Big Sean – Finally Famous v.3 (Tracklist)

blame it on Shake August 27, 2010

According to XXL the third installment of Big Sean’s mixtape is dropping next week. If you ask Sean, that information is not correct. Nor is the tracklist (after the jump). I really don’t give a flying shit. Just drop the mixtape and we can move on.

01 Final Hour (prod. Don Cannon and Nick Kage)
02 Meant To Be (prod. DJ Spinz)
03 What U Doin? (Bull$#[email protected]) (prod. The Olympicks) | Video
04 Money & Sex f. Bun B (prod. No I.D.)
05 Five Bucks (5 On It) f. Chip Tha Rippers & Curren$y
06 High Rise (prod. Don Cannon) | Video
07 Crazy (prod. The Olympicks)
08 Home Town (prod. Eliseo of Treal)
09 Supa Dupa Lemonade | Video
10 My Clost Sayitainttone (prod. Key Wane)
11 Too Fake feat. Chiddy (prod. Xaphoon Jones)
12 Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga (prod. Trillionz)
13 Made f. Drake (prod. WrighTrax)
14 Ambigious f. Mike Posner (prod. Clinton Sparks)
15 Love Song f. Saui (prod. Key Wane)
16 Memories (prod. Key Wane)
17 Bonus Track

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  • its dropping today

  • bigseannstan

    we will see…. supposedly he is scrambling to fix shit up right now

    … says so in his twitter

    should be dropping today



  • Brian Kidd

    Can’t wait

  • JoseMartinez

    Yes!!! He has a track with Posner…those 2 always make some good music.



  • Rio$

    12 Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga (prod. Trillionz)

    gon be the worst track

  • NePTune

    his twitter says the tracklist is wrong.

  • yeah tracklist and date is wrong. It’s missig Fat Raps remix and its dropping today

  • RELL

    he said on ustream last night there will be a dj-less version also

  • JA

    Big sean says fuck ya mother

  • red

    I just shit myself thinking this was the download. C’mon Big Sean I’m dying over here!

  • UK

    @BIG SEAN’S LOST FAN…f*ck you hater

  • DJ122

    Good to see lotta support from kanye for sean. Smh

  • Cheezy

    Yo WTF you mean dropping next week !!

    Sean was on u stream last night talking about its dropping today before his concert with Wiz pops off, this some bull shit yo, I really cant wait to hear this big fan of big sean but hes killing me with all these pushbacks !!

  • Saga

    tracklist wrong?! i swear i will not believe big sean anymore when he gives release dates or says something’s coming soon cause…..”what’s he doin…BULLSHITTIN”

  • stompintom

    this track list sucks

  • TheKidRawr

    What he doing?


  • SomeGuy817

    Uh…. where’s the fat raps remix??? and where is a notch of kanye support good lord wtf still downloading cuz sean that nigga his two other tapes classic so i got high hopes for this one but a track with tony the tiger no sean no!! LOL

  • rUSh

    Almost had a heart attack thinkin this was the download, tracklist looks niiiiccccceeee tho cant wait to hear it, it needs to drop today after all these pushbacks

  • M&M

    Is “Way Out f. Mr Hudson (prod. Kanye West)” gonna be the bonus track?

  • SomeGuy817

    ^That would be tight but i think it’s on the album cuz it was on hudson’s

  • stan lee

    yo fuck this nigga.. real talk.. nigga went from being on my radar to non existant.. when it drops i will be happy.. we were supposed to have this last december -___-
    in a way i guess its good to be pushed back because it means he is making it better..

  • Mr 562

    12 Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga (prod. Trillionz)

    Will Be The Best Track

  • James Blacksmith

    For a nigga for the fans, dropping this mixtape seems overly difficult.


    fuck your mixtape shit wiz & curren$y don’t lie and to think i was gone compare you to them smh, what the fuck you doin? bullshitin .

  • kyro


  • Anonymous

    lied to so many fans!!! MAN FUCK THAT DAMN TAPE JUST FUCK THE SHIT GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gearhead

    Kanye should be on atleast one track

  • BigSean=Fail

    If he act like this when he aint really all that famous imagine how he gone act when he blow…SMH…Why do he treat his fans like this?

  • Steezilla

    Big Sean been actin’ like a Big Shit to his fans as of late. he was garbage @ rock the bells too…

  • RLKJets130

    people act like sean is releasing it next week, he wants it to come out today, and hes GOING to release it today. XXL or some label bullshit is whats holding it up.

  • DJ Drama

    this shit don’t drop soon ..then fuck this shit its just a mix tape nigga

    if the nigga ever do drop an album niggas gonna be dead before that shit come out

  • TheDon


  • ziplockp

    these kids are fuckin trippin. talking like “i’m no longer a big sean fan.” get the fuck over it, fruit. 2010 has been great for music, you can find something to listen to to hold yall over.

  • Uknowcool

    Sombody give this nigga a new cover Art Please, this shit is embarissing to have on my ipod.

  • FFVOL3 is on the way people trust me its worth the wait!And the tracklist is correct they just forgot to add Fat Raps remix!

    Finally Famous/WeMaejor/Dirty Glove!!!

  • ILL Virtue

    Yo real good look for Chiddy Bang. They are a dope duo, glad to see they are gettin shine. Big sean and chiddy gon be a crazy track..

  • 12 Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga (prod. Trillionz) is gonna be dope. if this tracklist is real, the bonus track is obviously “fat raps pt 2”

  • Joe.

    hopefully worth the wait. i heard the intro on ustream phewww shit was heat.

  • Derek

    Big Sean should just fuck every1 & drop the dame mixtape. !

  • GOD

    ITS FREE. Calm the fuck down you sleazy ass greedy ass get-my-music-for-free ass bitch ass mufuggas. Big Sean is dope regardless and yall need some tampon in this bitch. I swear you bitch more than half the bleedin ass bitches at my work. SMH

  • niggaplz

    lol Shake got analed that why he pissed

  • ev

    Chiddy Bang feature!

  • abundant chart you take