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Big Sean – Finally Famous v.3 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 31, 2010

After All kinds of leaks, videos and clamoring, Big Sean’s third Finally Famous tape finally drops. Tracklist and link down bottom.

01 Final Hour (prod. Don Cannon and Nick Kage)
02 Meant To Be (prod. DJ Spinz)
03 What U Doin? (Bull$#[email protected]) (prod. The Olympicks) | Video
04 Money & Sex f. Bun B (prod. No I.D.)
05 Five Bucks (5 On It) f. Chip Tha Rippers & Curren$y
06 High Rise (prod. Don Cannon) | Video
07 Crazy (prod. The Olympicks)
08 Home Town (prod. Eliseo of Treal)
09 Supa Dupa Lemonade | Video
10 My Clost Sayitainttone (prod. Key Wane)
11 Too Fake feat. Chiddy (prod. Xaphoon Jones)
12 Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga (prod. Trillionz)
13 Made f. Drake (prod. WrighTrax)
14 Ambigious f. Mike Posner (prod. Clinton Sparks)
15 Love Song f. Saui (prod. Key Wane)
16 Memories (prod. Key Wane)
17 Bonus Track

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Finally Famous v.3 (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • D-TOWN!!!

  • Kalon

    YES!!!!!this made my whole fuckin day

  • rock

    finally famous!

  • JDOT


  • krokeyja

    instantly made my day. lets goooo

  • bet!

  • stpdfrsh

    link aint working

  • itsacelebration

    not gonna lie, big sean has been a complete bitch/Drake wannabe throughout this whole process of getting the tape out, just blabbin away about how dope he thinks it is instead of pressuring Cannon to drop the damn tape……i guess once you sign to G.O.O.D. Music you inherit Kanye’s obnoxious ego and and sense that you are owed everything in the world

  • Lime

    good ish i can grab it before work

  • abake7

    this will hold me over until J.Cole drops an album that will be CLASSIC. mark my words.

  • stpdfrsh

    ok i got it now. my bad

  • Dilla = GOAT


  • DYeezyB


    This dude been holding out for toooo long.

  • Jomoses

    Ay.. that nigga debut album may never see the damn shelve… but the nigga is still dope lol

  • T0KS


  • ILL-Virtue

    lol the tags for this post are “Drake, Mixtape”

    Some1 has Drake on the brain…

  • Tribe Fan

    Lmao @ the tag saying Drake

  • P.

    no dj comin in 10-14 days according to sean, so it’ll prolly actually drop sometime next year.

  • red


  • A-Yo

    good look.

  • mmkayy

    well about damn time

  • red


    If he had such a big ego wouldn’t he be all over Cannon to put the tape out? He would be thinking fuck you Cannon I’m a beast put out my shit.

  • cj

    finally this been a good month for mixtapes wit wale and big sean

  • Scoob E

    This dude is wack from the name to MCing. Not a good look for the D. Even production can’t save this guy.


    G.O.O.D. Timing …….Time to over throw Young Money

  • fucktheredwings

    Not a good look for the D hahah. Who do you have? Mike Posner? Oh yea you got dick joke Royce Da 5’9.

    You should be happy that anyone is putting you on the map…

  • sarare

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  • ILL-Virtue

    uhh @fucktheredwings…… Eminem

  • mC

    *DEAD* @ the tags for this

  • kofstar

    Finally, Sean has been acting like a diva with this mixtape for the longest though. I’m glad to have this now though.

  • sik

    new link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the link is dead

  • Deeee

    new link!

  • BlindsidedXIX

    @fucktheredwings. First off Big Sean is dope. Secondly Detroit is one of the most important cities in hip hop. Aaliyah, Eminem, Slum Village, Black Milk, Royce Da 5’9″, Guilty Simpson, eLZhi. All phenomenal acts. Don’t be ignorant I’m from Miami and I understand Detroit’s importance to the music we all love.

  • dj

    wassup wit the link?

  • $eagulz

    the link isn’t workin for me

  • MeLo-G

    wrong tracklist…… smh

  • nah

    is fat raps 2 on this?

  • The Most Hated

    link is dead.

  • Faubs

    fuck a dead link


    The D has Eminem you Fail, dwelle, slum villige DILLA…… kill ur self the D is the hottest place in the music game right now…. F the redwings must be from CANADA lmfao Drake/ Avril Laveen fan …DETROIT STAND UP

  • KNew515

    The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file.
    The link you have clicked is not available.

