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Jean Grae – Love Song pt.4 (prod. Cookin’ Soul)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2010

Tagless version of one of the exclusives off DJ Drama and Cookin’ Soul’s Gangsta Grillz: History in the Making mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Jean Grae – Love Song pt.4 (prod. Cookin’ Soul) | Mediafire

  • ChRiS.

    More Jean Grae is fuckin needed.

  • Complacent

    How can anybody listen to any other female rapper after hearing Nicki verse in Monster. IT was insane compared to mediocre shit.

    Rolling with the BARBIE BITCHES

  • Stephanie

    ^ Get the FUCK outta here.

  • Meka Gets No Love

    No YOU get the fuck outta here.

    This song is trash.

    For all the hate Nicki gets, she DEFINITELY is talented.

    Go somewhere else with all those depressing ass beats. If you trying to learn something to watch CNN or something.

    Fuck outta here.

    Ya’ll the type to stay at home and decipher lyrics while the rest of normal people are out living life and enjoying it.

    Sit the fuck down.

  • dz

    Nicki is nothing new, nothing original. She has big tits and likes to rap in different voices, both of which already been done.

    Jean Grae is that real, she can spit and she doesn’t have to go mainstream. Check her entire catalog you haters

  • Stephanie

    lol okay. The internet is wild, man.

  • wow! get the fuck outta here indeed! nikki spits something fierce on the monster track, but she don’t really say anything. “my money’s so tall that my barbie has to climb it” — really? she got energy and certainly switches her flow up, but jean grae is a beast that would eat her up.

    found myself watching the bet show on female emcees last night. pretty interesting isht. loved that they had my girls jean and ladybug mecca on it (where was bahamdia?). jean talking sounds nothing like jean spitting. she must soak in some vsop for an hour or three before climbing into the booth.

  • LOLStar

    What the fuck? Comparing Nikki to Jean. no compitition. Now Nikki spits that fire but just comparing Monster to this track is bullshit, yeah of course Monster is a better track. But there is no fucking way on this earth that she tops Jean as a lyricist. LOL, just cause she raps some clever shit you’re a retard if you need to sit at home and decipher lyrics, you either know it or you don’t. Just stick to that Soulja Boy

  • Dro

    I understand the people saying this bullshit are probably no more than 13 years old, but it’s so sad that this is how the future generation views hip-hop. I’m not really a fan of female mc’s (sorry ladies)…. but Nikki should be making 4th rate porn flicks, while Jean is hands down a top 3 female mc on any list that matters…. yall lil dudes need to wake up.

  • I can’t BELIEVE the hate this track is getting from MEN and especially WOMEN!!
    If you can’t understand her, READ A DAMN BOOK.
    Its not HipHop’s fault your mother never read you any bedtime stories. Get a G.E.D. and get THE FUKK over it.

    Jean Greasy did the damn thing, its about time folkz are hearing her name. I can’t wait to see her get the recognition she deserves.

    To say Jean Grae is great doesn’t mean you have to tear down or even bring up Nikki Minaj. Why can’t we have more than one dope female Lyricist??????????????????????????

  • GOD

    Nicki Menaj is is basically only popular cuz shes fuckin fine. She swagger jacked missy eliot pretty bad with those voice things. She’s teaching young girls to act like a spoiled bitches. I swear every chick on twitter calls themself barbie and shit. Female rappers are like WNBA tho..i mean they try but nobody really gives a fuck


  • johnny bee snikka

    you people disgust me

  • alicia lee

    Yea let’s not compare Jean to Nikki….you can compare Jean to MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Bahamadia, and female emcees like that. Nikki would hafta be compared to Lil Kim, Foxxy Brown, Trina…ya feel me. Jean Grae does not need 2 dress up like some sort of character (slut) to make dope rhymes.


    HOLY FUCKING SHIT LETS COMPARE 2 FEMALE RAPPESR!!! Guess what, they are both still wack as hell

  • pico presi

    fuck nicki, she jacked her swagger from kim and its pretty evident. i like nicki when she is on a dope beat and is talkin bout cuming on dicks and licking it off. no really she really said that. Great! but if she aint on that, Ill pass. Now when I want to listen to some grown woman perspective, Jean Grae all Day!!!

