Happy Birthday…

blame it on Meka August 29, 2010

My favorite Michael Jackson song: “Heartbreak Hotel,” or “This Place Hotel.”

Michael Joseph Jackson, August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009. SHAKE UPDATE: In memory of MJ’s birthday, J. Period put together a (2)dope mix (that can be found after the jump).

DOWNLOAD: MJ Tribute: Man or the Music

  • Nous

    This and “I Can’t Help It”. NEVER get sick of these.

  • DK

    One of my top 5 nice post shame he never made a music video for it

  • null

    what albums this on?

  • ewetwe


  • ur stupid. dont ask y.

    meka have u been in meccA? smh ur site has no buzz today

  • ur stupid. dont ask y.

    thats y ur posting shit that dont matter no more

  • ur stupid. dont ask y.

    co-sign ewetwe

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    Michael was so dope..

  • T0KS


  • DK

    @null it was on triumph which was The Jacksons album but I think this song is only Michael and maybe Tito on the guitar

  • Kiddo

    Charles Hamilton sampled this or a song on the Pink Lavalamp “Live life to the fullest.” This is a dope song

  • Rio$

    his music for the most part was dope. hopefully he has enough kids wherever he is tho

  • Mohammed

    MJ, the greatest entertainer ever..

  • mmkayy

    happy born day to the greatest…

  • Im lost

    I’m not related to the dude, he didn’t “touch” my life (no pun intended) with his music, so I don’t care…just another great artist

  • The Future of Rap

    the greatest most famous child molester of all time folks!!!

  • Mr.Man

    ^ swallow aids-infested cum bitch

    R.I.P. Michael

  • Im los< UR one of few.

    dunno where this hate is all coming from, u ppl are either trolls or have no historical knowledge of music at all.

    MJ one of the greatest EVER!!!!!

  • BR407

    ^ what he said. @Rio$ ur goin to hell for that comment.

  • yummy

    umm the dude was a child molester?? how can you respect someone who molests children?? smh, yeah he made good music but that doesn’t make up for being a pervert. sorry.

  • R.I.P.

  • ayume

    yummy being a pervert also doesnt take away from the music. Personally I don’t think he was a molestor, but was probably a bit mentally ill from all the beatings and shit he got from his dad when he was young. Messed him up real bad…
    Judge the music on the music itself, not on the person behind the music. Thats the problem with music nowadays, everyone wants to know what the person who makes it is doing in their life… what clothes they wear to a certain place, who they’re going out with etc
    RIP G.O.A.T.

  • yummy

    You didn’t give one reason as to why you should separate the music from the artist? I’d argue that it is ignorant to do so. The dude molested children and the only reason there is any “doubt” is because he was one of the richest entertainers in America (best lawyers in the country) and he was black. Again, he made great music but that is overshadowed by being a pervert.

  • Malcom z

    MJ was the greatest artist of allll time- kanye voice