The DMV native combines the three entries in his Rest Stop series into one collection, and adds a few new tracks for your pleasure. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Marky - Journey To Markyland, USA: The Rest Stop Series (Mixtape) | Mediafire


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  • aMc

    combining the covers of the 3 cds was a fail but Marky is dope as fuck...Ive enjoyed the majority of this series :-)

  • DK

    Gotta check this out to support my state. Hazard County stand up!!

  • red

    Don't sleep

  • fuckthemalls

    Haha silent booty

  • killa b

    Such a dope compilation. Flow on point. Production on point. Covers on point.

  • Casper Wordsmith

    combining the covers of the 3 cds was a fail ...
    Yeah, you're really into graphic design and shit.

  • Jack Bandit

    The covers were dope. All 3 were CRAZY. The only problem I have is he didn't put Last Time on this one. It was my favorite out of all of them. Hopefully Marky will get a bigger push for the album. Big up to the DMV and Oxenhill, Maryland as well as D.C.

  • aMc

    @casper I agree..I am...the originals of the covers were cool just not the amalgamation of them.

  • chronwell

    BWI, Reagan NAtional .Fly in, Marky!

  • 757rep

    He has a nice flow, (dont get me wrong) i got them all but, when are we gonna get some original material, all the beats are from other artist

  • Thakidd12

    MoCo stand up..