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Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow

blame it on Shake August 31, 2010

New single from the Taylor Gang General; a few hours ahead of schedule. UPDATE: The reason it was early was because it wasn’t the official version. Aka… some random got a hold of the track, tacked on a verse and tried to pass it off as some legit shit. Smh… anyways, here goes the real deal courtesy of the Wiz himself.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow (prod. Stargate) | Mediafire

  • drew


  • SourDieselKing

    Yeaaaaaaaaa Bitchhhhhh

  • holla if ya swalla

    taylor gang or kill yo self

  • blackadon

    in b4 a gazillion dickriderss

  • KennyD

    This is shit other than the beat that goes with the course

  • CLB

    Not single quality.Wiz hot tho

  • vito

    new album or for cabin fever? sounds like it could be off the latter.

  • TheREALSlim64


  • 123


  • Rhymes average but dude’s hooks is always perfect…cant hate

  • GOD


  • Taylor Gang or Walk in on your parents lmao

  • zakk

    this is straight garbage, dudes annoying as fuck

  • Harrison Roberson

    @Blackadon ahaha swear

  • ItsBennAWhile

    is this really it? i hope not

  • I CAN SEE IT NOW…alot of hate/negative feedback is gonna come, than the stans are gonna defend him passionately..no different than Curren$y posts

  • bestrolledLs

    Wiz usually picks the dope ass beats.. WTF is this? lol.. his brain must be fried. Its a shame he drops this right now because his popularity is at its peak at this very moment.

  • bestrolledLs

    he needs to release “Homicide” right now to right this wrong.

  • Zak

    ^ yea because one song on a random tuesday night is totally going to derail his future career. he is definitely fried.

  • DP

    everybody is a stan of some rapper. they fucking lying if they tell you different.

  • bestrolledLs

    its the single to his next album or mixtape. I would say thats pretty important.

  • they said

    Taylor gang or go to school.

  • WNTD3

    This not even it …fuck y’all listening to

  • Sounds like some gucci production lmao this shit is wack with no real lyric concept. **yawns and listens to black el ep.

  • DBz

    sound like he kinda took it back to Flight School on this one …. hopefully yall “fans” know what Im talkin about

  • WNTD3

    Wiz say he versatile, I’m like take the rapping bac to Prince of the City and bring the new beats with em

  • tanner

    every negative comment’s hella funny you all sound dumb as shit. you act like bieng a die hard fan is some new shit? iv been listening to wiz since star power and thats not even that long. but i still feel this cause wiz did him and its dope. if you dont like it stfu and find something you do like.

  • pakman

    *yawn* not impressed.

  • WNTD3

    Wiz said 12am a.k.a Midnight smh … blackandyellow the real track will drop ..

  • JP

    So Taylor’d. but i agree that he needs to go back to his Prince of the city 1 and 2 days. If you wanna get a taste of the old Wiz listen to “Thrown” 412!!!

  • the Dude

    There isn’t an artist out there that hasnt made at least one track that I don’t like much. I’ve been supportin’ wiz since prince of the city and i can admit that wasn’t too great but atleast he isn’t floodin the internet with poop music like gucci and those other lyrically retarded “rappers”.

  • Dat Dude Chris

    This is coo, aint kno wut to think of it at first tho
    N there aint NO way in da world this is his first single for his ALBUM cuz it simply isnt good enuff to be n plus it features sum random ass nigga lol

  • Jovell

    Twitter says the legit version drops in 30ish minutes.

  • this shit is hot

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Can sumbody make a version without da random guy on it lol

  • hiiTHERE

    where on twitter says the legit version drops soon?

  • zeke

    this beat’s hot what the hell yall smokin?

  • ninja_please

    Taylor Gang or have a stuffy nose that causes you to sniffle all day and you can’t get rid of no matter how many times you blow your nose or take a Sudafed!

  • BAM12393

    SHAKE: I was just at the Kid Cudi concert in Buffalo tonight. He announced that his album is comming out November 9th. I have a video of Kid Cudi talking about the album a bit and how he is going to release another album this year as well. Let me know if you want the video.

  • aHometownHero

    Im a pretty big Wiz fan. But this shit is wack. Beat is weak. And we all know lyrical content isnt Wiz’s strong point. Plus a random feature….all equals disaster. *Goes on to Big KRITs new song*

  • jay

    So yall do know hes talkin bout his Black & Yellow camaro damn will yall ever be impressed how fuckin lyrical can you e about a car its jus a fun record…

  • Why Are People Wiz Khalifa Fans ? I Dont Even See Anythin Nice About Him (Not Hatin)

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Shake can u post a mediafire link

  • KufiSmacka

    The song is so wack the first kid made sense being on it. Never even thought of it being a fake version.

