The Incomparable Shakespeare - Flamboyance

My (2)DopeBBQ stunt double.

Week 5 of Shakespeare's New Music Tuesday series.

DOWNLOAD: The Incomparable Shakespeare - Flamboyance | Mediafire
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  • Tupac Shakur

    automatic download. yesssir. stop sleepin'

  • Sam Flow

    Used the beat from Royce Da 5'9- Shake This

  • Epic

    This dude's fresh.

  • RL

    Shake is killin it!!


    he may have the longest rap name ive heard of!!

  • Cam

    song title + picture= fail

  • Xero

    @Sam Flow

    thanks, new i heard this track somewhere. Street Hop is a dope album by Royce. on topic though, this is pretty good

  • Gear

    @ cam youre gay lol
    anyways the song is dope thats all im concerned about


Consequence - "That Dude" (Video)

Cons & his son run amok in a toy store. Best. Thing. Ever.

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