  • Tupac Shakur

    anybody saying Nikki “Tourettes Syndrome” Minaj is better than Jean need their Hip Hip card revoked. fuckouttaherewitdatbullshit

  • leutrim rexhaj

    jen grae can get it….so can nicki minaj for that matter

  • williamhsince83

    Jean is a dope MC. Jean is 1 of the best female artists of all time and can hold her own w/ ur fav rappers. It’s a shame that this has even been made into a debate. What has Nikki done to get all of this love other than align herself w/ the hottest crew in the game according to the masses? (I tend to disagree.) Besides being apart of YM, what has she done? What albums has she dropped? WTF is she talking about? I couldn’t tell u. Nikki annoys the fuck outta me. Nikki can get it but she’s trash. Too animated for me.

    Hip Hop used to be about individuality. Now a days everybody wants to take someone’s style. If Nikki was dope niggas would talk about how dope she was and not how she is portraying herself. Niggas used to talk about Queen or Lyte and say that they were dope. It wasn’t about the sexy.

    Hip Hop lost its individuality (originality) somewhere along the way and became Pop. We need artists like Jean to keep it interesting. There can only be 1 of 1.

  • lyfz_a_bitch_n_then_you_die

    as jean said on eternia & moss’ album,”your fans only use you to masturbate”.

  • dev

    damn this is a breath of fresh air!! my fav female MC.
    im not going to lie Nicki Minaj’s verse on Monster was crazy dope… but dont get it twisted, i still dont like her as an artist
    Jean Greezy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • 1woRd

    Complacent never post on here again. you are the definition of ignorance, just another simple minded fuck who has no clue about the culture. keep living in a box and thinking Nicki is a lyricist and we will keep saying your a fuckin dumbass

  • Shark One

    Nicki gets her ish written for her. None of that is her. She’s a fabricated rapper that was put in place for the new generation, since the other female MC’s were either too real (Jean Grae) or too damn old.

    Open your eyes people.

    Jean Grae>>>Nicki Fanaj

    On a side note they’d both get it, at the same time.

  • Curtis75Black

    All you have to do is listen to Jean Grae’s catalog and you’ll understand the love she receives !! No bullshit animation, just pure musical art. Nikki spit one hot verse and niggas act like she won The Nobel Peace Prize.

  • hearing jean’s voice is like being rescued from a deep well

    love this track – jean is an artist – incredible artist at that —
    no debate right now, nicki just started, has definite potential to be a great and long lasting figure in the game —- but you kno what u are gettin with Jean — lyrical f’n monster

  • Teton

    Nicki better than Jean Grae? Sheeeeiiiit. I love reading the posts of stupid MFs. (Ex. A – Complacent). And, Complacent aren’t you the same dude who openly talked about your G-Unit tatoo on another post? LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • J.E.T.S.

    ahahaha someone said nikki minaj has talent! hahah what a joke

  • stompintom

    Jean Grae is the truth. I would rather give it to her than nicki because nicki would moan with stupid fucking voices lmfao.

  • big Kid bowser

    nickis the boring frankenstien of rap and this girl just boring

  • Cage

    you people disgust me

    johnny bee snikka said this on August 31st, 2010 at 6:25

    ^^^ He beat me to it

  • The Orakel

    Just another vote for Jean :)

  • diandre pickett

    every time i look at jean grae i get a woody…..

  • OG_Simpson

    wut is that sample?

  • Nice titty shot…didn’t know Jean was rocking that heavy.

  • alibfly

    you go ahead and “Rolling with the BARBIE BITCHES” but remember barbies are plastic and plastic gets recycle and thats what nikki is another recycle version of lil kim and the rest of them dick,money,pussy rhyming female rappers. clearly some of yall dont know what real hip hop/rap is if yall hatin on jean yall talking trash just cos yall heard one track she is the female version of NAS if im correct ill enough to spit with immortal technique. BUT I AINT ABOUT TO TALK SHIT ABOUT WHO IS BETTER COS HONESTLY 2 DIFFERENT STYLES AND WE SHOULD BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HEAR THEM BOTH IS NOT EASY FOR FEMALE RAPPERS SHIT! THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A CATEGORY WHEN IT COME TO AWARS. and so comparing rappers is like comparing your friends sister to your sister im just sayin… MUSIC IS MUSIC LEAR TO APPRECIATE GOOD SHIT WHEN YOU HEAR IT

  • Hello mate – genuinely appreciate you taking the time to send this – it’s perpetually greater to see somebody really do it rather than simply studying it!