Jared Evan – In Love With You (Video)


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  • beefjerky

    figure out your identity...or dont because you blow anyway

  • kevin

    ^ Jared Evan is not managed by Scooter Braun.....get ya facts straight Meka

  • Meka Gets No Love

    Rock music videos > Rap Videos

    They're just so much better it doesn't make any sense.

  • BAM12393

    I saw this dude open up for Maino, J. Cole, and Young Jeezy earlier this year in Buffalo. The crowd was not feeling Jared Evan at all.

  • yungpraf

    I was at that same show and he absolutely destroyed it dude iz incredible this shyt goes hard!

  • damnyo!

    of all the rapper singer types, this guy kinda is the worst. doesnt seem authentic .

  • Dtown

    dis niga is hard i fuck w it

  • cbisnutz

    dope azz shit saw this on entourage and didnt know who it wassssss dayumn

  • Thumper THUMPS

    booooooooooooo... 'Frozen' is great & I was expecting amazing things for the kid. fuck this generic ass rock bullshit. spineless little kid letting them turn him into whatever...

  • yea i like his old shit.. not feeling this

  • mari

    rocked me out of the ball park. can't tear myself away from watching him! love his old stuff but he's always coming up with new shit.

  • mgmt

    jared evan is an innovater


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