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(2)Deep: Big L – No Endz, No Skinz x Let ‘Em Have It L (Original Unreleased Demos)

blame it on JES7 August 31, 2010

“Fightin’ me me is like fightin’ a gorilla in a phonebooth..”

Thanks to the fine folks over at T.R.O.Y. and Big L Online, we have, in full 320kbps glory, the original demos for both Big L’s Let ‘Em Have It L and No Endz, No Skinz, both of which can be found on Mr. Lamont’s critically-acclaimed debut (and my personal top 5 albums of all time), Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous. The story behind these is that the original demos / reels were thought to have been destroyed in a fire in legendary Jazz Jay’s studio back in ’93, but mysteriously turned up about two years ago.

What really matters most is that these two missing pieces of Hip-Hop history have resurfaced and were painstakingly remastered to give us the best quality possible. Recently, Freestyle Records released and shipped these out on a double vinyl pack in extremely limited numbers (word on the curb is 400 copies), but at the absurd price of $85. As much as I’d like to help support and maintain L’s legacy and estate, my malnourished pockets cannot come to such terms. However, if you can afford these, don’t pass up on the opportunity! Besides, vinyl trumps FLAC. Both demos are produced by Showbiz, whereas the album version of Give It To ‘Em… was produced by Craig Boogie. The .zip file also contains instrumentals to both tracks. Big shouts to Big Sleep! For more info and history behind these two tracks, visit this link.

DOWNLOAD: Big L – Give It To ‘Em L | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Big L – No Endz, No Skinz | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Big L Demos W/ Instrumentals

  • ko

    big l for life


    Listening to Big L makes me ashamed of modern hip hop.

    for shame you faggot pop stars

    for shame

  • BUCK

    I was just bumpin some Platinum Plus this morning….word

  • stompintom

    flamboyant for life.

  • Roonz

    There’s no “Let Em Have It L” on the zip file you posted. Just the other 2 tracks and their instrumentals

  • Jo$h

    Def. Big L for life.
    Cosign Stinkmeaner too.

  • Mohammed

    Nice. Big L…

  • SwishasNKush

    i love it when old hip-hop surfaces, i really wish people would back up stuff (or hope more people do these days with technology) because to think people thought these tracks were lost for 15 years is a shame, theres so much unreleased music out there…

  • @Roonz

    I re-labeled them incorrectly. Let ‘Em Have It L is the same as Give It To ‘Em L.


    I agree. They’re slowly resurfacing though. I’d rather them put it out correctly then with a shitty product. O.C. demos from around ’92 are supposed to be dropping soon too.

  • According to allhiphop.com there’s a new Big L album out today called “139th & Lenox”

    I can’t find it online, but I looked on bestbuy.com and they have it listed.

  • These tracks are crazy.

    God it still kills me that we lost a great one.

  • tradez

    damn these songs r sick . . . my favorite rapper ever

  • tradez

    damn these songs r sick . . . my favorite rapper

  • big l is a legend of course but i can understand why these remained unreleased lol

  • def.was ahead of his time!! #gooddieyoung 5/30/74 – 2/15/99
    {R.I.P Lamont Coleman}

  • tradez

    one guy told me nas is better than big l. . . of course im goin with big l watchu guys think is betta?

  • God damn, and I thought modern hip hop lyricism was way ahead of old school. Big L is an exception.

  • Pentium

    L invented the word punchline.
    R.I.P. to the greatest MC of all.

  • GR

    I think I would’ve liked the unmastered version. I like grit.

  • AM

    top five

  • kyro

    slept on even after death. People need to recognize that this dude was fuckin GREAT

  • who cares

    koo i thought there would be more than 2 tracks i thought it was like a whole tape but this koo

  • young zee

    thanks…..good stuff

  • Word up, thanks for representin’, peace.

  • jarome

    yup. L for life

  • aldkfg

    thank you thank you thank you

  • warpath

    he is the man. its a shame he was killed. jayz would have been his pet.