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Kanye West – Monster f. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver

blame it on Shake August 27, 2010

Second record off Ye and Jay-Z’s upcoming album EP (the first most likely being the Power remix). Laptop lid is closing now… enjoy G.O.O.D. Friday folks. UPDATE: No glitches on Ye’s verse now.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Monster f. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver | MF

  • THE41ummm2

    Kanye the G.O.A.T.

  • Damn.

  • damon

    shake you a fag….u got a gay lip ring

  • oh shit!!!!

  • Blackaristocrat

    What was the FIRST leak?



  • DallasTx_Greedy

    Damn so Iam guessing the power Rmx was the 1st leak then this and the Ep is only 5 songs that’s weak he might as well just drop the other three songs on these Fridays

  • 23kid

    It`s not a leak if he said he was gonna drop it….
    iMJustSayin Jetlife GANGgang reeferlution

  • irarelycomment

    ZShare sucks ass

  • H808


  • co-sing on “23kid” & “irarelycomment”

  • kno1youlove

    This is the first Nicki Minaj verse I’ve ever liked.

  • brianbrown

    I like it. kanYe went in.

  • Kim

    zshare is killing me softly

  • Beaux

    The hell is up with this lineup. I’m not even mad.

  • TheREALSlim64

    not feelin these kanye tracks since power

    like my hopes are officially down for his next album

    mediocre shit like this wit a star features is so cliche these days, def not matchin the hype

  • They All Went Off & Nicki Did Too .. (Never Thought I’d Say That)

    But What Was Rick Ross’s Point In This Song ? Forreal, Lol

  • new links up.
    nicki killed this shit wow.

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    LMAO @ My 35 Minutes Left on This DownLoad Fuck Campus Internet & Zshare

  • yea rick ross shouldnt have been on here

  • JJ

    I do not a agree with kanye about her having a chance to be the #2 all time, but now i see why he is excited about nicki

  • Beaux

    Everybody on this track killed it, but holy SHIT Nicki just went the fuck in. What the heeeeeeeeeeeell just happened.

  • Fucks with this. Fuck Lupe Fiasco.

  • @DallasTx_Greedy

    refresh. there are new links.

  • Wow @ Nicki’s verse…Speechless

  • The Hating Negro

    What the hell just happened? Nicki Minaj spit a verse I was actually feeling for the first time since she started?

    Seriously. What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened.

    Dope ass song.

    G.O.O.D. Friday has arrived!

  • mR

    jesus. nicki.

  • brianbrown

    By the way, I hate Nicki Minaj. That is all

  • DominicanBoy0302

    Nicki Minaj & Kanye bodied this track but dont find the point of having Ross here lol

  • brianbrown

    Forgot to finish my comment: I hate Nicki Minaj but good grief. She took FLIGHT

  • KCCC

    Jay-Z first line was pretty damn sick.

  • Boy2Dope

    First time i seen a post without negative comments on this site.. even with Nicki being a part of the post… *cue the hater*

  • Nicki was easily the best on this. Ridiculous verse, dope record.

  • JesusWalks


    Shit is as baffling as when I read that Jay Elec Ghostwrote Queens Get the Money for Nas.

  • AJA | SnappR

    @DallasTx_Greedy … Yo ‘EaT’ mean anything to you?

  • why you closing the laptop, wait for that big sean tape. i hope he lives up to it and drops it. Fuck what XXL says. By the way this song is dope except I don’t like the beginning but it has to be good with all the great rappers on this. Nicki is good, Kanye is great. Jay-Z is a hip-hop god. Rick Ross can be okay but I don’t see the point of him on this. Overall: Track is (2)dope



  • kofi

    Whether you like her or not Nikki held her own on a track with two legends.

  • TheREALSlim64

    minaj wasn’t sayin shit..just the delivery

    but she’s still horrible

  • jacobmorales15

    holy SHIT @ nicki’s verse!

    dope song though! happy G.O.O.D friday ya’ll!

  • its nice it only does a few bars tho

  • thereal


    ha ha @ them being “monsters” on the mic but what do u kids know

    C.O.B >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • i find it funny Joel (that’s Shake’s real name for the slow folk) said “Laptop lid is closing now” yet he keeps fixing up the post, you’re never off so my question is why keep fronting?

  • Sage

    Nicki needs to stop.. it’s annoying now. I thought Kanye had the best verse on this. Nicki was second and Jay was a close 3rd.

  • sneakytip

    my presence is a present kiss my ass… kanye went in

  • Mark

    Taylor Gang or wait for Finally Famous Vol3 to drop

  • Leo989

    Well Nicki killed that. Is it just me, or did Jay take a shot or two at Beanie, especially with that in the air line?

  • sixxstarz

    is there anyway we can get a nicki minaj-less version?

  • Jay

    Best Nicki verse since “Go Hard”

  • Remy Ma please come home and let these people know what a emcee that actual spits. They starting to think she is aight

  • PoloTechnic


  • 23kid

    Fools Said “Taylor Gang or wait for Finally Famous Vol3 to drop”
    Jet$ GANGgang reeferlution

  • Sage

    Co-Sign w/ PoloTechnic… this ‘Ye aint speakin to my soul; holy ghost.

  • Premoo

    her verse was cool. her delivery made her outshine fools. other then that, what did she say that was hella crazy? that she is eating niggas? ….. Fill me in..(pause).

  • Chuck

    Nicki and Ross suck. Both are so overrated and annoying as hell. Why the hell do you people sweat these horrible lyricists?

  • ck47

    wack again

  • e_money

    nicki minaj is so fucking annoying how did she get to close after jay. jay wasted a pretty good verse on this shitty song

  • song aint bad. it’s aiiight.

  • Shark One

    Why people think Nicki writes her own shit is beyond me. Marketing folks, learn about it.

  • just kenny

    I’m no huge Nicki Minaj fan but she is not a bad rapper, she just bullshits sometimes.

    She has her moments where she goes in.

  • WilliamJacob

    jean grae>nicki minaj
    but still an impressive verse from her
    i guess i understand the fuss over her now

  • Clint Chudyk

    Damn maybe this is why Kanye was on Nicki’s V, she went off

  • Here come the “freestyles” and “remixes”.

  • ScottyG

    So what’s up with Kanye’s album with G.O.O.D. fridays and this new EP?

  • no

    christ Nicki went in. not a fan of hers, but damn. when you kill it like that you don’t have to say shit

  • Wreac


  • JesusWalks

    WilliamJacob do you not understand mainstream vs. underground?

