• Mikel

    Now thats my kinda skank


    this shit is 2damnwack

  • hendot

    Jessica Burciaga mmmmm

  • http://god.com GOD

    Theres a girl who looks just like this chick in my tuesday/thursday class and Im trynna get at her.

    Her hairs not dyed tho.

    I didnt even listen to this song lmao


  • will

    sorta looks like j-lo haha

  • http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ

    now that's a high quality rap song.

  • birdman

    that ass!!!!!

  • betrott


  • The ChalkBoyz


  • MelancholyGypsy!

    loves me some latinas.
    post Rolling Papers, faggot.

    Golf Wang Or Fuck a Coat Rack.

  • NonFiction

    cutie of the day need its own post

  • http://planetcob.com slaughter BOSS

    damn this girl is flyin ass hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnson

    this is song is dope!
    oops. wait...
    i mean...
    oh shyt! dat ass on dat skank! i would wax dat booty up an down while lickin dat ass hole and dat ho be strokin dat D ya dig?

  • B. Perry

    Rockwell definitely has a winner with this one!

  • skratch

    Sometimes I "random cutie of the day/night" and forget there is actually some music in the post.... I still havent listened to the track.

  • D8D

    God- what school are u at? I needa go there haha

  • cya

    Definitely a fan of Knuckles after this one, & the STL roots are a nice bonus.

  • http://music.entelleckt.com entelleckt

    Rockwell Is a Beast. I have this on repeat now