  • Cappa

    link is fucked

  • bnease

    Damn, everybody samplin Adele’s “Hometown Glory”. Sean my nigga but Big Krit’s “Hometown Hero” > than his “Hometown” record.

  • kind of a disappointment so far.

  • Ryan.T.

    I need this shit, new link PLEASE

  • tooudo

    Where’s the link you freaking n1ggers?!

  • beefjerky

    clinton sparks please kill yourself

  • new link necessary. who the fuck uses yousendit?

  • ILL-Virtue

    Go to XXLmag for link


    just go to xxl.com for the d/l


    Blind Ni99aZ

  • d

    mediafire . com / ?y2iw6fbto05yd5m

  • d

    that link works


    LOL @ chip tha ripper & curren$y going bac & forth taking shots @ each other over blunts vs papers on i got 5 on it hahahahahahahaha JETS FOOL!!!!!!!


    LOL @ chip tha ripper & curren$y going bac & forth taking shots @ each other over blunts vs papers on i got 5 on it hahahahahahahaha JETS FOOL!!!!!!!

  • Naythen


  • Jabari Manwarring


  • ncrep

    Thank goodness. finally dropped. hope cannon doesnt ruin this. good production but dang his rewinding mess gets old

  • holla if ya swalla

    the goat is from detriot.. dont even have to name him
    but back to ff v3… a lot better than expected! dope as shit

  • Naythen


  • WeezyFBaby

    Now to wait for a DJ less version…


    LOL @ chip tha ripper & curren$y going bac & forth taking shots @ each other over blunts vs papers on i got 5 on it hahahahahahahaha JETS FOOL!!!!!!! shout out to big sean when i get that dj-less version i’ll be G.O.O.D.

  • Word of the Day: Finally

  • grantb22

    can someone tell me who else used the sample on home town

  • Thanks for the DL…. just curious if there is anything better than 128K on the horizon

  • fucktheredwings

    Oh right you have a psychotic drug addict who represents your city. Sorry I forgot about that piece of shit.

    Bringing up SV and Dilla would be like a NYer saying that Biggie and ATCQ is still putting on for New York.

  • Wavey517

    all yall dudes are on this dudes dick callin him a diva cause his tape didnt come out on time?? werent yall the same niggas who were ridin fab heavy even though it took him about an entire year to drop tinc2?? yall fool ass niggas is hilarious

  • bnease


    the sample on “Hometown” is Adele “Hometown Glory”. Big Krit sample the same song on “Hometown Hero” except his was better

  • SpazzyMcGee

    Wheres the track with Ash ? I was looking forward to that…

  • fat raps remix could have done without Boldy James Asher Roth, both of em did not have good verses whatsoever. five on it is a certified banger, as is memories n the bonus w/ kanye.

  • Dat Dude Chris

    I posted a mediafire link but i dont think yall can see it cuz next to my comment its says n quote…
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”
    Idk wut dat means but if u wanna new link jus google it, its not dat hard lol
    Dats wut I did

  • TaylorGang Over Everythang

    im sorry no hating but this tape is weak as fuck he should find a new hobby THANKGOD FOR TAYLOR GANG

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Da bonus track is Glenwood? SMH
    Dat shit came out like a year ago lol

  • Wavey517


    lol that psychotic drug addict is probably better then anybody out your city so quit hatin on niggas and they towns and go do something with your life cause i guarantee you wouldnt say any of the shit you sayin now if you were face to face with a real nigga from the d

  • grantb22


    good looks. i just listened to that again and krit murdered it

  • DontGetIt

    Yeah that tracklist isn’t right, Fat Raps 2 is on the track list and the bonus track is some joint with ‘Ye on it.

  • Christian Guest

    This got me excited. Can’t wait to dl this later!!

  • lol don’t even kno if I should download this. The cover for this makes me rage.

  • mr. goonie

    is fat raps two on dis?????

  • derf72

    can’t wait for the tag-less version.. cannon ruins the whole tape with all that talk nonsense.

  • SomeGuy817

    Bout time nigga big sean does not dissapoint perfect while in these classes and we aint doin nothing but bullshittin boy!

  • Faubs

    ^ yesir. crazy track.