    Obviously Jean Grae is gonna spit better than nicki since she is appeasing her small crowd of fans.

    While nicki has to try to cter to everyone. (That’s like saying Jay E > Kanye)

  • brianbrown

    Jay Elect ghostwrote Queens Get The Money??


  • I`ll Wait

    not bad but an album throwaway for sure

  • It’s alright. Nicki is just horrible

  • Lidu Al

    and THE FUCK ya’ll talkin bout…Nicki aint say shit.

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    ross and jays vocal need to be turned up a little..otherwise THIS SHIT IS FUCKIN FANTASTIC!!

  • brianbrown

    jean grae>nicki minaj

    True stuff

  • Jonnie H

    Nicki’s flow/delivery > Nick’s lyrics (She dont say shit)

  • I`ll Wait

    oh and what the fuck was rick ross’ part all about haha 4 seconds long

  • Jonnie H

    Nicki’s flow/delivery >> Nicki’s lyrics (She dont say shit)

  • Jonnie H

    Nicki’s flow/delivery >>> Nicki’s lyrics (She dont say shit)


    anyone else laugh their fuckin ass off at how jayz said “ghoul” ?

  • iKill

    +1 internets for lyrics. go.

  • frostythekid

    this is the crziest shii ever. on my 17 listen!!!

  • Nicki’s delivery is sooooooooooooooo annoying to me.. she has no album out cause no one can possibly listen to a whole album of that.. i would blow my brains out

  • NeighborhoodNiceGuy

    gee golly guys, this was superdy dupiter.

  • Beaux



    oh and stop complaining about nicki not having any memorable lines or w.e. its the same comments drake gets about not being that spectacular of a rapper. who cares as long as they make good songs? its music, enjoy it for what it is. i listen to lupe dope/deep verses. everyone fills their role.

  • duptygupty

    i was lookin fwd to this song ever since the leak, and honestly its a little disappointing. rick ross obviously doesnt need to be on this. kanye also doesn’t need all these features. and the hook is wack. im wondering if this is the mastered version because the beat doesnt bang as well. kanye’s verse was tight, minaj was dope but kanye should’ve had a second verse and kept jay z off of it. or maybe he should put his labelmates on like Cyhi he just signed.

  • M&M

    Dude, when’s Ghetto University (All of the Lights) gonna drop?????

  • Free Lil’ Wayne

    Nicki > Kayne > Jay – Z > Rick Ross

  • Steve

    What’s wrong with you people going crazy over Nicki’s verse? Shit was alright at best.

    This song is okay. I want College Dropout Kanye.

  • Alex Cloud


    whens the last time you checked your profile name?
    thats straight dick sucking ass kissing right there LMAO

  • dolla

    Nicki thinks her ass is lick….we all know that verse was a lil kim diss…homegirl is feeling herself cuz shes on a track wid jay and kanye smh

  • Rodney

    Holyy Shittt , Fucking Sickkk

  • tl

    steve i hate you

  • LeQuisha


  • chef

    this shit is ass

  • dolla

    Nicki thinks that her as is “Slick” we all know that verse was a lil kim diss…homegirl is feelin herself cuz shes on a track wid jay and kanye smh

  • TheREALSlim64

    wish there was a Ross verse instead of a Nicki one..or even Jay lol

  • yummy

    Jonnie how you gonna hate on anyones lyrics or delivery?? you ever heard your own music?

  • yeah

    Lil B’s Look Like Jesus >

  • jesus

    how does anyone not think nicki minaj is the most annoying rapper male or female ever. i can barely get through her verse… does she have turrets or some shit? sort of ruined the track for me

  • Mohammed


  • Jay went in the hardest lyrically (imo cos he touched on some actual shit)

    nicki went in harderst flow wise and second lyrically all she need to come with now is actually talk about something of substance not just punchlines for the hell of it and yea she has potetial to do really really well.

  • cos1745

    Nikki Killed,Where was Jay? Ross? Hell Kanye stepped up! I like it!

  • uzi

    is it just me or jay-z soundin/flowin kinda like pusha t

    not feelin the track tho


    nicki and ye had the best verse … and yeah 2dopeboyz yall post a bunch of bullshit

  • nito

    nicki FTW!!

  • hmmm?

    I know i’m bout to get roasted c-section style for this but Wayne woulda smashed this shit out the park.

  • i dont even like nicki minah but since her bet cypher i realised she has got a hell of a flow but nicki step it up step it up dont just keep givin ups lines bout ur puss or shoes if u had something worth while to say u cud be the baddest chick for real.

  • AsTheRootsUndo

    95% of the people jamming this have no idea who Bon Iver is.

  • LLcoolJtroll

    This sounds just like LL Cool J – Rub My Back

  • hmmm?< maby …i feel like wayne kinda running out of punch lines tho lol like his well runnin dry dude got tooo many songs out maby that stinint in prison will give him more time to thikn of some more original ish

  • thisis50



  • Being frank..like sintara!

    Nicki has a wild,unorthadox delivery,,I didnt neccassarly hear any sick lines from her,,,could jux be me thou,,,anyhow overall crazy track!!

  • ventley

    wtf. nicki gets all spazzmatic on a track and everyone goes crazy over it. i loved the song its just i wish nicki and ross were cut out of it so i can go kanye, jay, then bon iver who also added his 2 cents to the song with his 808s and heartbreak-like bridge. i hope nicki is not on kanyes album cuz ill probably drink cyanide.

  • so this isn’t off of kanye’s album? just the jay x kanye EP?

  • Skratch

    i really dont like this new kanye, he not the same kanye a real fan would know this, his new shit got deamon samples and its wack shit

  • [email protected]

    skratch< huh demon samples??? where proof /suggested evidence??

  • whodat?

    wow. seriously u grown ass men like nicki minaj, are you fucking kidding me? she was awful as always.

  • whodat?

    someone post this track with nicki’s verse removed please

  • LLcoolJtroll

    ^^^ Why doesn’t your “grown ass” do it yourself?

  • Being frank..like sintara!

    I think people should have a second listen…then come back and comment….

  • Shy

    nicki goin in makes as much sense as space time warps.

  • Drake’s Wifey got her rocks off. Damn, boo.

  • sooo, if Nicki can actually spit (and make no mistake, she went in on this shit) why do i have to suffer through nonsense like Massive Attack and Check It Out…i mean, she’s no Jeanie or even Dessa for that matter, but if she’s capable of writing(buying) a verse this dope, why abuse my ears the rest of the time?

  • just_a_person

    and i thought kanye was gonna crush shit with that co production list he had up. fuck this. this ruined my day.

