• bobbychalkers

    I knew it would be Emalkay track once I saw the title.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    WOAH..This shit goes

  • stone cold

    yeah he did this one.. ill shit

  • http://twitter.com/HDotCom @HDotCom

    Ayo am I tripping or did I see this guy in a Pizza Hut commercial the other day?

  • henry H

    hell naw your not he was def in that Big Italy commercial I just seen it like 30 min ago haha..

  • Heavyconscience

    Sick beat indeed

  • ronnie

    Yeah hes on the commercial seen it on adult swim.. Hes spittin on this shit 2 been a fan of the language artz movement for a min good shit

  • Zak

    dudes goin in on dubstep beats?! who knewwwww

  • goff

    rich hil kills this hoe more than this dude

  • Long Island Ice Tea

    Rich Hill is an out of tune singer this post is about rapping

  • Wolfman

    MonsterTM are ok but this dude is a killa.
    ...clean em all lol

  • Nova1

    what's the name of this beat & where can i download it????