• AM

    dude is on point

  • JR

    This screen shot had me thinking it was the new Asher Roth and Nottz project. LOL HaHa

  • xastey

    Nick F been dropping straight heat lately

  • 1234

    one of my fav songs from that tape

  • xastey

    L.E. FOR THE UNCOOL – THE MEASURE just dropped,

  • :P


  • DayO

    this shit is tight



  • Nick Ramsay

    lmao @ the white dude lipsynching along. dope song tho

  • Ng234

    I support anything Nickelus F does

  • hiphopconnesieur

    That Nickelus F + Portishead is one of my favorite things ever.. this man deserves to win

  • http://eom.tumblr.com kohm

    Carpe Diem or Take You With me need to be the next vids
    that or a full version of the credits trailer with the girl syncing

  • walt stiles

    believe that the "white dude" is the producer of the track