RAtheMC - Heart Of A Champion (Album)

After a few leaks and teasers, the DMV femcee's debut project on Studio 43 sees its release, presented by DJ Booth and your friendly neighborhood dopehouse. Tracklist and link down bottom.

01. Pretend
02. The Grind
03. Intoxicated
04. One Shot
05. Dreams
06. One Life
07. Change
08. Pricey (ft. Ihsan Bilal)
09. Lights
10. Smile
11. Heart of a Champion
12. Good Friends (ft. AB the Pro)
13. Gone So Long (ft. XO)

DOWNLOAD: RAtheMC - Heart Of A Champion (Album)

Show Comments
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  • http://NiceKicks.Com Mikee $tar

    Did "Sarare" Think We Were Gonna Call Her Wack Or Ugly Why Its Sayin "leave her alone" When She/He Is The 1st Post ??

  • brokemountyn

    The only RA I know is RA the Rugged Man.

  • A-Yo

    Umm...what should i say...this album isn't worth downloading!

  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    The only RA I know is RA Scion.

  • hiphopjudge

    I do not like the production on this. She does have a nice flow.

  • the empire

    I really like this joint

  • http://Neogaf.com HiResDes

    I love the production on this, I didn't dl because of all the negativity at first...But man were you guys fucking wrong. This is easily in my top ten favorite hip-hop albums of the year.


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