  • Catchy Hooks + Predictable content and flow but sometimes it fits the track perfectly. He’s like a less annoying Soulja boy

  • yeah i said it

    Taylor gang or run with scissors

  • sdotlegendary

    wiz lost his real underground swag…he is slowly but surely becomming just another clone

  • @Dat Dude Chris… done.

  • Thatflyyb1tch

    I love wiz but this song is annoying…maybe he coulda slid past if the beat was good. I see he was tryna do somethin different 4 the mainstream ppl, nice try n all…but no.

  • kevin

    damn this is dope…i can’t see it on an album tho…Cabin Fever it is.

    I try to ignore the Steelers reference though

  • Ryan

    Haha im not sure if i like this song but im still a die hard wizzle fan……Taylor gang or tea bag a bear trap.


    Shit is dope as usual.

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Thanx Shake, woulda been coo if u woulda put da singles artwork on it da mp3 file too but its coo ill do it myself. N da minor tags on this are annoying

  • dre

    when i die bury a kush & oj cd next to me!!!!!TAYLOR GANG OVER EVERYT….u know the rest

  • ME20ne

    soooo fuckin dope yall haters bbetter bounce niggga

  • yep

    this shit is fire my lord this guy is nice

  • K.O.

    People who hate this must not have been Wiz fans during the Flight School era. I never expect Wiz to come with mind blowing lyrics, but I always expect him to drop some catchy, swagged out tracks. And yall crazy if you dont think the beat is dope.

  • dre

    i got every wiz mixtape even star power kush & oj is his best work yet

  • flighlife.blogspot.com

  • Shy

    been following wiz since Star Power too. his sound is still similar.
    this is legit.

  • more like “Black and Gold” but this shit is straight though, nothing to over the top, but just straight.

  • Kanye East


    Get it?

  • JackDiesel

    He gonna get props 4 this shit in his city. Wonder if they’ll play this at some Steelers games?

  • aldkfg

    real nice

  • xnnoitra

    I See It Coming Already…. Wiz Has A New Deal And Has Hit Mainstream So Let The Hate Begin… This Sounds Like Some Shit Off Flight School…

  • Name

    taylor gang or drink a smart water bottle filled with semem.

  • SwishasNKush

    IMO Wiz sometimes is a hit or miss, he has some nice songs, and he has some really bad ones (in my opinion) and this one falls into the ehh category, it just sounds like a filler-track but im gonna hang on to it anyways.

  • SMDH!

    What can I say, I am so disappointed in Wiz. This track is straight up GARBAGE! How do u go from Prince of the City 2 lyrics to mediocre weed, money and women lyrics. If this is on his upcoming album I swear I’m not buying it. Don’t hate my opinion.

  • Lee

    Not as bad as folks say. I know he sounds different, but that’s part of the game. I do like “Radio” better, but since he got that cold-ass black n yellow challenger the song fits. Sounds like most haven’t seen his videos I take it

  • SMDH!

    ^^If ur talking bout me Lee u got me all wrong…I been following Wiz since “Show and Prove” and in my opinion back then he was soo damn lyrical and so unique it showed how great he was back then ….but now (scratching my head) I don’t know where this Wiz came from. I’m just lost for words. All I’m saying is that I miss the old Wiz. Not the new mediocre Wiz. Just an opinion.

  • The Hating Negro

    First song in a minute I’ve been able to listen to of Wiz’s more than once in a minute.

  • CASH


  • Question is…how did the random dude get a hold of the track and record a verse that early? Lol

  • TAYLOR GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK & YELLOW AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Taylor gang or Stick a Wet fork up in the Outlet

  • @SMDH! Khalifa dont want you to buy his album anyways Biiiiiiitch (Wiz)

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    Coulda been better.

  • Yatti

    Listened to this for the 2nd time it’s alright. I need some more Youngin on the Grind shit.

    Wiz still that nigga I still check out every track he puts out. Album comes out, wack or not I’ll still support.

  • @D_A_double_N_Y

    Stay high like I’m suppose to do.

  • this shit goes hard. kinda like me going purple and yellow.

  • this is probaly something exclusive for his city.. i bet he’s doin this for the football season and ya’ll acting like he banking his career on this track…foh

  • LukeThaBrute

    this is hard as fuckkkkk

  • yummy

    this track will be even more money after i twist something up right quick

  • kevin

    LMAO @ people thinking they’ll play this at Steelers games……have u ever seen Heinz Field on gameday?? it’s like an undercover klan meeting…….ALL HONKY EVERYTHING

  • yummy

    ^^^ nah

  • Peter Sparker

    Wack =/

  • mmkayy

    dopeee .. black & yellow black & yellow

  • hhrhr

    taylor gang or eat dog food

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Still a wiz fan he one of my favs rappers, but not really rockin wit this.

    Wheres Cabin Fever!?

  • Pedro

    I think it’s Dope.

