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Big Sean – Ambiguous f. Mike Posner & Clinton Sparks x F*ck My Opponent f. Tyga [NoDJ]

blame it on Shake August 31, 2010

Another Cannon-less joint off Big Sean’s recently released Finally Famous v.3 mixtape. Shouts to X. UPDATE: One more for the night.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Ambiguous f. Mike Posner & Clinton Sparks | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga | Mediafire

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  • Uber

    Come on now, I already downloaded the whole mixtape and ya’ll wanna keep posting Cannon-less songs?

  • crackadon

    what he said^^ the tape just dropped today. there’s no need to post every tagless leak. they’re gonna put out a tagless version in a week or two

  • ItsDrew_805

    any other no dj tracks before i try burning this shit again lol

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Mike Posners voice is SO ANNOYING smh

  • “what he said^^ the tape just dropped today. there’s no need to post every tagless leak. they’re gonna put out a tagless version in a week or two”

    just ignore the post then. some people want the tagless versions of songs when they drop. no matter WHAT is posted someone will ALWAYS have something negative to say about it smh.

  • dre

    cool drake ft mike posner.. now where big sean?

  • ninja_please

    this guy mike posner fucking sucks. period.

  • naw they right. bad move from the sean camp leaking all the tagless tracks. and just a waste to have em posted the same day.

    if sean and them wanted the tagless version to be out they should of just released that today instead the one with cannon. people aint even got a chance to give the music a spin before you telling them they got the wrong version

  • KennyD

    Big Sean > Drake and also 1 week to 2 week is 2 months in Big Sean days/weeks

  • BAM12393

    SHAKE: I was just at the Kid Cudi concert in Buffalo tonight. He announced that his album is comming out November 9th. I have a video of Kid Cudi talking about the album a bit and how he is going to release another album this year as well. Let me know if you want the video.

  • Jovell

    I needed a good ol’ Sean/Posner song without the tags. Just made my day.

  • dre

    call me crazy i honestly feel like kanye hates this guy & is just waiting for the perfect time to drop him he shows this cat NO LOVE!!!! CUDi FUCK THE WORLD

  • your crazy

  • Nito

    This should be a radio single the chorus is catchy enough

  • KennyD

    @dre maybe cause he wants him to build a name for himself

  • dre


    Yeah i can see it now kanye in his living room jamming to fuck you doin? bullshittin… YE is regreting signing this fool

  • theres rumors going on that Mike Posner is gay

  • Dude…You do know that Big Sean struggles to put out his stuff because he is always working with Kanye on his sh.t…He signed him for a reason.

  • dre

    he asked kanye to retweet his thrash ass mixtape today still no retweet kanye dont like this nigga fool he jack to many niggas shit

  • SeniorMafia

    Sean said a couple of days ago on his twitter, that he’d be putting out the dj-free w/ a couple of bonus tracks a few weeks after this dropped.

  • dre

    as soon as kanye & cudi made erase me ye had that shit all over twitter

  • dre

    when big sean get a jay-z feature then holla at me FOOL cudi>sean

  • No but Sean is working with No I.D…I mean Common’s album is on hold because of Kanye, and Big Sean’s albums so he’s definitely a person of interest on the label.

  • kevin

    umm can we discuss Clinton Sparks rapping now? lol

  • dre

    last but not least this muthafugga was on twitter quoting lil wayne verses the other day someone find this dude a new hobby but #freewayne

  • ayeson

    clinton sparks went hard haha thats crazy, this songs the shit boi.

  • yeah

    Can we get a Big Sean-less version of FFv3? in something that semi resembles CDQ.


    I’d agree with you on that one, but I saw the dude spittin game at Bonnaroo to some sexy ladies after his performance.

  • flighlife,blogspot.com

  • shake jr.

    hey dad we need final hour,meant to be & i got 5 on it all with no djs also my child support money u deadbeat

  • yummy

    Jonnie’s faggot ass would be on here talking about gay rumors. TMZ ass nigga.

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    Idk if im liking the Mike Posner addition.

  • J.E.T.S.

    I never thought big sean was that great, but i downloaded his mixtape yesterday cause i wanted to give him another chance but seriously what is so good about this guy???

  • Hermes


    Agree man, I see nothin special about dude… Seriously. Tha fuck big sean?

  • stop

    me three

  • humbug

    cliton sparks your like 50 years old and white stop rapping

  • Pete.C

    Fuck My Opponent? Seriously? That sounds like a parody of hip hop culture, like the name of a thugnificent single. Stomp em in the nuts and fuck my opponent.

  • Xero

    For some reason I haven’t been able to get into Big Sean, but I’ll download this anyway and check it out. Honestly though, he sounds wack to me. What’s so good about him?

  • @ChicanoSD

    O yea mann
    I’m loving the whole Mixtape
    FFV.3 Cali to D’Town

  • @falco cnroocdo con il tuo commento però non è vero che su "trova sul wii il meglio di se" perchè anche sulle altre console escono giochi su binari con in bundle la pistola…poi non me ne frega assolutamente niente se il gioco sarà alla portata di un pubblico piu' vasto anche perchè il porting di re4 ha venduto di piu' di umbrella chronicles

  • hE6RU2 hrscfgytkiba