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Faith Evans – Everyday Struggle f. Raekwon

blame it on Meka August 31, 2010

“Either Way” by Dave Grusin, also sampled in “Everyday Struggles” by The Notorious B.I.G.

Posse On Trendwatch: Raekwon jumping on “updated versions” of classic songs. This one is off of Faith’s Something About Faith, dropping October 5th.

DOWNLOAD: Faith Evans – Everyday Struggle f. Raekwon | Mediafire

  • pr0b

    not feeling the production … faith better go see bink! ….this is just a snare over a loop GTFOHWTBS … its 2010 … mofo’s are replaying whole samples .. faith step your game up.

  • *dead *@ that pic hahahahahahaha

  • yummy

    The Chef needs to get back in the kitchen, his new recipe doesn’t stimulate the pallet.

  • Dobie G

    Better than the crap we’ve been hearing recently. I’ll take an old straight sample than what else that has been out there. If someone is going to sweat samples, then I have a whole day to talk about hip hop lyrics or the lack there of nowadays. This is an interpolation of a an old cut. That’s what was meant by update.

  • Jimmy

    This sample has been used time and time again.

  • hiphopconnesieur

    the original >>>

  • JB

    sounds almost like an MF Doom cut to me.
    pretty cool.

  • ad9esr

    Doesnt make up for the track with beaver…

  • DJ Jules

    LMAOOOO @Beaver

  • Love Faith, ok do yo thang……feeling it!

  • Kit Kat

    I love this track. Faith, Yes, nothing is more precious then time. People, keep focus and open your damn eyes. Listen to what she is saying. Would you rather her talk about nonsense like shake your ass or how many guys she’s fucked? This song is not about a reused track. It’s about being aware of you life, thinking, reality and everything around you. I guess Baggie Jeans below the ass or guys downgrading women or even women showing their ass and fake breast all day is more important than the truth. The significance of this song is something that everyone in their lives relate with or connect with on some level. Music should inspire and stimulate good sensations not just a fantasy of what’s programmed from music videos or the radio.