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Asher Roth x Nottz Raw – My Neighbor BTS (Pictures)

blame it on Shake August 30, 2010

Earlier today we got the first leak from Nottz and Asher Roth’s upcoming extended-play, The Rawth. Now we get some behind-the-scenes flicks from the first video shoot.

Shots courtesy of Shomi (of Illusive Media).

  • JaySole

    haha i used to do that midget pose back in the day. always made ppl laugh there asses off.

  • Directed by my Homie Shomi Patwary @ Illusive Media chyeahhhh

  • james

    asher and nottz seem doep. still bumping grind

  • yeah


  • hopefully this wont turn into a david banner/9th wonder situation where the album drops 9 months later after first hearing a couple of songs

  • stompintom

    looks like a fun video haha

  • Brain Bang

    Come on Shake! Photos courtesy of Brain Bangley, not Illusive Media, dick.

  • Shomi

    haha,Brain Bangley def took the photos, Illusive Media directed the vid

  • sarare

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  • dr0

    y niggas hate on asher atleast dood got talent yuh he doesnt look like a noormal rapper he looks like a fukin nerd but start judgn skills nigga can spit an dat shud out do everythang else inless hes fake or a fag nigga keeps it real wid him self he aint givin u sumthin hes not like officer riky or else u get wakka flokkaa oj da juiceman lil b ect. ill take dis kat he seems 2 surprise me wit his rappin skillls everytime i doubt da dood u got a fan here bruh

  • dr0

    an dont even say “its cuz da nigga draw a dik in high skoo” u niggas dik ride lil wayne an wayne kisses men on da lips an wears thongs

  • glasses

    asher looks like a lion. he is the real grown simba.

  • Stevie mutherfuckin wonder

    JaySole must have reaaal nice friends
    dumb shit isnt funny

  • Stevie mutherfuckin wonder

    Atleast he looks like a reg. rapper?
    why is it bad to look like a regular rapper?

  • Unxpekted7

    faggot rap for the faggots

  • lanko

    @Unxpekted7 DAMN LMAO THEMS IS SOME HARSH WORDS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!