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L.e. For the Uncool – The Measure (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 2, 2010

A year after he hit us with The Anti-Parachute Theory; the Columbus, Ohio native is back with The Measure.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: L.e. For the Uncool – The Measure

  • DJ Corey Grand

    YES G ! Ohio. Classic.

  • Ill. Just ill. OHIOOOOOO! Follow L.E. on twitter! twitter.com/lefortheuncool

  • InfamousP

    was in Ohio a few months ago and he DEF is buzzing out there. Loved “Anti-Parachute Theory” and this is another solid project. GREAT production too! He will go far with his original concepts and witty wordplay.

  • red

    I’ll check it. Cover alone is pretty solid.

  • jorge

    finallllllllly its up

    Ann Arbor and Champaign/Urbana know L.e.!

    The next Random Act Of Fuckery will be on Lupe Fiasco’s career.

    Shake said this on September 2nd, 2010 at 2:35 am << Shake was that u or a stan???

  • Rezo

    LOL @ all this wack ass niggas friends trying to make this dude sound like he is dope. Fuck outta here!

  • Chewy Himself


  • kashbutta.

    it takes a real life fuck boy like Rezo to throw shade. download the mixtape or STFU.

  • MK

    @ Rezo Who you wit?

    ‘Real nigga talkin’, shut the fuck up ho.’

    I mean he ain’t bad. Fuckin’ with L.e. is prob better than fuckin’ with your bitch ass.

  • xastey

    damn I sent this to yall on the 31st .. o well, good looks

  • Rezo

    LMAO!!! and his friends are extra sensitive.

  • purp

    Haven’t listened yet, His last mixtape was solid.

  • Co-signed.

  • Arancoles

    THis dude sounds like a 11 year old girl with a cold…nah this dude is weak

  • Dude got some tight beats……….

  • Late ass post dont u think shake… But yea this is pure heat
    who cares about his voice beats and lyrics is fully there
    go kill ya self hatas
    L.e ‘s got next

  • Mark

    Taylor Gang or download with Zshare

  • Mark

    OMG this punk bitch ass Zshare wont let me download it

  • MK

    @Rezo No one is extra sensitive. You are just mad typical.

  • Number1Firestarter

    This looks like it’ll be good just because of the cover.

  • Number1Firestarter

    why do i have to leave a corny comment like this ^^^ to get posted? you guys are such tools ahaahahahahahha

  • Mark

    not this guy again….

  • Shae

    Dude you clearly have some issues….

  • Ro


  • Rezo

    LOL psssst stays begging for Max B. You my dude check back in year 2090 for a new Max B joint. haha

  • Pete.C

    Lol that dude is so pathetic that he spends alllll his time posting the same comment on this website.

  • ad1

    psst you need a role model or a hug or something
    go make up with your dad

  • Rezo

    It’s official this dude has the WORST rap voice I have ever heard! Trust me DO NOT bother downloading this tape!

  • SF

    This tape is a straight listen front to back and is on multiple repeats on my Zune. Dude is nice.

  • Ng234

    tape is dope, but y’all need 2 get ur tags right, L.e and l.e.$ are not the same people

  • Kufi

    Voice is the worst rap voice of all time but he got bars

  • DK

    I thought this was the other L.E.$. the one that made Beautiful Struggle

  • SMJ

    This Shit Bangs!

  • Jovell

    Shake…again with the wrong tag buddy.

  • bakingsoda

    its good

  • is this anotha white dude? i told yall!! should be a trending topic
    #whiterappersin10<<< no disrespect tho like i said. heavily populated blk rap culture = good white emcees (most of the time)

  • JDash

    I downloaded this last night, My first time hearing of homey, but Damn, I feel like Hip Hop is missing this kind of sound. And LOL at KAMUS, if you listened to the tape, you would know homey ain;t White.

  • ya’ll cats r ignorant… wtf does it matter if his voice is different from other rappers? sooooooo which “rapper” do u fools feel should be the “default” voice that all rappers should clone? 1st u complain about dope rappers sounding too much like other rappers voice, e.g. Sha Stimuli “sounding” too much like Jay-Z… now that L.e. sounds like no one else, its a problem? fuck outter here.. dude is NICE.. i fux wit his sound, bout 2 download this shit for my drive from Dallas to Houston tonight.. i hate 2 see dude leave Fly.U but aye, shit happens..

  • Rezo’sMYbitch

    @Rezo is a hater you make your self look weak wit ur hate’n ass

  • Link has been fucked for a while…Why z-share? WTF.

  • Yep, chose to wait on this for a day, and z-share is fucked. Problem is z-share is the only link I can find anywhere. Could we get a re-up?

  • Casper Wordsmith

    I just posted that.


    Could we please get a re-up when you get the time. z-share is the only link on the web that i can find. Thank you

  • just some nigga


  • Jay Brown

    There’s an alternate link on the website listed under the guy’s Twitter account. Use your problem solving abilities people. What do they teach you all in school?

  • Chewy

    Classic #TheMeasure. Salute To The Homie

  • etown

    This shits too dope. Ive always thought l.e was the best, or at least the most original, member of fly u. yeah they all had bars, but l.e has a creative delivery. sickness