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Curren$y – Shade45 Interview (Audio)

blame it on Shake August 26, 2010

While driving around Spitta chops it up with DJ Whoo Kid about just about everything. Pilot Talk (and the upcoming sequel), Dame Dash, EZ Passes, starting the Referlution, skateboarding and more. Haha… this is fucking great, Spitta is on one! If we get pulled over we in trouble!! Jet Liiiiiiife.

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  • kid chris

    spittas that dude.

  • Joe.

    that nigga hella funny.

  • lars

    spitta cool as fuck
    jets FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lars

    yo shake post that white girl choir singing
    bitches aint shit off the chronic
    thats sum real fuckery

  • 23kid

    Jetlife GANGgang reeferlution

  • Error…. anyone else?

  • 23kid

    Refresh and hit play fool ↑

  • Keith

    didnt it sound like “dj” whoo kid tried to play wiz khalifa??? whats good wit that shit..corny ass boul

  • 23kid

    What you mean play was Wiz?

  • Dice

    ^ No not Wiz, Curren$y’s version of Say Yeah called Modern Day Hippie was playin
    But dude is funny as hell

  • 23kid

    Yea that fool played it you no how they be playin tracks then get back to the call that`s sual it was Jetlife reeferlution

  • THEdopeboy

    spitta is hilarious

  • JAYP

    this shit was gutts you can tell Spitta was happy then a muthafucka LOL! & he said Pilot Talk 2 is being made OHH BOYYY JETS FOOOOOOL!!!

  • This nigga spitta is a damn fool! good shit man, u can’t help but fuck with spitta. funny ass dude.


    the thing that makes spitta the man is that his music REALLY DOES represent him as a person….thus he makes real music unlike those actors do

  • aHometownHero

    lmao. classssic interview!

  • Relentless904

    OMG I almost died @ the cowboy line!!

  • LLS @ “You know how the bad cowboys walk into the other saloon?”

  • LOL

  • eddyp21

    lmfao classic stoner! damn everything made sense lmao

  • robertTHEallen

    im starting to like his music a lot more as of late, but id choose his interviews over them all day

    referlution = uncontrollable laughter

  • OPP


  • *sings jet lifeeee*

  • YURP

    Spitta is that nigga..

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    this nigga’s fuckin hilarious..

  • Keith

    i think he tried to play wiz when he said “cool wiz khalifa” and everybody started laughing in the backround like it was an inside joke or somethin…anybody else notice that?????

  • xDesmond

    they were playing currensy’s remix to say yeah called modern day hippie. dude is funny as shit lmfao “i survived, like I should be dead right now”