• kid chris

    spittas that dude.

  • Joe.

    that nigga hella funny.

  • lars

    spitta cool as fuck
    jets FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lars

    yo shake post that white girl choir singing
    bitches aint shit off the chronic
    thats sum real fuckery

  • 23kid

    Jetlife GANGgang reeferlution

  • http://cliffhuxstable.com/ Daniel Trujillo

    Error.... anyone else?

  • 23kid

    Refresh and hit play fool ↑

  • Keith

    didnt it sound like "dj" whoo kid tried to play wiz khalifa??? whats good wit that shit..corny ass boul

  • 23kid

    What you mean play was Wiz?

  • Dice

    ^ No not Wiz, Curren$y's version of Say Yeah called Modern Day Hippie was playin
    But dude is funny as hell

  • 23kid

    Yea that fool played it you no how they be playin tracks then get back to the call that`s sual it was Jetlife reeferlution

  • THEdopeboy

    spitta is hilarious

  • JAYP

    this shit was gutts you can tell Spitta was happy then a muthafucka LOL! & he said Pilot Talk 2 is being made OHH BOYYY JETS FOOOOOOL!!!

  • http://twitter.com/AeroFLYBurke imonapaperchase

    This nigga spitta is a damn fool! good shit man, u can't help but fuck with spitta. funny ass dude.


    the thing that makes spitta the man is that his music REALLY DOES represent him as a person....thus he makes real music unlike those actors do

  • aHometownHero

    lmao. classssic interview!

  • Relentless904

    OMG I almost died @ the cowboy line!!

  • http://2dopeboys.com SUBURBANIGGA

    LLS @ "You know how the bad cowboys walk into the other saloon?"

  • http://www.myspace.com/jayfossmusic Guest


  • eddyp21

    lmfao classic stoner! damn everything made sense lmao

  • robertTHEallen

    im starting to like his music a lot more as of late, but id choose his interviews over them all day

    referlution = uncontrollable laughter

  • OPP


  • http://www.5vemics.com donuts

    *sings jet lifeeee*

  • YURP

    Spitta is that nigga..

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    this nigga's fuckin hilarious..

  • Keith

    i think he tried to play wiz when he said "cool wiz khalifa" and everybody started laughing in the backround like it was an inside joke or somethin...anybody else notice that?????

  • xDesmond

    they were playing currensy's remix to say yeah called modern day hippie. dude is funny as shit lmfao "i survived, like I should be dead right now"