    I like the fact that people are hating on Wiz more than before, that means that Wiz is relevant to the Game

  • Skewer skeee

    If you guys haven’t noticed. Back when wiz was dropping prince of the city he was trying to fit in with the other hard rappers. He now raps about having a good time and doing what he loves. Fucking bitches and smoking weed. Wiz khalifa is growing tremendously we should be supporting people like him that’s Been griniding like him. This song is sick to.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Tru @ Skewer Skee

    But he really (at some points) copy spitta 2much, he jus rap about weed wayyyyyyy 2fuckin much now.

  • mikeyfresh

    Shits dope but I am high right now so I guess you have to smoke to get this one.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJohnStockton

    I like this song…

  • YURP

    wow that was bad..

  • zleard

    ya i like this shit. and if i was from pitt i would love it even more man. bet that it blows up there..

  • Sobe




  • SMDH!

    @Skewer skeee
    Who wants to hear him rap about weed on every single song he puts out. Pretty soon ppl is gonna get tired of listening to that shit. He needs to go back to his lyrical days. IDK maybe I’m just the only person here whose into lyrics.

  • ktrain

    Fuck black and yellow!

    Go black and orange!

  • 360

    Fuck the tags on the official version. JAE was hot on his part of the unofficial…

  • dre

    Who wants to hear him rap about weed on every single song he puts out


  • Cloud 9

    yo i still think curren$y iz 10xs better than him. im mean he aight but so many praise him. everybody at my skool has all his shit i listened to 4 a minute until i herd how fly. then i realized spitta killed him on every track. lol so i moved to tha Jets Fool!!!

  • DoItBig

    Wiz is FUCKING UP, hes making shitty music now. this song is wack and so were the other ones he dropped a couple weeks ago. BRING BACK THE FLIGHT SCHOOL WIZ KHALIFA

  • stop

    wack beat and wack lyrics = wack

  • yeahyeah

    Taylor Gang or get tea bag on your funeral bed. You guys are a bunch of haters. So he sings about weed, bitches, and alcohol; so who cares. At least he has style compare to the shit that are on the radio.

  • kevin


    If your referring to “Radio” “Fly Solo” and “Hey Girl” as “the other ones he dropped a couple weeks ago” you should know that Radio is a old reference track for another rapper, and Hey Girl and Fly solo are like 2 yrs old

  • anybody who says the old wiz is better than wiz right now is a fool. he was the kid who loved dipset and you could tell in all of his older music. now he sounds like himself. i’d really rather hear him rap about weed than half the shit he was when he was prince of the city just because he was saying smoething but it wasn’t him it was cam, juelz, dipset all over it.

  • jurrien

    This shit GOES if you would ask me.

  • KufiSmacka

    Wiz fans are almost as bad as Eminem’s. Ewww. I’ve rocked with his music for years now but I notice his fans go a little too hard.. its ok to admit when something isnt up to par (This song)

  • GOD

    Taylor Gang or lick Oprah’s gooch!

  • Skewer skee


    But dude isnt like that anymore. It isnt all about lyrics for him. And the majority of his fans like the direction he is going in. He is going to make it big and this is going to help.

  • SMDH!

    ^^No this song is not gonna help…that’s the whole point. All the blogs I read majority of the ppl are not feeling this song and the majority of those ppl are fans from when he first came out. So basically the old Wiz is what made them fans of his in the first place. Such as myself. Yall can talk shit about me all you want I’m only stating my opinion. So it don’t matter what yall say. Shit most of yall talking shit are teeny boppers anyways. But anyway, I just hope his album aint shitty like this song…I hope he put more thought in his lyrics. Because the old Wiz, in my opinion, was hard as fuck.

  • Santa

    If you don’t like the verses at LEAST admit the hook is hot. Wiz has never had a bad hook in his life. And thats where most rappers fail. Wiz makes SONGS not a list of punchlines to a beat

  • tttttt

    worst khalifa song…nothing close to mezmorized or the statement

  • red

    As if the people on the blogs reflect the entirety of what real fans think.
    First off, the fans of Wiz who aren’t on hip hop blogs all day won’t even hear this song for another few weeks.
    Second, real fans of Wiz will not start doubting the direction he is taking off 1 fucking song.
    Chill out. Smoke up and put on your favorite Wiz, maybe it will come back to you that Wiz is the man and you’re all buggin over nothing.

  • PittsburghKid

    raps changed since 2002 dudes..it aint all about gangster rap anymore..dont get me wrong i loved the Big L’s and shit (real gangters)..but its a new bread and people dont have to “pretend” to be hard anymore..

  • HuddyD

    All y’all hatin motherfuckers ain’t satin shit now that it done blown up an all over the radio.. Shit y’all be hatin but I don’t see y’all doin the thangs he be doin so fuck yall

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  • Guest

    Game changer.— We Dem Boyz (@wizkhalifa) Mayo 26, 2014

  • Guest