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Fabolous – Hot97 Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2010


With TiNC2: The Grieving Music EP hitting shelves, Loso stops by Hot97 and kicks some bars for Funkmaster Flex. Shouts to RR on the rip (and Adobe Soundbooth for letting me increase the volume). UPDATE: Now with video.

DOWNLOAD: Fabolous – Hot97 Freestyle | Mediafire
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  • uzi

    strait killt it

    “pretty boy swag, dont coke my nose tho”

  • Rezo

    shots @ Soulja Boy wack ass LOL

  • Rezo

    Second beat was nothing but recycled lines from TiNC2 #recycledrhymesarelame

  • monemone

    the first half was tight tho cant front

  • AD

    lmao…dope shit

  • Piff

    shit was fire

    but thats why i respect j cole

    nigga alwasys got a fresh verse

  • solking10

    The Ep came out today

  • lmfao! He threw shot at Brian Pumper!!!!

  • Ryan

    lol son I’m a J. Cole fan but his verses ain’t always fresh – Tim Westwood freestyle had parts of it used in his song “Premeditated Murder”

  • Thats a dope pic!

  • JonesDeini

    Loso doin’ loso, guess I’ll have to settle for these freestyles and his mixtapes cuz he’s not ever gon’ break his formula for his albums.

  • ll

    whats the name of the second beat???

  • Brother man

    Men. The brutha went in. NY niggaz are the best radio rhymers. #Fact

  • wolfman

    “you’re a broke rollerblader, cheap skate.” dope.

  • fourLOKO

    lol I like how they don’t show he’s reading off something #justsayin

  • Saquan


  • JoeA

    yeah, its obvious he is reading out of his phone or something by the way he stays lookin down and how his arms/hands are placed. I actually like Fab alot more than Drake but people jumped on Drake for readin off his phone but Fab did the same thing and no one is sayin anything

  • yummy

    ^^ was gonna say, Drake got KILLED for rapping off his blackberry… shows how niggas be going out they way to hate on Aubrey

  • cj

    i cant tell if hes readin or not cause when they move the camera back and showed his sneakers u cant really tell but he wint in on the mbf and for the first part of the other beat and when he started using words from the other songs..but cosign the 2 niggas above me sayin that drake got killed for using his blackberry..its seems like every rapper that comes 2 freestle on hot 97 read off the blackberry except for lloyd banks

  • Mic Sorc

    Fab showed two Drake-isms that I’m not a fan of….Blackberry raps (prior to the blackberry, did anybody actually show up with a lyric book to hot97?) and that g’damn pause punchline flow. When it comes to freestyling in the studio, Fab is trailblazer based on his history. Why’s he gotta do new Canadian rapper shit?

    The best lyricist to hit any radio station and drop a freestyle would have to be Joell Ortiz. Its always gonna be a new verse, one he wrote on the way to the station, one he wrote at the station and some shit u aint gonna hear on any other projects

  • king

    no-sign,^^^ dont get me wrong. im a hugeeee ortiz fan but he also recycles – 80’s baby had a gang of lines from his “freestyle” – niggas should stop saying freestyle and call it “unreleased lyrics performance” – just sayin

  • mikeyfresh

    For the fab haters y’all can’t listen to this and not think he good.

  • DCB

    Get them teeth handled Fab! All that Jewlery and a toe up grill. Get your priorities straight.

    [Uncle Ruckus] Niggas [/Uncle Ruckus]

  • Mic Sorc < back in the day niggas used to rhyme off they note pads definetly.

  • holla if ya swalla

    shit is dope.. but i think its on his notepad lol

  • Cloud 9

    SO FUCKIN WHAT IF HE READ FROM A BLACKBERRY OR WHATEVER!!! Im not a fan of drake but damn who tha fuck gives a shit if he read it. nobody goes of tha dome anymore they are always prewritten. J.Cole remembered his lines. Fab. did to off that last verse it was from bring death to em of of tinc2 mixtape. smh..jus listen to tha words not whether or not hes reading from a phone. dumbasses

  • Cloud 9

    BTW Drakes was horrible compared to fab and cole

  • Yeah I said it

    I need to see the j.cole hot 97 freestyle video

  • Ghettoblaster

    NIgga i dont give a fuck if he read it from a blackberry shit was still fire.
    most free’s aint free……..shit was dope….and nigga aint gonna waste bars for hot 97…

  • Ghettoblaster

    pretty much everyone should stop labeling everything as a freestyle i dont believe it unless ur supernat

  • Lucky Luciano

    Best nigga doing it in the game ATM!

  • Spoons

    Co sign Ghettoblaster
    These dudes get mad at the fact it’s called a “freestyle” but it’s really written. In a phone/notepad/ WHATEVER!! Nukkas know Supernat is the ONLY dude spittin off the head that’s #nice. So kill that. There not gonna make as show or segment on a show called ” bring your best writtens an spit them like you just made it up. Damn. Nice bars. Period. Move on.

  • raynell

    We all know part of the freestyle was from TINC2…duh and Fab wasn’t the only one who did that… Jayz did it to with Can I live and dear summer so don’t front is punchlines are bananas…yall hater always have some negative to say about Fab weather it is about is teeth or his rap. Smh sad!Bottom line is that the freestyle was beyond hot…niggas to start realizing Fab is one of the best New York rappers hands down!!!…