  • Thermos < dude she spits like this alot of the time. wat i talkin bout? i think ppl givin a pass cos kanye n jay was on it n they bothered to listen shes been flowin like this i just dont listen to her cos she neva says anything worth listening to but she been flowin like this

  • Harry

    This song really isn’t that great, I’m disappointed after the hype for it

  • word

    @thermos, because shes trying to make a hit radio/club single… emphasis on the trying.

    and @dolla, if i was signed to wayne and on a track with hov and kanye id be feeling myself too. she doing something right. *shrug*

    haters gon hate.

  • isaidit

    this track is really….*kanye shrug*

  • ThatKidRawr

    I’ll admit that Nicki had the best verse, but that’s because the other verses were straight booboo. Like really what in the fuck was Kanye even saying? Nothing. Jay-z was decent I guess. Ross just came in and called himself a fat motherfucker, WTF?

  • Jonnie how you gonna hate on anyones lyrics or delivery?? you ever heard your own music?

    yummy said this on August 27th, 2010 at 10:10 pm
    hey bitch CLICK MY NAME if you dont think I have a delivery or lyrics…then stfu clown

  • Slimmy

    I can’t believe there are people (although very few) who think this song isn’t anything but FIRE?!?!?!?! I loathe Nicki Minaj but even I admit she went hard…Jay and Ye killing the flow and the lyrics…y’all need to listen closer or just switch to another genre if you think this is weak…and I co-sign the comment about 95% don’t even know Bon Iver…

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Shit was tight. I think some folks hyped Nicki’s verse a bit but she was on some come up dvd type shit here. I agree with my man thermos. If she can put out more capable raps than what she does, why not do it?

  • yummy

    ehhh i’ve heard your songs like twice maybe three times, you have shitty quality music with an annoying ass voice and weak lyrics… so stfu and go to Wyotech or some shit cause music aint your calling.

  • henecore

    The real question is how did Nicki get out of the kitchen long enough to record this?

  • rookieoftheyear

    DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN Jonnie H went in!! Yummy did u even listen to the track? You just got owned stop hating you act like the kid is Drake or something

  • henecore

    And Jonnie you are a talentless faggot. Hip-hop ain’t hiring, try Burger King.

  • Slimmy

    @ThatKidRawr…the song has a theme and they all followed it. Not every track has to be about introspective or have a political agenda. Stop being bougie and just enjoy a dope track

  • Free Lil’ Wayne

    Eminem = Nicki Minaj

  • hear 2 hate

    hencecore and yummy clearly didn’t click Jonnie’s name lol that shit did go in good job man

  • Two things… this song goes, I thought everyone did their thing on pretty mean beat.
    Second, I’ve been coming to this site for quite a while now and a reoccurring theme is Jonnie trying to get people to listen to his music lol.

  • Christiano Ronaldo

    LMAO Jonnie H and Nicki Minaj are getting the most hate

    after listening to Jonnie’s little track it seems like him and Nicki had the best verses tonight too LMAO

  • PapaDon

    Whoever wrote Nicki’s verse needs an award for polarizing hip hop fans entirely. I can’t stand her but all “rap” senses say Nicki went in. I am at odds with myself. And how come Charlie Wilson (from the Gap Band) don’t get a mention?!?! He is 65 years old, brother died last week and he sings his ass off at the end of the song!

  • Jonnie H said this on August 27th, 2010 at 10:53 pm <yea nicki flowed better than that tune but she did go in on the flow u werent too bad tho but wen r u gna chane the kinda spittin into afan effect? it muffles wat ur saying

  • just click my name idiots lol i dont even post comments on here that much anymore…
    i’m only on here for new Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Lupe music lol

    but when i do post a comment some1 decides they want to bring up my music and hate out of nowhere like a bitch when i wasnt even talking about it in the first place *cough* (yummy)

  • ThatKidRawr

    I know the fucking concept and I’ve seen it been done wayyy better in the past.


  • *Sigh* I finally decided to give Jonnie a listen and I have a few things to say.
    1) why did I waste 27 seconds downloading 2:46 of shit.
    2) No offense but that shit was pretty poor, considering you just rhymed fast using a seemingly shitty microphone and didnt really do anything to stand out over any other aspiring rapper with a microphone.
    3) Now that i’ve listened can you stop spamming the c-sectiona nd just keep it moving. I have respect for people who make music on their own time, just don’t rub it in peoples faces.
    Thanks Jonnie.

  • Jonnie H said this on August 27th, 2010 at 10:53 pm <yea nicki flowed better than that tune but she did go in on the flow u werent too bad tho but wen r u gna chane the kinda spittin into afan effect? it muffles wat ur saying

    KimJongIll said this on August 27th, 2010 at 11:03 pm
    I already stopped using that effect lol i recorded that song about a month ago

  • Brocho Cinco

    Nicki Minaj ruined this song. I was hoping Kanye was gonna release the song with Drake. The instrumental on the snippet sounds insane

  • Jimmy

    Co-sign the comment about bon iver. Really weird to see them doing a track like this. Interesting.

  • yummy


  • james

    it’s good. doesn’t wow me. I don’t really like Kanye anymore. Agree with y’all Niki did her thing.

  • naiguy

    fucking awesome.

  • @Regulator
    atleast you’re being honest and not just blatantly hating but i dont even post my music on here anymore…people randomly bring up my music when nobody’s thinking of it, i posted that track just to show i had a little delivery, thats all

  • Sep9th

    rick ross had the best verse…………………… lol

  • pilgrimpaws

    Yo Jonnie fuck the haters son, your shit goes hard my nigga.

  • ThatKidRawr

    Lmao @ everybody flaming the hell outta Jonnie

  • yummy you still going? once again, nobody was even on the topic of my music until you came along, if me critiquing somebody irks you then go lick a pay phone…try not to get offended so easily little buddy

  • pilgrimpaws

    And like I say bout Drake, when people go out they way to hate then you doin something right.

  • Yo Jonnie fuck the haters son, your shit goes hard my nigga.

    pilgrimpaws said this on August 27th, 2010 at 11:11 pm
    appreciate it

  • CJmagic900

    Jay electronic ghost wrote queens get the money? naww, shits critical
    rick ross had like two bars, shouldve had more.
    college dropout kanye never coming back

  • sahlay

    are folks serious about this Nicki Minaj chick? the way she raps on this is annoying as hell. just have her show ass shots, she’ll be fine.

  • chillax I dont hate Lupe but I hate all these Stans that bother shake on every post i makeing fun of them.

