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Nero – Have You Ever (rmx)

blame it on Shake August 30, 2010

The kid Nero tacks on a verse to Soulja Boy and Lil B’s latest collaboration. Sadly, he left the original verses on the mix as well.

DOWNLOAD: Nero – Have You Ever (rmx) | Mediafire

  • k-rino

    lmfao…………..”bitches on my dick cause im a lion”


    Shake u my niqqa but lil b said it best “hating on the basedgod fuck you & yo family” BASED

  • kid fell wayyyyy the fuck off. fall from grace was tight, alive n vibrant was good. he sucks ass now. used to be a fan and was excited for his future now i think im not gonna even stream his shit anymore…smh.

  • Cloud 9

    lmao Nero killed them lol

  • Cloud 9

    Chronic its a freestyle it wasnt nuthin serious. dnt get let down after one track homey. kid still come with tha fire

  • papi chulo

    ^^^^^ well said

  • stompintom

    i don’t like this guys face or his music, in better news, new horse shoe gang dropping tonight !

  • GOD

    “have you ever drove in this lambo? NO!” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Antonym

    ^^^^So you like guys faces?

  • k-rino



    shake a hoe he be posting bullshit ..but i fucks with the based GOD #swagonmilliontrillion

  • obviously im not coming to this conclusion after jus this song, which is why i never said after this i dont like him…everything he has put out recently has been skipable. guy has no replay value.

  • stompintom

    @Antonym i said i don’t like his face lol but fuck you

  • recognize

    SONNY DIGITAL on the track

  • sarare

    so what?
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  • GOD

    ^Why is the gay/pedo networking ads on 2dbz??

  • Antonym

    @ stompimtom But you don’t like because you don’t face, correct? That must mean for a;; the other rappers you like, you like their faces, hence you like dudes faces.

  • im disappointed, you seriously posted this song, instead of other niggas dyin to get on this blog… OF.