without the backing of a label or a co-sign of a hip-hop heavyweight.

  • burd

    whether you think he has what it takes to build a brand or not, you have to respect what hes doing. i mean how many of these thirsty cats out here would have jumped at the opportunities this guys had. i personally believe he can start his own movement and build a brand, i mean look at what hes done already, being on a major again is just gonna help him expand more. and lets be honest looking back how many people thought wayne woulda been one of the biggest names in rap. now everybodys on that young money shit so i can def see dude taking taylor gang and makin it big

  • burd

    basically wiz is showing everybody he wasnt born with that lebron gene

  • mike

    He just wants to show everyone he’s got what it takes. Obviously he has come a long way just in the past year alone. How Fly really gave him a HUGE push and Kush & OJ reallyyy put him on a different level than he was at. Granted, he shouldn’t be counting his chickens before the eggs hatch, but he definitely has a vision and the drive to make it happen, along with an ever increasing fanbase/following

  • Mass Effect

    I dont think you guys understand how big Wiz is getting though, at least in Orlando, his following is HUGE!!!! I remember when KxOJ came out EVERYONE was talking about it. Trust me, in a year or 2 he will def. be bigger than alot of your favorites..just watch.

  • Wiz made a name for himself when his old label f’d him over he might not be the best lyricist but the dude makes fun music regardless what a hater might think. #tgodxjets

  • Ryan

    This is why I really really respect Wiz…his lyrics are aight and his beats are above average, but the dude’s actually seem to have a good head on his shoulder.

  • Shy

    touring with drake wouldve been the better opportunity but i respect both his decisions.

    And [email protected] who would accept a deal at maybach music

  • ll

    not touring with drake was a dumb move….and when he falls off hes going to regret it

  • ROnny My

    Thas just like Lebron going 2 the Heat if Wiz woulda fucked with Drake or Ross like that….Be ya own man, thas was wrong with people now, they rather ride someone else coattails than go make your own

  • oldhead

    jay-z, rick ross, biggie, any famous rapper has had their own brand and it has made them money in the process. why would wiz not want to do that? why allign with competition?


    What’s in a name? Usually nothing, doesn’t mean shit…..But reading things like this about Wiz Khalifa lets one know his name IS HIS name and he intends to live it out.

  • TheReignMan

    Sammy Adams name should ever and I mean EVER pop up on 2DB again…This is a site for music, not poser pop shit

    Oh and Boston’s Boy is a bitch for metioning his name

  • TheReignMan

    my bad, little faded, but I meant Never

  • respect this guy for building from the ground up. I remember him playing here in a little ass club with 20 people in the crowd. Last time he came back, he had a packed house.

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  • weedettee

    wiz khalida > drake.

  • Taylor Gang Pete

    smh its just another illuminati affiliate tryna get Wiz on that bullshit movement, ALL RESPECT TO WIZ!
    T.G.O.D. x JETS

  • 412

    Wiz isnt sellin out. He is gonn keep doin what hes been doin he will get to the top eventually. From somebody whos been listenin since before Show n Prove where nobody outside of Pittsburgh knew him. Now hes gettin on MTV n shit. No doubt Khalifa gonn keep grindin and keep blowin up bigger.

  • javier

    First of all all of u hating on wiz. Need to chill out on that. Second of all wiz khalifa is way to fly to be touring with drake. Drakes wack aight if wiz khalifa didn’t wanna tour is for a reason wiz khalifa. is on a level that drake will never b on (lyrically). Wiz did everything on his own period and he doesn’t want any help building his image from a soft rapper like drake plus he goes harder solo because he has nothing to depend on therefore he will keep dropping new shit. And his gonna keep on making that fire. N yeah all he raps about is pussy money n weed but that’s all a nigga really need to be happy na I’m sayin. Fall back haters.

  • Will R

    For all the people hating on Wiz, what are you guys hating on. Just like every other rapper out there, Wiz is building a name for himself, but he’s doing a really good job of it, Drake and all that shit needs someone to write their lyrics for them in order to rap, Wiz writes his own shit and even though a lot of the times it’s only about girls and weed, it sounds really fucking good.TAYLOR GANG OVER EVERYTHING

  • Fantastic sixth sense