  • I’m glad Ye is back to spitting fire, I thought the track went pretty damn hard. As for Jonnies track why all the hate?? I thought it was pretty good and I liked the 90’s feel to it. Hmm??

  • Lewnilli

    This is most definitely a “meh” track. I don’t see what people say in Ms. Minaj’s verse because it was just her yelling random obscenities once again and not saying anything. I guess there’s no more College Dropout Kanye coming ever again. *SIGH*

  • ey bitch CLICK MY NAME if you dont think I have a delivery or lyrics…then stfu clown

    Jonnie H said this on August 27th, 2010 at 10:53 pm
    yo is it just me? wait yea i know its me…but did JOnnie just have a better verse than Kanye West and Jay-Z tonight?

  • jonnieflockalame

    jonne ur average at best bro..dont make it ur day job

  • BIG AL

    Nicki Minaj, actually coming in with a solid verse… and then she fucks it up with her gay ass voices. She should pick one and stick with it… maybe she will get a little respect after.

  • Drake > Nas

    Jonnie you feeling yourself? you did have a good track though I cant hate i give you props

  • Honestly fuck all you bitch ass niggas, my verses been better than both Jay and Ye’s for the last two fucking years. Listen to my music if you want to be enlightened, considering I’m the best thing to happen to hip hop since the creation of Fruity Loops. If you don’t listen then suck my tits, fa real.

  • inickallweek

    this shit fucking knocks

  • uh oh here comes the niggas jacking my name…here comes the corny comments and predictable homosexual jokes…peace out yall its been real


  • tdurden

    all these haters…smh…whatever happened to hip hop being lyrical? nothing makes you “supposed hip hop fans” happy, either there isnt enough substance or enough lyrics…what ever happened to t being ok for artists to get on a track together and just flow? i agree ricky shoulda been left off this, im mean what a 10 second verse? pointless…is this gonna be on the radio? probably not, but its a lyrical track to a dope beat…and yes Nicki killed this shit…fuck what she talkin about, matter a fact she airing all u haters out in every word she spits on this track….stops hatin and enjoy hip hop for what it is…lyrical, because thats what we need to get back to…imo more of these collabs/cyphers need to keep happin in hip hop…

  • I seriously hate when people swack my name, just listen to my music and see what’s really good.

  • hmmm

    Glad to see Kanye back bitchessss

  • luca

    fuck it that bitch does the same tricks on every track she on.
    does lil wayne make all of them young money artist swollow his dna? cuz they all sound the same god dammit.

  • ThatKidRawr

    ^ you know what, i agree with tdurden this is starting to grow on me. Beat Is bonkers as well

  • ^ You call that lyrical? Only good verse was Nicki’s, but meh. Song sucked. Jay Z is not hip hop god you little kids. Stop worshiping that freemason faggot. Fuck them all. No Monster in this song. I’ll see more logic when artists like Slaughterhouse make a song called Monster.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • ayoo

    yea I listened to Jonnie’s track
    1. it was cool good delivery lyrics was dope
    2. dont understand the hate, you act like he’s Lil B or something
    3. matter fact i do understand the hate, if Jonnie didnt spam i bet you guys would be fans lol
    4. I googled Jonnie’s name and found his youtube page
    5. I’m convinced that Jonnie’s lyrics are average but his flow/delivery is definitely on a pro level with this shit –

    ht tp://ww w.youtube.co m/watch?v=CKYvtjVvR6I

  • xb

    KANYE fcking killed it fuck yall

  • yummy

    Wow Jonnie, make it more obvious that you post as someone else you bitch ass faggot. “ayoo” really?? Jonnie you’re a lame ass nigga for real. Quit spamming your music

  • ayoo

    Well fuck you, if you’re gonna pretend to be me and fuck with my real c-section name then i’ll just build myself up with another name. Yah i’m Jonnie and I spam all day, and if you don’t like it… well then suck my tits.

  • danielDirect

    honestly….. nicki killed that ish.

  • ayoo

    I guess because i post a link to a Jonnie song that makes me Jonnie? lmfao yall niggas obsessed with this kid

  • Yo Self fuck you nigga, you wanna hear some real lyrics? Click my name then you cunt ass nigga. And if you don’t??? Well then suck my tits.

  • Peter Parker

    this comment section is so predictable
    I’m going to nahright
    you guys need lives, including you Jonnie and the dude jacking people’s names

  • I know you’re me because I’m me and I just posted as “ayoo”… all good though I spam all day and you should all listen to my music cause its better than anything on your library. if you decide not to click my name… well then suck my tits.

  • guest

    Why is Jonnie on yall minds so much? He’s a nobody,,,what does that make yall?,,,stop hating on the nigga just making yourselves look bad

  • Yo for everyone who wants a Nick-less version of this track click the name, I got you niggas.

  • Rozayyy

    Jonnie H > fake Jonnie H > ayoo > fake ayoo

    yall niggas flaming Jonnie and his supporters lol smh yall fools need hugs
    Taylor Gang

  • @KimJongIll i’ve listened to her a few times before, her flow is always crazy…but her verses i’ve heard have had absolutely zero substance to them and she usually sounds kinda conceited and arrogant, this time i got a different vibe from her verse..like she seemed to be addressing a lot of the criticisms people have made of her and instead of conceited she sounded victorious to me. and while she isn’t addressing the conflicts in Sri Lanka or anything, the fact that she wasnt rhyming exclusively about how great her pussy is and how many kicks she has, could mean she’s headed in the right direction, baby steps, but steps nonetheless…but hey, i’ve been wrong before lol

  • slo

    I’d eat Nicki’s ass

  • damnyo!

    i dont want to say it but, this song is wack.

  • mistercharisma

    I’m not generally a stan but I think this might be the last song I ever need.

  • smh

    time to cut everybody off this song and just keep kanye and jay verse

  • Kanye East

    Jonnie Bravo

  • Detroit89

    this song sucks, idk bout honestly this is a bad song i dont even feel like listening to it more. the song sucks mainly cuz its just a good nicki verse. everything else is kinda boring crap

  • smh

    anybody that think nikki had the best verse or the second best verse is a idiot straight up the bitch sucks

  • CloudKicka

    thank u future, never will like nicki..

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Are yall fucking serious about Nicki having da best verse?! SMH n this shit is ass, chorus is ass, beat is ass n lyrics were ehh
    Deadly Medley >>>>>>>> this bullshit

  • Real Jonnie H

    Smh had to come back for a second to see if I’m still on yall minds and yea what a suprise lol btw ayoo is not me the dude basically insulted me saying my lyrics is wack but got a nice flow…he basically called me Nicki Minaj lol

  • Oh and 1 more thing to all you cunt burgers… LISTEN TO MY TRACK!! CLICK MY NAME!!! and if you don’t…. well then suck my tits.

