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GLC – Clockin’ Lotsa Dollarz f. Bun B & Sir Mix-A-Lot (Video)

blame it on Meka August 31, 2010


Wait… Sit Mix-A-Lot is doing more than trying to still squeeze blood from the dried, atrophied turnip that is “Baby Got Back?”

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  • Theres Bun B’s overrated ass again. >,.,>

  • This beat is tough.

  • pMartian

    Sir Mix a Lots only on the sampled hook meka

  • wu

    Meka! If your gonna post shit watch it first. Mix-A-Lot aint even in the video. Thats some old song.

  • gubu

    I guess i could see how you say bun is overrated, but he invented his style. Its like saying Iverson is overrated because he made the crossover big. he basically invented it and everybody ran with it

  • “Some Old Song” – Posse On Broadway

    A great song on the album SWASS that is severely overlooked because people think he’s a one hit wonder.

  • I like the feel to this song and beat. Strip club or cruising joint right here…sorta like that old chi sound.

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  • Ryuk

    BGB money is good money.

  • Jack ass

    as i understood Bun B is all into criticism ..wo|men’s on money as only true religion and all that shit without purpose..