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  • http://NiceKicks.Com Mikee $tar

    Did "Sarare" Think We Were Gonna Call Her Wack Or Ugly Why Its Sayin "leave her alone" When She/He Is The 1st Post ??

  • brokemountyn

    The only RA I know is RA the Rugged Man.

  • A-Yo

    Umm...what should i say...this album isn't worth downloading!

  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    The only RA I know is RA Scion.

  • hiphopjudge

    I do not like the production on this. She does have a nice flow.

  • the empire

    I really like this joint

  • http://Neogaf.com HiResDes

    I love the production on this, I didn't dl because of all the negativity at first...But man were you guys fucking wrong. This is easily in my top ten favorite hip-hop albums of the year.