Black EL - Color Commentary (Album)

After a few leaks and visuals, Adam Morrison's number-one fan drops his Durkin-produced project. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Black EL x Durkin - Color CommentaryBandcamp

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    Dope. Can't wait to hear this

  • AlexSong

    is this the guy who used to be called Black ELement?

  • straightkillah

    yes. damn, that question is asked on every single black el post...

    dope music.

  • AlexSong

    lol my bad... aye everything he's released before has been dope so i'ma check this out


    i missed it why is he Adam Morrison's #1 fan?

  • eSo

    Never listened to Black EL... Gave this a listen. I REALLY liked the first couple of songs but then it kind of faded. I'll definitely be looking out for his stuff though.

  • JesusBaby

    Sammy Adams > Black EL


  • HoldMyCoat

    Been a fan for a minute, definitely cop.

  • JesusBaby

    He's ok, Sammy is better. but just because hes black or puerto rican he gets posted? come on shake show SAMMY some love!

  • vstreet

    Dope. Definitely worth the dl, gonna be bumping this for quite some time.

  • straightkillah

    @Alexsong nah, dude, it's all good. and sam adams isn't that good...

  • JesusBaby

    @straightkillah brah, what do you know about boston hip hop? sammy is running the city! this black el kid is gonna fade, he has no hits like sam adams.

  • HAnk

    I love that this JesusBaby must be joking.

  • bestrolledLs

    thank you Bandcamp

    i wouldn't have checked this otherwise

  • JesusBaby

    @HAnk you guys just can't stand the fact that the face of Boston is a whiteboy, can you?

  • JesusBaby

    black el can rap sure, but where are his hits? SAM ADAMS has HITS!

  • RussDa59

    hits = mainstream u fruit. ur makin boston look bad.

  • JonFire

    EL's dope. Sammy can't rap. Boston's now on the map.

  • JesusBaby

    whatever. im point arguing. you brahs just don't like hits. i guess in the end its good for the city. but i still fuck with sam adams! #nohomo


    Fuck The Celtics

  • P.

    bandcamp is dope. so is black.

  • bfears

    i dl'd it. dope.

  • Unknown



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