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Slang Editorial: Fat Beats: The End Of An Era

blame it on Meka August 31, 2010

In today’s post I talk about my personal thoughts and experiences with Fat Beats.

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    good article. i hate to sound like an old man shaking my fist at the youth (i’m 25). but seriously, how is it everything that was meaningful in my youth is becoming so diluted and worthless?

  • DK


  • DK

    meant cosign @ STINKMEANER

  • I bought a lot of my first records at Fat Beats. It’s kinda depressing that the eras over.

  • carter!

    Never got a chance to go to Fat Beats, but damn I miss Tower Records!

  • Percee P never got the shine he rightfully deserved. I bought one of his tapes off him (Now & Then). I wish I copped more Stretch & Bobbito tapes.

  • skeme


  • damnyo!

    RIP! Another great spot for music gone. The only way to change this is to support the artists you listen at independently owned stores! That theory sounds more and more preposterous and there in lies the problem.

  • ZeNiTH

    Hell no! I don’t want CD to die!!! Fuck mp3s CD add a whole experience to the music, just think about it… Brother Ali made a vlog about this a long time ago, look for it in the search bar… A physical album is a whole different experience that makes you love so much the music…
    This is so sad…
    Fuck iTunes.