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Nike Nando – LadyBugs On The Ceilling

blame it on JES7 September 2, 2010

With “TheCarryOut2” just about 2 weeks away, Nando begins to drop leaks from the project to build your anticipation. “LadyBugs On The Celling” is basically a song about being independent and not having to depend on anyone but yourself for your success, making the impossible POSSIBLE…if you feel in your heart you can do something don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

DOWNLOAD: Nike Nando – LadyBugs On The Ceilling | Mediafire

  • chuck chizzle

    glad i clicked play. cant be mad!

  • Gerald Claros

    ive been listening to nando for a while now…hes a great performer BTW

  • Dubb B

    Stoked! can’t wait till The CarryOut 2 drops

  • super nike nando always been hot to me!! DMV STAND UP!

  • Mark

    niggas sleepin on nando

  • Snowman

    Ion need no help I been dolo dis long ion need yall…and gerald right a great performer he give u dat real raw energy not like deez other rappers wit there theatrics and wild bouncing

  • Christian Baer

    this is my dude….DMV ALL DAY

  • #myniggaNando

  • #DMV young gunna = = = Do the damn thang!

  • Jr

    Nando be killing shit real talk

  • Super Nike Nando bitchezzz!

  • you already know

    Nando is sexy as shit! style, voice, lyrics, stage presence, and down to his cute ass dimple! im proud of u kid! ;)


    My nigga! Stay with the heat!

  • Musikfiend


  • lager

    good shit

  • Don’Tray


  • James

    This joint is nice as hell…keep it up son

  • bob

    ok ok feeling this joint

  • Vick

    Damn doe , The Carry Out 2 will be the best mixtape of 2010 w/out no major host or co-sign. *side eye* DMV !

  • This joint is tight, I can hear homie coming into his own .. Keep em comin

  • J.B.

    Sickkkk, man hurry and drop the tape ! Shit sound epic.. Tired of the homie Nando gettin slept on.

  • nodaysoff

    Phil Who ??? LMFAOOOOO !

  • Tiffany

    And why hasn’t NikeNando been signed yet? Only DMV artist I loyally listen to. Great song yet again. #TheCarryOut2

  • @Tiffany, I agree to the max!
    Nando is my mans, and I can’t wait until #TheCarryOut2 drops on the 11th. Ppl be faking on Nando, not giving him his props when it’s due. He gon make the internet go crazy on the 11th, and I’m hypeeee :) This song bangs. #DMV & #Nando all day.

  • absolutgrammy

    #DMG x TheCarryOut2 x Super Nike Nando x Timeless

  • absolutgrammy

    And s/out to the salty too! *Sneaker Pimps HATER Chant Ensues* hahaha #DMG

  • obiwansan

    i keep playin this joint.. its too tough

  • PG Chillin

    can yall convince nando to drop the tape now! this joint is crazyyyy. 9/11 we gonna be blessed with more REAL hip hop.