  • Skratch

    can we get a no Dj version damn, its alot of old songs on this tape

  • Finally Famous UK

    Wrong tracklist posted should be:
    01 Final Hour (prod. Don Cannon and Nick Kage)
    02 Meant To Be (prod. DJ Spinz)
    03 What U Doin? (Bull$#[email protected]) (prod. The Olympicks)
    04 Money & Sex f. Bun B (prod. No I.D.)
    05 Five Bucks (5 On It) f. Chip Tha Rippers & Curren$y
    06 High Rise (prod. Don Cannon)
    07 Crazy (prod. The Olympicks)
    08 Home Town (prod. Eliseo of Treal)
    09 Supa Dupa Lemonade
    10 Fat Raps Remix f. Chuck Inglish, Asher Roth, Chip tha Ripper, Dom Kennedy & Boldy James
    11 My Clost Sayitainttone (prod. Key Wane)
    12 Too Fake feat. Chiddy (prod. Xaphoon Jones)
    13 Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga (prod. Trillionz)
    14 Made f. Drake (prod. WrighTrax)
    15 Ambigious f. Mike Posner (prod. Clinton Sparks)
    16 Love Song f. Saui (prod. Key Wane)
    17 Memories (prod. Key Wane)
    18 Bonus Track

  • Complacent

    ewww too many repeating tracks
    all this has leaked before
    fucking fruit head
    nigga obsvioly just rushed through this
    he know his shit will never drop
    still no realease date after 5 years
    kanye done signed like 10 more artist
    and fucking bun b is a parasite
    his average bars gets on everybodies shit

  • Naythen

    Seans closet verse is just toooo hard! (nh)

  • SomeGuy817

    @Complacent tell us why u mad son?? you ol broke bitch ass keep hating while others doing it

  • Complacent is keepin it real tho. Bun B ain’t all that. >_>

  • itsacelebration

    i dont understand why an artist with a solid following like big sean NEEDS a don cannon to put out a tape, fuck a dj just make the music and do it yourself damn. @wavey517, no one was bitching about a Fab tape, his shit is washed up, i havent heard a track i liked from him in ages, too many so-so rappers getting a lot of attention on this blog….im sorry but who the fuck are half these wack acts that get top post coverage? too much backpacking right now

  • lanative

    whens kendrick lamars od droppin?

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Finally.. Famous… Gettin. Money.. Boi!!

  • Lars

    thank god

  • Cappa

    *is wondering why he doesn’t have Finally Famous vol 2*

  • DAMN, taking 30 minutes to download. I just wanna listen to this shit already

  • Lars

    @lanative kendrick O.d droppin sept 15
    30 minutes??????? shit its taking me 2


    i see why kanye pushes kid cudi>>> big sean probably wont be on g.o.o.d music much longer this mixtape is just straight doo doo juice(PAUSE) its like he put a bunch of old shit together & said fuck it here u go without any effort whatsoever if he ever was to put out an album i’ll downloading that shit u want get a cent off of me u lazy bum no bars having fool!!!!

  • dre

    if anyone wants to know if this shit sucks just take a look @ the cover

  • SomeGuy817

    @Cappa it’s Uknowbigsean from like 2-3 years ago

  • DK

    “The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file.” anyone have another link?

  • Triso Boothe

    idk if yall would agree but the intro is my favorite just cuz it set the tone tellin me this mixtape will go so hard. dont it seem like cannon mixtapes always got a hard intro just like jeezy?

  • lanative

    @LARS thanks bruh

    @triso TRUE.

  • Juuu Heard

    UKNOWBIGSEAN was the Vol.2

  • This shit gone be Niice! This should hold it down for bout a couple weeks

  • Lars

    well worth the wait
    this tape isi the best by far

  • JBeas

    The volume & sound quailty is very terrible i dont know if its cause of cannon but the overall sound of these tracks are very bad

  • AD

    Mixtape is more bad than good & Mike Posner is horrible. Production is subpar.

  • eBagatron

    No one has commented on Kanye being on the Bonus Track?

    Figured it would since everyone was moanin’ over the whole “NO KANYE FEATURE ON THE TRACKLIST?!?” thing.

    Tape is dope, another solid one from Sean.

  • AD

    That “Bonus Track” has been out since like last year.

  • eBagatron

    ^nvm my phone didn’t load all the comments. I see ’em now.

  • D easy

    Nice to hear posner sing like that

  • Ray L.

    wow.. old or not; that “fat raps remix” went hard as fuck.

