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Chip Tha Ripper – Fat Raps (rmx) f. Chuck Inglish, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy, Boldy James & Asher Roth [CDQ]

blame it on Shake August 31, 2010

Photo: Mike Waxx

Originally heard on Big Sean’s recently released Finally Famous v.3 mixtape. Now sans tags (courtesy of illRoots); off Chip and Chuck’s upcoming album, Gift Raps.

DOWNLOAD: Chip Tha Ripper – Fat Raps (rmx) f. Chuck Inglish, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy, Boldy James & Asher Roth (prod. Chuck Inglish) | Mediafire

  • InfamousP

    this shit sounds [Barkley voice] TURRIBLE with this tweaked beat. if it aint broke, don’t fix it!! where’s the DOM KENNEDY tag in the blog entry Shake?

  • Asher ROth and Dom Kennedy bodied this beat

  • dom went in & cosign infamousp

  • wavyadam

    lol if i want listen to this, i have to shut down my subwoofer. what da fuck is this

  • @infamousP… simply missed putting it in there. not that big of a deal.

  • can the whole tape be cdq now lol


    This shit is nuts. Dom Kennedy spazzed on this shit. My nigga #NT stand the FUCK up

  • Faubs

    fuckin awesome

  • EZWiderroller

    NOW THIS IS SICK. people saying that monster track w/ Kanye/Jay-Z was good LMAO. NOW THIS IS A MONSTER of a track.

  • Asher is fuckin’ ppl up on these posse cuts. Bravo young man!!

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Can sumbody make a version without ASSer Roth hes so wack

  • abake7

    every one of these guys SPAT ACID!!!!!! kinda wish it had curren$y, big k.r.i.t., and j.cole on it but other than that, THIS IS HOT AS SHIT!!!!

  • thakid

    ^^^^^ why would you want to take out one of the best parts?

    i kinda like the finally famous version better. if it were cdq

  • 23kid

    Ehhh! wasnt for me…. iM still ov that Curren$y Rich Hill joint You aint gotta stay (which got ill hated on in this bitch)

  • DCB

    OG > Remix

  • vlado

    asher killed it….

  • GOD


  • I liked it. Asher, still dont know what to make of him though…

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  • Bizzy

    Spitta should’ve been on this version

  • KennyD

    Damn i wish there would be more tracks with these guys spitting together also add spitta and cole and that would be the shit

  • KennyD

    Dom Kennedy > Big Sean > Chip Tha Ripper > Asher Roth > Chuck > Boldy

  • I think everybody did their thing on this beat
    Asher Roth won on this Posse cut though… he treated this the same way he did the “Marley and Me” Remix

  • take boldy out put in curren$y. cool? thanks

  • Melo15

    @Rahmell Green… Hahah i know exactly what you mean well put

  • purp

    It’s a hipster extravaganza

  • Nyle

    which ones is dom….i jst hear hella chip da rippers…..i can telll bewtween chip ash nd big….but

  • danny

    you’re fucking retarded if you don’t think asher >>>>>> everyone else on this

  • ThatKidRawr


  • @ Nyle

    Dom Is 2nd Guy Spittin
    & Boldy James Is The 4th One Spittin

  • gill

    YES love it, just wat i needed, cept curren$y should been on the remix too, but cant ask for everything

  • dirtysixchambers

    yooo boldy james ripped that shit

  • big Kid bowser

    boldy and chuck needa get off this and spitta and krit needa hop on, no one saying SHIT bout Chip that dude ripped this beat up, asher came in stong second with sean in third, doms my dude but he was boring

  • chrisp

    shoulda stayed wit the original……>>>>>>>>remix

  • JP

    My question is whos the better white boy Asher Roth or Yelawolf? Cause everything they been spittin lately is fire.

  • whatupsucka

    What’s this supposed to be, the Blog Rap version of Swagger Like Us?

  • Red

    where my nigga spitta at he bodied the first one JETS fool

  • Finn

    Boldy James is a beast. Check him on the Cool Kids Tacklebox on “getting flicked.”

    I hope to hear more from him.

  • birdz

    where’s the solo asher fat rap. fuckin navajo natives.

  • SupaNasty


  • yeah they need to release this with The Old Beat on it. But Either Way This Shit Is On Point. I Wouldnt Sya Asher Had The Best Verse, but he proved he can definatly hold his on with this rappers now