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Classified Presents: Choose Your Own Adventure

blame it on Shake August 26, 2010

In a generation of non stop following and mindless sheep, it’s always great to see artists trying something new and original. While the Choose Your Own Adventure style of writing isn’t the most inovative thing to do. Placing that idea into video form is pretty fresh. Add that to the fact that the visuals are really well done and the website is constructed well.

Classified’s Self Explanatory album featured a series of interludes that follow a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type story line, leading the listener through a day in the life of Class. After a very successful year and a half run with the album, Class decided to treat fans to the visuals by way of an engaging 8-bit videogame style interactive website and contest before getting ready to release material from his upcoming release.

WATCH: ClassifiedAdventure

  • @D_A_double_N_Y

    Haha that video is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while. Classified is the man.

  • Isolated Poet

    Class is the man, saw his show last year and no lie, the building was shaking.

  • T0KS

    Funny how Canadians make better music than Commercial American Rap.

  • red

    Whats funny about that?

  • red

    Holy shit! That was the best song I’ve heard in awhile I was practically falling out of my chair during the parts in the studio.


    This guy is amazing buy if you can but seriously just make sure you hear this music.

  • jjobags

    whaaat?? wen did canadians start spittin like this

  • Class, Shad, Kardinal Offishal deserve the same amount of shine Drake gets. Canada actually has a pretty good representation in hip hop.

  • mirage

    Why am I just hearing this now? I think he made videos for every song of the CD which makes the project even better.

  • 22dopedopeboyzboyz

    if you sleep on this your missing out

  • Antone

    what the fuck, this is badass!

    very dope. big ups to Classified.

  • dz

    wow this is awesome, just discovered this dude and what a unique way to do it!

  • will

    this is sick.

    class is really under rated

  • never listened to class before, but this was pretty cool.

  • willmofo

    Classified is dope! But, the video game thing has been done before. Finale (Detroit) did it when he was about to come out with “A Pipe Dream & A Promise”.

  • Joe

    Class been dope for years, americans have no idea. Aside from being a great lyricist, he’s one of the most underated producers EVER.

  • DArksider


  • Yeah he is underrated, especially as a producer. The whole album was him incl. all of the tracks in this.