  • Brocho Cinco

    Props to The Future Of Music for cutting Nicki’s screaming and high pitch noises out of the song. Seriously, how can anybody think she has an ounce of talent?

  • ^^^ wow that isn’t even me, damn imposters you’re so silly!! either way you guys should peep my music, it’s like super awesome!!

  • stompintom

    nicki minajas voice pisses me off, like just rap and stop messing around, we all know you have a dick in your vagina so stop making it soo noticable

  • DatGuy

    Jonnie H… You suck ass. I would fucking slaughter you.

  • ^^^ fuck you nigga, why don’t you just suck my tits or somethin like that

  • or maybe rub on my balls or something?

  • Uber

    I like Nicki but damn by reading these comments I would really think she killed shit. Her shit was cool as always and had its head nodding moments but……lol fuck is ya’ll talkin about she went clean in or had better verse than Kanye?…….

  • DJ122

    Fresh as f*çk

  • @TheFutureofMusic Nicki went bananas. can u make a ross-less version?

  • yeah

    Lol @ Jonnie sayin he doesn’t comment that much anymore. That nigga uses a different alias all the time.

  • that nicki verse gave me chills i havnt got since old eminem and kanye shit.

  • red

    Anyone not understanding why Nicki’s verse was over the top must have a one-track mind when it comes to music. Honestly the delivery on her verse was fucking awesome. Hip hop is continually changing sound, just like it has been. Rappers like Kanye, Jay-Z, Kid CuDi, and now Nicki Minaj are bringing us some new shit. Innovative deliveries, dynamic verse structures, and really fucking good instrumentals. The lyrics aren’t bad on this either!
    Hip hop doesn’t have to be straight spitting with complex rhyme schemes and wordplay. Sorry that hip hop isn’t what it used to be, but fucking get used to it, it’s 2010 nothing’s stayed the same.

  • stompintom

    jonnie suck my cock before i give you a famous stomp from tom

  • ross is obviously on here cause he is Ye’s Friend, but he put Nicki on here for a reason. The chorus is “im a monster” for fucks sake. yall expect her to get deep on a hook like that? give me a break. She went as crazy as she could for this beat and hook.

  • red

    By the way….

    How are people going to deal with Wiz Khalifa ending on the Paid Dues stage at the same time as ATCQ is starting on the main stage?
    Seriously what the fuck!?

  • yummy

    uhh red or it was just a really annoying mix of stupid ass accents that sounded like she gurgling semen. way to over analyze it though like it’s really some complex shit.

  • thedicktank

    the horse shoe gang should take this beat and show you what real rapper monsters are !

  • Traffic traffic, lookin for my chapstic..

  • cros

    Bon Iver > all

  • The Future of Rap

    Hahah man Ross is only in like 20 seconds of the song. You’ll just have to deal.

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Is this nigga red serious? Nicki Minaj sounds like this on EVERY track smh, aint shit different here
    From da looks of it, it seems like Ye jus helped this bitch gain even more fans smh

  • David

    I’m gonna love Fridays. Kanye runs 2010


    this shit is garbage. *delete* in recycle.

  • PACO


  • craigRmani

    this songs weak…

  • Stephanie

    This is the first time I’ve enjoyed something by Nicki, wow.

  • AMV

    This shit is creative, innovative, and musically advanced. Im sorry but Jay killed everyone on this…sorry.

  • guest

    Oh hot damn. I was actually surprised as shit i came to the song assuming ross and nicki would fuck it up but Ross was aight. Nicki wentt the fuck offf and fit with the theme of the song perfect. although she odded wit those voice changes lol. Jay sounded more intrested and creative than usual. and Kanye absouletly bodied it. Nicki deff stepped her game up. Can anybody suggest to me any otha GOOD Nicki shit

  • click name…for the Haterz…

  • big Kid bowser

    Hot damn that was fire, minaj should just hop over to porn yo…but was hov was tripping at the beginning trying to keep up with kanye haha but shots ar beanie in hovs verse?

  • itsacelebration

    im sorry yo, but why is everyone automatically a fan of any kanye/jay z song that comes out now? do we not forget the quality of college dropout? WTFFFF is this shit, im sorry good verse or not the beats wack, i hate people saying this is just new innovative hip hop, forreaaalllll this isnt innovative its not trying hard. its ima put out a weak jam that everyone will love bc it has big names….damn….what the hell has happened to the fans of this genre? and nicki minaj is trash, sorry new flow old flow new delivery whatever, she sucks that whole YM CM clique reps the same wack over the top flow and drakes drinkin the kool aid now too. everyone who is die hard supporting this song is doing a disservice to rap bc THEY CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER

  • dajedi

    cant even hate this shit is monstrous

  • How I Got Over

    Nicki just scared the fuck out of me. Jay went in! Ross only said a couple of lines haha, why was he even on there?

  • Aha

    I’d rather listen to shyne than nicki’s balls dropping over a whack beat

  • umad tho?

    Nicki destroyed this, got dam.

  • umad tho?

    Doesn’t anybody hear the accidental “blip” @ 1:35 in the song? Sounds like Kanye’s engineer exported this wrong.

  • will

    not feelin this at all

  • zookeeper

    this song was weak i agree and nicki was not saying anything… what the fuss about.. easily amused ass niggaz.

  • QuickFast

    is it just me but does it skip around 1:40?

  • And Won

    this one is alright but we still want lupe

  • Sdfgbnj

    Why does it skip?

  • Dennis

    Man The Jonnie Subject Was The Funniest Shit Of This Lmao

  • xb

    okay kanye killed nicki jay also killed nicki, she didnt say shit but blaw blaw blaw yall gotta remember just cause ya flow is on point and delivery is good doesnt mean the lyrics are hot that where hip-hop fault is

  • Lewnilli

    @itsacelebration I most definitely feel you bro. There is absolutely nothing innovative or cutting edge about being whack, which is what Nicki Minaj is. Sorry!!!!

  • JaySole

    It does skip at 1:40. I thought i was the only one to notice that

  • G-Funks

    Never Let Me Down >>>>>>>>>

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    “yall gotta remember just cause ya flow is on point and delivery is good doesnt mean the lyrics are hot that where hip-hop fault is”


    The point people are trying to make is that it’s not always about crazy lyrics. Sometimes you just need some shit that sounds good and make you nod your head. Stop being a fuckin Hiphop geek & try different kinds of music sometimes, you don’t alway’s gotta be on that complex, meaningful shit. Nicki rode the beat perfectly & is the highlight of the song, & I’m not a fan of her.

