• Your Father

    Looking forward to hearing Authenticity, but damn though...did Phonte eat Big Pooh? *PAUSE*

  • http://www.lastereo.tv mboogie

    thanks lol

  • Kareem

    Phonte is hilarious.

  • Onederin

    You can tell they've been through the politics and the mud that comes with the major label. Glad they know how things work and are able to tell others about it. Hopefully some of these talented rappers/singers/producers etc are listening.

  • ironmike

    Cot Damn Tigallo gettin' his Sherman Klump on. No mo' summer cookouts nigga!

  • Ricki Lutes

    thank you for posting it again, i didnt see the earlier one... a very interesting video!

  • ghost257

    that six minutes spoke a lot about the reality of being under a major label. 2 things there was a lil b reference, and I miss Gordon gartrell radio.

  • Musikfiend

    Props for reposting this b/c i damn sure missed it. Phonte always speaks the truth.

  • Nuri

    lol That nigga Phonte keep it real.

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  • Victor

    I love Phonte but he looks like he's just waiting on a heart attack or stroke. I'm not the thinnest cat but damn Phonte, you ready to fight Brock Lesnar or some shit?

  • j

    this is a real good post, and good thing they re-posted it because I must have passed over it. My man Tigallo brings up some very interesting points. Authenticity better get em that grammy!