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Game, Pharrell & Jared Evan in the Studio (Video)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2010


Short clip of the three of them listening to a Jared’s (Polow Da Don produced) single, In Love With You.

  • Brandon

    that’s actually Jared Evan’s first single… there’s a video for it out now…

  • 2Dope-

    Let’s get some facts straight guys. That is Game and Pharrell listening to JARED’s single.

    Additionally, I was told that you guys said that JARED is managed by Scooter when in actuality I handle him. I am a longtime fan of this site, so please don’t diss me like that fellas.


  • ddave

    What’s the name of this single?

  • sift

    song sucks cokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • 8off


  • Damon

    shyt bangs hard

  • hotsauce

    this is a banger herd it on entorage

  • mrgli

    this my jam

  • Number One Fan


  • Ian

    Game needs to release his Polow track, “Would I Be Wrong”

  • DJW

    jared evan is a product of lost money…they’ve invested so much in him and still he hasn’t really hit at all and wont turn profit in the long run…

    scott storch image aint cutting it.. good to know his manager watches the comments because you both(jared and matt graham) have a huge image crisis…jared should be huge by now with his talents

  • Why do people listen/make the wackest shit in these amazing studio’s????

  • Jake1

    jared evan is the illest on the rise

  • AnT

    weak sauce