  • Drew32

    Someone post the instrumental!!!
    And yes, agreeing with most of the comments I’ve already read, Nicki killed that shit.

  • DangerWillRobinsonDanger!

    First off, let a hater hate…
    That song was whack as fuck… None of these motherfuckers are even close to being as good as they claim to be.. Nicki Minaj is overrated as hell. The fact that you people hail her as some goddamn savior is appalling… Jean Grae is the greatest female lyricist out there.. For people to say that Nicki ruins any song she’s on.. Have never been a fan of her’s and will never be.. It’s shit like her, Drake, Asher Roth, that’s finally put the nail in the coffin to me coming to this site.. You force feed this bullshit when you got artists like Illogic, MF Doom, Mr. Lif, The Last Emperor, and Eyedea (the list goes on) that you barely focus on.. Sure a post here and there but you mainly post bullshit that’s off of other sites and claim it as your own and then write some lame ass line like, “That’s just 2 dope!”

  • DangerWillRobinsonDanger!

    Also, Nicki Minaj is busted as fuck.. You guys can talk all the shit you want about how you would fuck her, but personally, I don’t wallow with pigs… Best case scenario, if you stick your dick in her, it’s probably gonna look like it was affected by the Chernobyl radioactive fallout…

  • The Future of Rap

    ^^^ go away, i don’t think anyone cares if you go to a different site. thanks.

  • When do the mastered cdq versions drop?

  • olugbam

    jay. z. killed. this.

    his opener, his lyrics, FLOW AND RHYME SCHEME (conquer, stomp ya stop ya silly nonsense, nonsense, none of ya niggas know where the swamp is), so fucking on point. and i’ve been eh about him for a few months

    “rape and pillage the village women and children/ everybody wanna know what my achilles heel is/ loooooove. i don’t get enough of it. /all i get is these vampire and blood suckas/ all i see is these nigga i made millionaires / millin about, spillin their feelins in the air/ all i see is these fake fucks with no fangs/ tryna draw blood from my ice cold veins/


    kanye also murdered this shit. he rapped his ass off. and like who the fuck can get these people and JAY-Z to spit a verse and a fully produced song for free for the fuck of it to just….drop on a friday cause why not. kanye is doing music and doing it like not many people have or could before. and to be honest i like nicki’s verse on “Botrroms up” a little better. and

  • dunk

    hate to say but fire marshall bill really did her thing…

  • wasnt this one of the songs on the fake tracklist off kanye’s album that leaked a while ago?..

  • Ca$h!

    This good shit…Jay always kills it.

    I hope a better version drops becuz this one skips during Kanye’s verse.

  • sneakaholic011

    the production is ON POINT as always.
    kanye motherfucking west.
    you rarely disappoint

  • gangster

    i really don’t know what’s wrong with some people…the song is a “monster”. i miss the old days when a song used to come out and everybody liked it, no comments no nothing

  • Chema Ossorio

    Fuck Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj…

  • this track was made to break the boring spell that’s been floating around hiphop lately thank you ye niggaz get tired of listening to these lazy new rappers.

  • Lifez_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    This tRack iZ jusT pLaiN wHaCk!! imo.kaNYe=C plain.
    Rick Ross=D minus.
    Jay-z-C minus.
    Nicki-D plus.

  • dopeSir

    blah bla blah

  • Dev B Flee

    Ross : Grade Incomplete
    Kanye : B+
    Jay-Z : B-
    Nicki : A-

    Song : B+

    Next G.O.O.D. Friday track should have some Kudi, Big Sean, Lupe, or J. Cole

  • Purp

    Overrated song Once again.

  • Lifez_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    ^^uR 100% rigHT.wAaaY Too oVeRrATed!!!

  • Strange Famous


    And the point of Ross was?

  • Rick Ross and Minaj on a Kanye song FUCK MY EARS, but Jay-Z MURDERED that verse!

  • Lucky_Luciano

    Beans got bodied! wrapped in plastic and toe taged! fat nigga .

    Jay looking like 98 jordan!!! nd what was the point off ross!

    Nicki killed this…


    “I think me you and *Amber* should menage Friday” Damn son!!!!!!

  • Bdub

    i feel wierd az fuck sayin this shet but nicki spazzed. kanye waz coo and jay waz iight

  • Is it me or Nicki Minaj is becoming the new Ludacris? Nicki features > your favourite rapper. Nicki solo work < Rick Ross on a diet

  • “Damn Son whered you find this”

    On the REAL… this shit is down right BANANAS
    Jay, holy Sh*t nigga u a Monsta, Nicki? uz a Monsta, Ye just became a BIGGER Monster straight killinnn the game right now got everybody waiting on his tracks. Fuck what a hater say because you saw this post, Listened to the track, and just like a bitch that got fucked too hard you like to complain.

    cant wait for this niggas album
    “Screams from the Haters Gotta nice Ring to it”

  • Is it me or my dick is becoming the new Too Short? all he think about is bitches

  • Is it me or is Shake becoming the new jumping cell phone? get it? like leap ring?

  • Is it me or is if becoming too sonny? get it? like sunny whether?

  • Cloud 9

    WTF Kanye west rappin like Lil Wayne now…am i tha only one that notices this shit?????

  • Is it me or Ricky’s real name is Hugo? get it? like Hugo Boss?

  • Is it me or Nicki’s pussy is hairy? get it? like kittens?

  • Is it me or fiecies now can have an erection? get it? like the shit’s hard?

  • Is it me or is there armstrong drinks between Nicki’s words? get it? like space bar?

  • Cloud 9

    and umm…how did nikki kill this??

  • Lucky_Luciano

    Its You Son!

  • Is it me or if Weezy joins baseball hewill be the ew Hulk? get it? like Bruce Wayne? Like Batman?

  • tatties

    Rick Ross really should have got a verse on this, I reckon its a good beat for him. Dope song regardless.

  • jurrien

    damn son, beat is hard, rappers are hard. = nice song

  • Is it me or does Nicki have to write a letter to the essential board of directors to make them fall for her type? Get it? Like fall for her type? like keyboard?

  • Is it me or is it vertigo? get it? like you too?

  • MesCudi

    This would be even better without Nicki.

  • vlado


  • DJ_Skye

    Hov mos def went at beans

  • Bumbaclot

    The song is ALL OVER THE PLACE , similar to that I know you see me now right now mess.

