• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlIU-2N7WY4 UKbOUND

    Eli Gesner is to blame for the loss of lots of classic Hip-Hop video footage <<< KnowxOne y is he to blame????? wats the story.

    dope posts btw!!!!!

  • Sandy.ILLMIND


  • d-bo

    This is sick. That Busta freestyle is the shit.

  • KB Smoka


  • Dj ILL One

    Classic Vid. I watch this one every now and then. R.I.P. Roc Raida and Harold Hunter.

  • mykblauuw

    hey knowxone do you have your own site or somewhere i could contact you?

  • alex

    glad to know other people in hip hop appreciate skateboarding
    theres some of the older washington dc videos that are really dope liek this too

  • glue

    also true about that dc shit

  • Pete.C

    ay knowone... please do a Jeru the Damaja post with Come Clean. Its ridiculous how nobody knows about jeru!

  • http://www.blindiforthekids.com *Pbbt!

    "youu messed my fuckin heaarrtt upppp...."

    RIP Harold Hunter

  • glue

    also, ghostface's verse from criminology is in this

  • ironmike

    ILL & ALL SKRATCH damn this is that ish

  • ironmike

    Question: Which skatevideos are also hiphop relatad (skating, grafitti, music)? I know there's alot with punkrock music. But I'd love to view movies such as this one.

  • young zee

    man...i used to have this vhs and lent it out to my boy...and i've been missing it since....THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad9MSd6l1gA BillClinton

    damn u cus see ghostface reading it of a rap sheet hed written on ..damnnnnnnnn

  • http://stretchandbobbito.blogspot.com The Big Sleep

    Yeah, thanks for linking to this one as well, it's part of the mapping out and archiving of the Stretch & Bob show going on at T.R.O.Y. and the Stretch and Bobbito blog.

  • http://shutnyc.com Enoch

    Hey! This is Eli Morgan Gesner. I am to blame for the loss of some great freestyles - BECAUSE I AM THE GUY WHO FILMED THEM! - It was actually an old girlfriend who taped a Bob Marley documentary over one of the master tapes while I was not home. But I DO have 'Large Pro' doing his verse from LATBBQ. And Percy P, and Curious, and others. But just so yall know, I have given EVERYTHING to Stretch. He's gonna use it for some shit soon. And thanks for all the props. Also, shout out to DJ Ani Quinn who did all the music and sound mixing with me for Mix Tape 1 & 2.

  • http://keaho.net Princess808

    Haha! Those pesky girlfriends and electronics. Eli Gesner is hot. How do I meet him.

  • Jay

    What track was used with Busta Rhymes's freestyle? And is there anywhere where this video is available for download/sale?