• johnny bee snikka


  • sam sneako

    god DAMN that beat is hard.

  • Nutt

    damn, straight heat

  • kaCe

    Samuel L. Jackson does everything these days.

  • morrigan

    ^^^ hhahaha.

    tracks fire tho

  • http://www.lyriciss.net Lyriciss

    Kokayi...DC legend.
    respect to 2DBZ for posting this.

  • ivemar80

    Getting this. Thanks for posting!

  • http://upsestthesetup.wordpress.com DJ Eurok

    This joint bonkers. Kokayi been tearing down stages GLOBALLY for a minute. A true professional musician, songwriter and MC! One of my inspirations youngn!

  • Bakke

    Bounce remix on repeat with the normal one thrown in at times! This ish is catchy as fuck :D