    Why can’t Kanye just come up with a song concept, and let the beat and featured artists work within that concept.

    What was the purpose of Ross and the faux soul singer at the end ? Nicki just did her best to prove she’s somewhat talented – but next to Ye’s rambling,random Rick Ross incoherence and Hov’s old school flow it’s all too much.

    Can we just keep it simple and not make disposable raps with forgettable beats and pretend that’s a song.

    6 minutes long son ? No replay value.


  • dre


  • s3

    Ugh… you muhfuggas want College Dropout Kanye… then go listen to College Dropout Kanye. Fuggin losers. Ugh.

  • red

    I like the what are the purpose questions on here. Only working on my point that you guys are stuck in a box when it comes to music. Don’t try and say otherwise either because you fuckers hate on 75% of the new music on this site and yet you’re here everyday.

  • niggaplz

    lol @ niggas tripping on nikki minaj verse… That was on some wack shit. if u wuz in studio when she was rapping ud be like : wtf suck my cock

  • Jonnie H stan

    Jonnie > hip hop

  • Kanye > Went in hard
    Jay > (2)Dope like usual
    Ross > Kinda dope (One of the few verses of Rick, that I like)
    Nicky > Again I’m not convinced, but the verse is fire. (I hate it that she’s switchin’ the voices in her verse, lines are dope though)
    Bon Iver > Who the fuck is he?

  • Zach Klausz

    Beatnuts used these drums first on “it’s da nuts”

  • FredRico

    lol, I love how this song gets people so excited that they don’t even respond to the pathetic attention-seeking attempts of the haters, and just comment on the greatness of the song!

  • Reggie

    Talk about BLACKING on a track. UNconsciousness. I never thought I would hear the word Sarcophagus in a song

  • @PACO Amen.

  • Static


  • minajisfake

    ya’ll are a bunch of suckers, nicki minaj sucks, so did her verse, even tho ye wrote it for her, best time to clean your ears out kids

  • olugbam

    this is the best song of the summer.

    the end.

  • olugbam

    between rick ross’s Biggiesque “fat mother fucker”

    between Kanye’s “ain’t nobody cold as this/ do the track and the rap and the track/ triple double, no assists”


    “…so you mother fuckers really need to cool out/ cause you’ll never get on top of this/ so mami best advice is just to get on top of this/ have you ever had sex with a pharaohhhh?/i put that pussy in sarcophogus/ now she claimin that i bruise her esophagus/ headed to class and she just want a swallowship/ im livin in the future so the present is my past/ my presence is a present kiss my ass”


    jay-z’s awesomely weird opening (nigga from marcy rapping about sasquach and godzilla, the horror theme especially the nickiesque acting in how he says “i still hear fiends scream in my dreams” ) his, and well everyones incredibly on point flow and rhyme scheme (“conquer, stomp ya stop ya silly nonsense, nonsense, none of ya niggas know where the swamp is”)
    and jay-z’s rapping rap fans orgasm of a warning shot from hell

    “rape and pillage the village women and children/ everybody wanna know what my achilles heel is/ loooooove. i don’t get enough of it. /all i get is these vampire and blood suckas/ all i see is these nigga i made millionaires / millin about, spillin their feelins in the air/ all i see is these fake fucks with no fangs/ tryna draw blood from my ice cold veins/ [breathe in sound] i smell a massacre…../seems to be the only way back you bastards up.”

    (go away beanie. go away)

    between um….Nicki’s verse? (do i need to explain this shit?)

    between all that and

    THE FUCKING TRACK AND THE PRODUCTION. The way the shit drops in and out and the best times, the little crowd sounds that pop in and out..the effects all over nicki’s verse”

    This. is. the. best. rap. song. of. the. summer.

    The end.

  • i dont give a fuck what nobody says, nicki did her thang, she murdered that shit.period

  • olugbam said this on August 28th, 2010 at 12:07 pm << that commentary was beautiful,, just beautiful

  • DontGetIt

    Kanye’s verse = B
    Jay-Z = A+ (he kills that one)
    Nicki Minaj = D (why she’s currently the shit I will never fathom)

    It’s a decent song, but I’m glad that they’re not putting it on Dark Twisted Fantasy anymore.

  • WhereLupe?

    Nicki Killed them All lol

  • T-Zak

    he took a line from big sean hahaha! his understudy!? “less talk more head right now ahh”

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Nicki went in, but she still annoyin AF.
    Jay went in and ppl say he fell off lmao at you, & he sneak dissin again lol

    Ye was ehhh, he had good punchlines tho he steppin up more.

    Ross why are u here!?!?

  • ym

    fuckin wack shit smh got all these talented rappers on the track but the beat is just pure garbage. still kanye and nicki go in

  • jd from nb

    this shits a bangaaa ye an sdot went in, ricky shit was extra short nicki went crazy but i liked it


    NEW JAMIROQUAI >>>>>>>>>>>>> THIS SONG

  • jgnsgis

    wow. all the mainstream fags that have been attracted to this site from the drake, wayne, ross posts etc. have all teamed up on one post…..no, sorry, any horseshoe gang/crooked i/lloyd banks/yelawolf track shits on this piece of SIMPLE shit.

  • mrspacely

    wtf is wrong wit nicki minaj..she fuckin sucks smh at anyone who can actually listen to her..she didnt say anything amazing at all

  • olugbam


    why can’t people like mainstream shit and bump yelawolf. that is some simple minded shit. crooked i made my year hwne he did that hiphop weekly shit BUT IM STILL ALLOWED TO LIKE THIS SONG.

  • KennyD


  • CZ

    it’s alright..nicki still sounds retarded as balls imo

  • D23

    i dont understand what is the meaning of “killing a song” if you say nicki killed this? to me it sounded lik she said nothing really fast lol she really didnt say anythng special. Fuck with Ye’s and Jay-Z verses thought, really shoulda just been them two on it

  • DatGuy

    Cosign T-zak… I noticed that too.

  • I didn’t really like it

  • xb

    i remember when everyone on this site got together now the fags from worldstar are coming here,

  • grandma

    rick ross steals the damn show. all those other weak mothafuckers need to step it up.

  • ill always love H.E.R.

    nicki needs to stop rapping, do something creative. same old money talk. if you want to know what a female emcees is listen to dessa. jay verse was cool.

  • kno1youlove

    LOL @grandma… Someone had to say it!

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    The problem with Nicki is that no longer how sick her verse, the schitzo voice changing ruins everything.

