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Rich Hil – You Ain’t Gotta Stay f. Curren$y

blame it on Shake August 31, 2010

First leak off Rich Hil’s upcoming project, Ricky Goes to Rehab, which drops this Thursday.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hil – You Ain’t Gotta Stay f. Curren$y | Mediafire

  • twenty3

    meh… whats with this site the last few days. there have been sweet fuck all posts.

  • chef

    this rich dude sucks ass. also, if i hear curren$y moan “yeaaaa” again on another track i’m never listening to him again.

  • bestrolledLs

    Limos x Jets

    I fuck with Ricky Hil all day.

  • sarare

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  • FunkyButtLovin

    currenst needs to stop fuckin with fags like that sam dude from boston and this bitch

  • thom

    nice spam.

  • nickd

    this kid sounds like a queer. curren$y fuckin with them lames

  • mmmmmm

    deammnn.his face looks like someone doo dooed all over it.

  • Shootthej

    Hate is a sin shut the fuck up or burn in hell

  • smh

  • MelancholyGypsy!

    Wait a minute… so you rock with a famous fashion designer’s son with no skills, sitting around on his bum ass rolling dro all day, but you don’t fuck with OF?
    Something’s wrong with the world, man.

  • This Guy Sucks ..

  • im glad rich hil is harmonizing on the chorus because his rap voice is horrible. they posted this because curren$y is up there. they put up a couple of his mixtapes and got bad responses and never posted any of his stuff again. they could drop more it of since he does a song every couple of days but they didn’t

  • nc

    lol, i was listening to this track reading the comments wondering why everyone was hating cause it sounded pretty decent to me, and then this rich hill dude started rapping and i had to turn it off. terrible.

  • DK

    @nc lmao damn I hope we don’t start getting those spambots (sarare) on this site.

  • whats up with the girl’s face on the album cover?

  • dont know how this one got posted, even wit currensy on it.

  • Mark

    ^thats a man…

  • theacutalfactual

    Without these features no one would be posting this guy. Sounds like a Mickey Avalon/Fred Durst impersonator… not the type of guys you really want to sound like. Oh and we know your dad is Tommy Hilfiger.

  • P.

    prolly bought this currensy verese just like he bought those cudi verses. you know the guy doesn’t even know cudi?

  • zleard

    curren$ys fuckin with the lames cuz they’re puttin paper in his pocket obviouslyl

  • The white boys love Curren$y and Wiz

  • I think yall can atleast admit that I’m better than ol Richie Rich

  • brokemountyn

    damn, i hate to hate, but dude’s wack as fuck. finna bump some yelawolf to remind myself that there’s also talented white rappers out there *lol*

  • Jonnie Is a Fag

    The black boys love Gucci and Waka

  • The Orakel

    Rich Hill.. the motherfucker that ruins all of the Famous Factory shows with his whiny, no-thought bullshit music. Why is Curren$y fucking with this dude so hard?

  • smg

    fuck rich hill!!!! famous factory killer we all walk out….. yela! tom hardy! mac miller! the kid gashi ! best white rappers!

  • Dre

    Stay in rehab rich hill you wack as shit and if your management is not telling you that than start paying them less and expect to hear it.
    Go out the game you using up 2dopeboyz space for artists that need it

  • human chocolate chip cookie. worst shit ever

  • andy


  • TekZilla

    Rich should stick to being just that, RICH.. you dont need to rap, and your horrible at it. Whats with these suburban kids talking about how high they get and thinking they can make music? Its sad. Im a fan of Curren$y but his adlibs are beginning to annoy me, really spitta? every song starts like that? He needs to not align himself with kids like rich and sam, i know its just a check but people hear this shit.

  • gonefishes

    unlimited budget + sickamore managing = rich hil’s relevance

  • d

    LOLL^ truth.

  • Onederin

    I think this is about as unified a response as 2dopeboyz has gotten about an artist. Nobody likes him. I’ve tried to give him a couple chances and I just end up turning his music off.

  • recroom

    1. download for curren$y feature
    2. listen to curren$ys verse and dom cannon
    3. delete song five seconds after bitch hil goes in

  • rich hil is a genius… limosa nostra. no limos. rich needs to hurry and get out of rehab.

  • GOD


    Curren$y fuck you doing??? By rapping with dude you basically are insinuating that you co-sign him

  • bestrolledLs

    When did the 2db comment section turn into WSHH jr? Everybody is talking about his budget, his father, his connections..jealousy is a female trait

  • YURP

    its because he fucking sux at rapping and used those things to “make it”…

  • bestrolledLs

    and you’re mad “He’s Making it”? If hes as bad as you all say time will get rid of him.. Something tells me hes going to be around for a while and when Shake posts the mixtape on Thursday you same kids will be in that post bitching and moaning..

  • goff

    i like rich hil dude just puts out chill music