  • ThatKidRawr


  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Go to datpiff.com to listen

  • The volume & sound quailty is very terrible i dont know if its cause of cannon but the overall sound of these tracks are very bad

    – its cause its 128k brother…im on the same thing

  • is this tape mastered?

  • Tone

    @juju no

  • stan lee

    i hope this shit is dope..

  • damn thats some shit lol when can we expect a better version??

  • xastey

    first listen.. great tape.. will be in rotation for a while

  • Burnie Goetz

    Wasn’t sure if I was gonna dl before I saw the features. Chiddy probably murders Big Sean on that track. Looking forward to listening.

  • its about to go down, drain-o

  • Eddie Arkadian

    I can’t wait for the No DJ version!!!!

  • GOD


  • L KiD LoCo

    G.O.O.D music bitch finally famous been waitin like i work at a restaurant

  • T0KS


  • What is special about big sean??
    he doesnt seem to have any bars
    or anything musically unique..some nice beats but thats about it.
    and he keeps saying hes already rich. so im just guessing wat the hell is he about?

  • xb

    after listening i can say its not as good as i thoughgt, there is no soul what so ever, he just sound like a more lyrical Gucci i can honestly say im DISIPOINTED

  • Tone

    ^^ no hate whatsoever but he a more lyrical soulja boy

  • Naythen

    been listening to this for 2 HOURS straight!!!! CRACK!

  • i just want a better sounding quality of this mixtape lol

  • Tone

    * a more lyrical soulja boy with a mixture of aubrey = big sean

  • Tone

    if soulja boy & drake had a baby u would get big sean

  • t.bigums

    anyone got the “Way Out” track

  • Tone


    big sean has the only good sounding tape its the one without the dj

  • TekZilla

    Big Sean has annoyed the shit out of me since I first heard him on kanyes graduation mixtape. Besides the fact that hes got a face thats begging to be punched in, ill check this out for the production and features.

  • eSo

    I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of Cannon ruining perfectly good music.

  • ThatKidRawr

    where the fuck is the dj-less tape?

  • JackDiesel

    Boldy James is my muthafucka!!

  • ThatKidRawr


  • Mikel

    real talk… this isnt good

  • miKEYZ


  • straightkillah

    damn…i thought i was the only guy who thought Big Sean isn’t that good…he’s okay but…idk what people are hypin’ about or why they hyped this tape up so much….UDONTKNOWBIGSEAN was an okay mixtape…nothing to really get you looking forward to the next installment…nonetheless, i’m really diggin that curren$y track…but thats about it

  • I hope the NO DJ version drops before the weekend.

  • Drake stole his flow from Big Sean, that’s pretty much the only thing similar between the two, and their voice. Drake’s voices stays OD on a higher unnatural pitch. Big Sean actually has witty lines & flow. These links don’t want to work at all for me.. Lol.

  • JRtheKID

    No DJ version would be nice
    Tape is alright, i had pretty high expectations however.
    Some good features.
    Prolly will be on my shit for a week or two, thats about it, nothing special.

  • pOLOcrazy !


  • D

    Links not working!

  • Its about time! Now we just need a DJ free version.

  • I jus finished listening to this n its coo but I expected it to be better but Sean did say he didnt really try cuz he put his best songs on his album but its wutever
    N o yea I jus realized dat 2dopeboyz aint post da alternate version of Love Song dat Sean felt was better than da one they put on da mixtape
    If yall wanna hear it, jus click my name



  • Keenan

    can anyone throw me a tagless link? i fking hate don cannon yelling what an idiot

  • NYCityKid

    itsacelebration Said it way better than i could ever explain..

  • mr2dope

    Finally dropped the tape! Heard a few songs its deeso so far

  • Ray Ray


  • TIMM

    google Relevant Mindset. HipHop without the bullsh!t

  • ahhhh whats wrong with download link? won’t work


    meh fuck this shit. I listened to the last finally famous and that shit was buns



  • On My Hiatus


  • GR

    Not even Kanye on the bonus track could save this. Terrible

  • kyro

    finally….FAMOUS! whut up!

  • CLAF

    I like this mixtape, but for some reason it’s hard to enjoy, just seems hard to focus on seans lyrics, cannons annoying ass voice isn’t hard to ignore but then again idono maybe I just need to wait for a tagless tape

  • YURP

    i liked UKNOWBIGSEAN to a point but this was pretty much wack.. of all the unreleased tracks only three were decent and the rest were trash… and all the older songs were just decent too… nothing as good as Supa Dupa or Getcha Some

  • bestrolledLs

    wack quality.. bunch of old shit.. cannon drops.. 2/5

  • wackkkkkkk

    soooo we waited all this time for this weak ass shit big sean you failed me im dissapointed since when was big sean a southern rapper? cuz thats what he sound like on a couple of these songs

  • Teddy

    I heard on FaceBook it was corny so I guess I’ll have to see.

