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Playboy Tre – The Last Call (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 30, 2010

ArtByShake. Click to enlarge.

After a couple (2)dope leaks, Playboy Tre hits us with his latest mixtape, tag/drop-free (word to the hilarious skits). Features include Joell Ortiz, Sean Falyon, B.o.B, Scar, Lil Jon Mistah F.A.B and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Playboy Tre – The Last Call

  • Byaahman


  • solking10

    Playboy tre > dylon

  • ewetwe

    i hope that nigga start applyin soon for a new job cuz rapping aint takin him nowhere

  • ABeezy

    @ ewetwe you dont know what your talking about. Ive seen playboy tre live at a show and hes a great performer and talented rapper. smh

  • ClassicCJ

    Sounds great

  • battle3

    lol @ him throwing b.o.b on the last track which was on the first mixtape after people complained about no b.o.b on the mixtape

  • MY DUDE!!!

  • battle3


  • After seeing this dude on youtube, and hearing I Don’t Care, lets see what dude has in rappin.

  • Fux wit it

  • tech9

    why did dude use sean faylon song? is this cd any good?

  • Ninjaxen

    #2, #5 and #11 on repeat

  • CZ

    download this

  • ivemar80

    I’m getting this.

  • dontFollowme

    too many slow songs for me, where are songs like bet i bust?

  • FXxXF

    ^agree “talking dat pimp shit neva eva pimp shit”, he needs more beatz like dat

  • Colin P

    ridin wit this

  • One of the year’s most anticipated right here!!! Gonna cop it as well…. And oh yeah, to battle3, stop that B.o.B. yappin, that bonus cut was on there before people started complaining too. DL’ing right now

  • ewetwe

    ROFL maybe One of YOURS most anticipated this year coz im sure i have more fingers than this mixtape has anticipation

  • wiff

    shout out to shake. artworks ill. i just noticed his page. DOPE.

  • Playboy Tre

    Thanx for all the love!!! good or bad its still love. You could have been in bed with a sexy woman instead of commenting bad shit about me but unfortunately you were not. So those ppl must love what im doing! Thank you and plz spread the word!!! “Last Call” Treboy Play Nigga!!!!! To the supporters it’s a 100% gratitude over here. Be safe

  • Playboy Tre

    And if you wanna know why im on here. This is work for me!!! The Hams have been smoked and smashed now its time for the bread to be counted and stashed!!! Eastside all day and RIP Mabel Smith (My Grams) wish you were here to see this. Thank you Shake for giving underdogs a chance to be heard.

  • hehe

    if ur really playboy tre send me 1K in the next 24 hours ( if u have even made that amount of money )

  • hehe

    but hey i guess im happy for shake finally a rapper is cool with him (even tho its playboy tre lol) but after being rejected from lupe to jim jones, he deserves some props.

  • Playboy Tre

    hahaha!!! Send 1k if im really me and have made that!! I love you sarcastic Mofo’s!!! I really do. be safe bruh. Classic message my dawg

  • Dj Puddles


  • ************************

    dam why the fuck you hating on him, immature fucks. Do your thing

  • ************************

    hahaha “dj produce got that fruit”

  • Wonderful to read!

  • I’ll give it a listen…Seen homie perform down here in Ft. Lauderdale. I respect the come up…Keep putting in work and stop reading comments on blogs that will only drive u crazy.

  • stu

    PLAYBOY KILLED YOU HEHE, keep up the good work tre, we hear you in england!

  • Jonnie H

    Yo Playboy Tre u need to collab with me, they call me the C-Section rapper homie, search “jonniehaywardchannel” on youtube I got over a million views in 4 months ya figgadeelsme..
    Lol ok I’m done..dope tape btw

  • wiff

    @JonnieH..LOL you are more corny than keak the sneak.

  • Sean Falyon

    Mixtape is jammin … makes it a plus that Playboy Tre is Family

  • battle3

    Tre > “you gon take my shit and i gotta clean up after yo monkey ass” “Wasn’t even smart enough to take the dr. dre’s!”

  • A-Yo

    Awww man! sendspace sucks!



  • MesCudi

    Could someone upload the Song feat. B.o.B please? I don’t want to download the hole Tape.

  • chris

    ^ Ya you would fgt

  • RSX

    Shouts to THE BEAT GEEKS, they are up next.

  • olugbam


  • Jonnie H

    Ya’ll jus b sum fools dat don b noin wuts up!!!! on da reel, niggas be sayin ish and ish jus b not makin cense, on da reel. yall homo poossy niggas cant say dis shit in the reel life, cahze u b makinn poop sonds wit yo donkey lips, wile us reellife niggas b on da streetz makin dat cream and busstin nutz in da huneys!!! pussy bitches will see dat dey wrong in all da wayz dey live dare lives, and dats wuss up.
    The Jonnie H dats reel from da beginning.

  • DontGetIt

    Goddamn, do Northern Lights have any other production credits ’cause that beat for “Welcome Home” was such heat.

    Tre really stepped his shit up for this tape, one of the best of the year thus far.

  • Tre u got another classic tape big bruh!!! HOLATCHA BWOI!!!!!

  • What are all these fu<kboyz MUGGINNNNN for?! You monkey-ass modasuckas need to be LOCKEDDD UPPP! Good looking Tre, I need some country rap tunes to listen to while I get on my Last Call workout. WHEN I'M DONE A NGA GONNA LOOK LIKE A GREEK GOD!

  • Make sure to get this album and for more Northe’n Lights material you can get the compilation we put out entitled, Cut Em Or Pay Em, which has another Playboy Tre song, “On Dat Other Shit” and many more.

  • red

    Well you proved me wrong Playboy. I figured I wouldn’t be playing this much but to be honest you did your thing on this.
    Good looks–Are you ever going to be touring in the North East?

  • Phantom

    Tre What the fuck is up, these hater got they sleep last night now there up talking shit. Tre you did it up homie. You step ur game up. The mix tape got big things poping.

  • Music Lover #2

    skitz are funny as hell and the mixtape is on point, I love higher song, considering my homie FAB murked that joint — WESTSIDE !!!!!

  • suxonTHIx

    finally a version of Ready Go, been looking for this song since he performed it in New York with B.o.B

  • Damn skits are KILLING me. So great.

  • dat baby don’t look like me

    Word at whoever shouted out the Beat Geeks. Look em up folks you won’t regret it

  • cya

    Anyone care to re-up a fresh link? Sendspace is down.