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Big Sean – Meant to Be

blame it on Shake August 30, 2010

While we continue to wait for Big Sean’s Finally Famous v.3: BIG to hit the internets; here goes another leak.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Meant to Be (prod. DJ Spinz) | Mediafire

  • Stephon


  • DayO

    this style of beats aint gettin old yet…shit keep em comin *puts on MC Hammer after this*

  • James Blacksmith

    Don’t you love when shit that seems so easy gets difficult for no reason?

  • rUSh

    drop tha tape alllllrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaddddddyyyyyyyyy

  • TonoVillaino

    shit hot

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Ummm yea ipray that its a no DJ version, cuz ihate the fact it starts ova too damn much nd cannon annoyin. Nice song btw


    THIS GUY NEEDS TO COLLAB WITH LUPE and YAE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xb

    i thought he was better than this smh

  • sneakaholic011

    saw this dude walkin around at rock the bells.
    I think he’s legally a midget

  • the shoster

    dopenesss! Sean be killin shit on the reg..

  • Naythen


  • W. J. Rice

    So this is Big Sean? Sounds like every other nigga out. I heard he was the truth.

  • Dude… you’re slacking, and this is where I come to get all my new music! GOOGLE IT! ITS OUT!

  • Dat Dude Chris

    This shit hot

  • ooopppzzz.. my bad. I lied.

  • miKEYZ

    isnt it droppin this week?!

  • mini me Brian Pumper haha….naw Big Sean nice tho. #jokes

  • T0KS

    FIRE! big sean killing it. FINAL FAMOUS!

  • Heard alot of hype about this dude but ehh… (turns Devin the Dude back up)

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  • bdub

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dis shit is sso rawww.. u already know ALL this dudes mixtapes flow like fuck! i cant imagine what the song before, and after gonna sound like

    p.s there will be NO skits on this mixtape too.. so STRAIGHT HEAT..!!! NO MIAMI

  • the mixtape does drop tonight and the nodj version will drop in ten to fourteen days

  • DetroitIsMajor

    its droppin tonight

  • BigSean=Fail

    Man ihate fuckin djs i wish they’d all just go somewhere & fuckin die i cant even download this shit

  • rbeatz



    sean said a nodj version will drop also it better drop the same time or this isnt getting my download…TAYLOR GANG OVER EVERYTHANG

  • BAM12393

    Just another mediocre rapper that will be commercially successful because of the brainwashed listeners. Nothing special with no talent.

  • Boomerang Slang

    sounds like a slightly better rappin soulja boy

  • Jets & The Taylor Gang Fool

    He’s nice but not enough to keep pushing this tape back.

  • Mark

    I laugh at the fools that think its droppin tonight, we went thru this like 10 times

  • Mark

    TAYLOR GANG or wait for Finally Famous Vol3 to drop

  • kofstar

    good shit, this may be worth the wait.

  • johnny bee snikka

    whats good about this?

  • richlaw


  • richlaw


    but in other news…


  • Big Sean doing his thing! #stophating

    —the real Jonnie has an avatar pic—

  • i hope his album aint full of this

  • KennyD

    tape is dropping tonight and 10 days later will be the NO DJ version with bonus tracks

  • Mark

    XV posted on twitter that he leaking another song from Vizzy Zone today. TAYLOR GANG or refuse to marry oprah!

  • Derek

    Aint no signs of it dropping 2nite so forget that. : & its XXl fault shit is keep getting push back.

  • Cudi



    Taylor Gang OR believe this shit drops tonight!!! ya’ll some fools fool

  • KennyD

    ofcoarse!! the no DJ version dropping like 10 to 14 days after we drop it tonight…that version has 2 bonus sings on it too – Big Sean

  • im into girls that are into girls…. so im in two girls


    Taylor Gang OR believe anything Big Sean tell you fools

  • I’m such a big fan but this is pure garbage. I can’t believe hes making us wait for THIS.

  • Joe.

    i dont like the beat but lyrics are raw. nigga said and i remain until my funeral a stand-up nigga like im in front of the urinal.

  • DetroitC

    Just as disappointing as Bullshittin

  • Ben

    WACK, over did the background YEAAAAAA…

  • Virginia_Rhymer

    lorenz tate lookin nigga