  • nah_dude

    the i got 5 on it was my idea i proposed to chip n big sean while they were on ustream!!!!

  • nickd

    2 was better

  • Braniak

    dude is alrite

  • c

    sorry, but this is WEAK

  • Memories, 5 on it, and Home Town were fire.
    Rest of the tape is decent. Its hard for me to hear Big Sean rapping like he’s super hard now.
    NO DJ version will be out in a couple days.
    Better than almost any other mixtapes out though and that’s real.

  • Jordan

    omfg. someone needs to STOP DON CANNON. i cant even listen to anything he does. i was looking forward to this for months. cant listen to it.

  • Raptorsarefriends

    hgh rise?
    Is this a song about Jose Canseco?

  • Shoop

    What a perfect ending to such a fucked up day. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  • Zak

    cannon isnt that bad. the tape is dope. the quality sucks. ff3- 63 mbs, uknow- 168 mbs. what happened?

  • bigherb

    this was kinda disappointing tbh the other 2 are way better

  • yes man


  • yes man

    good but seriously overated

  • dj drama

    damn this aint good

  • does anyone know who Sean samples on “Home Town” and “Too Fake”? those samples are DOPE!

  • stillchillin

    Adele – Hometown Glory, as well as Chasing Pavements on that one track;
    sounds like they sampled a bit of High Contrast’s remix of it, though.


    BEST MIXTAPE OF 2010, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unknown

    Nice! Finally finally famous

  • Ethan

    Love the Opening Track, which are usually the best on Mixtapes, since they have to set the tone.

    Is everyone REALLY forgetting J Dilla when mentioning Detroit Hip Hop?

  • Bigsean, huh? If any of you guys have ipods or w.e. download supa dupa lemonade. On the song, in 1:07 I believe he’ll say “you can hear my tires burning” if you play it back, he’ll say “burn this bible”. I don’t get it, he talks about God positively in his other songs, yet he’s talking about burning bibles. Why all the good rappers gotta’ fuck with the illuminati?

  • mac d


    no dj yet..?

  • listen2goodmuzik

    good punchlines throughout the tape….. only a few good tracks… most are very forgettable…. lacks the most important thing…. SUBSTANCE….

    if you want watered down songs about sex, money, bitches,… see Finally Famous Vol. 3

    if you want substance, real life shit, relatable muzik…. see Vizzy Zone

  • the planes

    Are niggas really goin on this post JUST to hate on another nigga???
    Big Sean started the whole “Reference Rap” Flow and EVERYONE uses it in some kind of way…..even before the nigga has dropped an album.
    So how the fuck can you say the nigga is garbo???
    He had two good concious mixtapes…..LET THIS NIGGA HAVE A LITTLE FUN WITH HIS MUSIC!
    Whoever said this dude sucks needs to go listen to “Supa Dupa” THEN needs to juggle chainsaws…

    I’m sorry but only idiots listen to music backwards…..most of the people who do that look so damn hard to find something demonic but can’t…..so they settle for what they “think” they heard….

  • Tiniak

    WTF is this shit?! Are you guys joking?! This guys sucks! Theres only 2 fucking songs out of 18. I’ve acutally listened to the whole album 4 fucking times just to make sure.

  • Tiniak

    WTF is this shit?! Are you guys joking?! This guys sucks! Theres only 2 fucking songs out of 18 that I consider listenable and I wouldnt even put them in my ipod. I’ve acutally listened to the whole album 4 fucking times just to make sure. He has like 5 good songs out of every thing he made.

  • Finally famous boooooy. Real $hit
    this nigga my idol
    You an wiz needa drop some shit together A G A I N.
    Fb. $$P. W.N.HOE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    If him and Wiz dropped some shit together do you honestly this Wiz could keep up. Sean got more gas than most mc’s. I think he should stick to workin with Currency before he embarrasses himself.Prestige.

  • Lack

    Dam wust the sample for “Final Hour”. i’ve been searchn forever!!

  • Wizard

    THX man for this *__*
    i love it… please make a feat. with CuDi ;)