  • Lifez_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    Did u guYZ LisTN to a diFFRnT soNg fRm wT i hEARd??tHis soNg iZ wHHhAAkKk!!

  • Breezy

    kanye is not the GOAT…how could u say that

    and Nicki killed everyone

  • I don’t listen to Nicki Minaj but she fucking destroyed everyone on the song..it was a fatality, my eyes opened so wide. Damn..thats QUEENS (we in the house?)

  • Sage

    Co-Sign w/ Detox… that shit is irritating now, she can cut the Shenanigans.

  • JP

    wow…. Nicki…..killed it… I was almost afraid to say it outloud until i read everybody else agreein her verse was the best

  • Freshone


  • stompintom

    nicki should switch to porn. nuff said.

  • cros

    Nicki and Drake married wtf

  • Busy

    is there a reason 2dopeboyz doesnt post any Lupe anymore??

  • cros

    cause Shake is a bitch

  • UhHuh

    …Bon Iver totally went in on this shit.

  • prk

    we just have to get a ross and nicki free version.

  • Dennis

    Kanye Said Hes Dropping Another Version Of The Track in A Few

  • chef

    if anybody thinks this is good you are fucking brainwashed. check your ears. check your brain.


  • jFerosa



  • Melo15

    why do rappers feel it necessary to have niki manaj on a track. Idk how people say thats a good verse she sounded like an idiot thats not rap

  • TgodxYOME

    NO WAYYY nicki’s steady merkin on tracks. Goin soo hard in this one wow

  • breakwithhate

    I wish Bon Iver had a bigger part…as psyched as I was to see Jay +Nicki, I flipped shit when I saw Bon Iver.

  • word

    reminds me of old eminem when he use to switch his voice up a lot.. of course this bitch over the top with it.

  • TheKidRawr

    LMAO @ this track getting all the backpackers angry.

  • TheKidRawr

    I don’t care much for Lil Wayne, but I think he would of fit perfectly on this track.

  • Johnny

    wow, it sounds just like bbmrhttp://www.datpiff.com/bbmr_Bam_Bam_Mista_Redd_Discovering_New_Planets.m145677.html

  • Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong
    Lochness, Goblin, Ghoul, a zombie with no conscience
    question what do all these things have in common
    everybody knows I’m a muthaf-cking monster first line says it all

  • LyFZ_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    Ross is a pUssY!!He kNeW Ye and JaY wuD’vE cHoPd uP hZ mONsTRous bHYnd!!so he jusT cHoZe to sAY hEz a faT muThAfKR!!hahaha!soNg is waCK I.M.O tHoUgH.

  • will

    k this shit grew on me. pretty dope haha

  • nahright

    u niggas need to get ur hearing checkd

    this shit is all over the place, sounds like a shitty wayne track

  • THE Yessir Man

    Who brought Ross to this shin dig….Everyone dressed up and Ross came in with some jean shorts and a wife beater…song is dope tho

  • Lucky_Luciano

    I gotta give it 2 Hov. He is the only 1 that stayed on subject for his entire verse.

  • tokyoho

    is it just me or do this hoe skip a lil bit on kanye’s verse???

  • dap

    need cdq please

  • mtrx

    Dope track. Nicki killed it.

  • ALEX


  • caster

    damn nicki’s verse gives me goosebumps, in a horrible way tho

  • Steve Nash

    Who is that in the beginning of the song?

  • I heard this a very long time ago…sounds different now. I like the beat tho…its like industrial, almost factory bang. If thats a type of bang…


  • Nicki did her thing.
    At the end, that guy sounds a lot like Charlie Wilson

  • this is great. a lot of hate in the C-section over this one. for the general population this will be all of their favorite rappers on the same track. the track is a monster for that alone.

  • wth

    how has no-one heard of bon iver?

  • Melrose


    I know it’s pretty sad people are just hearing of Bon Iver.

  • wth said< becasue maby they listen majoritavely to hiphop and search only for hiphop. i heard about bon iver from 1..i say 1 friend had that friend not mentioned bon iver i wud never know..ive never seen bon iver on tv. or heard bon iver on the radio and the internet is what umake it it depends on what u search for.

  • Rio$

    this kind of “lineup” <–LOL and not a good song "wow" i guess

  • mmkayy

    what yall jokin with the Nicki thing rii? i cant fck with her she sounds crazy to me…if she was spittin this on one of her own tracks yall wud just say WACK lol but song still dope i guess..

  • JD

    the fuck was niggas talkin bout she went off? she do this on every song. still garbage and annoying as fuck. Otherwise the song was bananas.
    Now excuse me while i go clean the blood outta my ears

  • Figs

    I’ve noticed that people on here is a critic for everything. I bet majority of people who had some sort of complain is not listening to music. Or they just hating because they want to stand out. Meh..

  • ZeNiTH

    So different from waht I’m used to hear from Ye… I gotta let it grow on me I suppose…
    And, this the first time I hear Nicki Minaj and, she’s way better than what I thought lol

  • Xander

    Both Jay and Nicki killed it.

  • FakirWise

    I hate to say it, but Nicki’s verse/flow annihilated this track.
    Not even a fan of that weird shit. Guess she’ll grab our attention on other people’s tracks and turn us away with her own project.

  • aldkfg

    wow rick ross and nicki minaj ruined this.

  • updated with a version w/ no glitches on kanye’s verse.

  • iKill

    thx shake. thought it was just my iPod or somethin’

  • uhh

    thanks shake, you know why it had that little skip in the first place?

  • jtherry

    okay so lyrics mean nothing!!! All the nicki”she goes in” references is absolute garbage. The chick says NOTHING in her verse. Its the same shit my shoes my ass blaaa blaa blaa AND all this talk about the illest flow, that dont mean shit if you aint saying a damn thing when no one can understand anything cause you doing this yellin shit. Whoever told her that was fly should get on a slip n slide and fly head first into a pile of shit over and over!!! She killed the track for me. Overall its a 5.7 If ye produced this, he can do waaaaaaaaaaaaay better

  • lol now Nicki is ill all of a sudden!! yall forgot bout them old Smack dvds!! guess Kayne had to say it b4 yall realized it…smh

  • FakirWise

    I think most of the comments about Nicki “going in” were based off her multi-flows. The way it was done was enough to say she killed the beat because it’s all you listen to. However the best thing said was what seems to me as a shot at Lil Kim with that bride of chucky line. That’s just me though.

  • Mike

    does anybody have monster without the glitch in Ye’s Verse?

  • paperplanez

    @mike, check kanyes website

  • sprocket is good welcome to buy