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Slang Editorial: Really, T.I? Again?

blame it on Meka September 2, 2010

I really can’t stand it when Twitter becomes the new Johnny Cochran .

READ: Slang Editorial: Really, T.I? Again?

  • J_EaRLy

    MEKA, you goin to the Nickuls F/TiRon show tonight?

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    His album gonna flop anyway, he fell off he tryin 2 hard.

  • ur stupid. dont ask y.

    twitter.com/50cent > 2db.com

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Lmaoo nah but she told me to say fuck you.

  • dat baby don’t look like me

    It is a proven and concrete scientific fact that T.I. sucks now anyways.

  • Rezo

    LOL the last couple of days Shake has been extra sensitive and talking a lot of shit. I can’t lie though that shot about Lupe’s career was funny as hell. lol

  • irritating when people start thinking they’re Plato when they’re not even smart enough to clean Morpheus’ daughter’s feet


  • Kush Barrytion

    He prolly walked in the police station singing “I’m Back”

  • Kush Barrytion

    rick ross set him up

  • Digitek

    I don’t know if he’s gonna beat this charge, seems pretty cut and dry, not to mention dude is on PAROLE and could be in jail before this thing even (or ever) goes to trial. His wife needs to step up and claim those X pills are hers if she wants to keep her man out of prison, and that might not even be enough. WTF you doin smokin weed in the whip on parole son?! C’mon now!

  • Cage

    When Nigga moments go wrong….

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Shake turnin into a e thug thats all dat is lol

  • thakid

    I really dont get why ppl fucking hate on shake and meka. if you dont like their taste in music and their posts dont go to this fucking blog. its that simple.

  • lazyeye

    I really don’t think that has been Shake posting that shit, he never engages people like that. Unless it’s his time of the month I suppose?

  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    @ thakid – just because you have a site that puts up dope music for people to dl, doesn’t mean that whatever you say is the end all be all..Quit huggin nuts homo.

  • thakid

    i never said that i always agree with them…. ppl just really hate them it seems like haha. just sayin

  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    @ thakid
    These dudes were able to put together a popular site for people to dl free music like I said before, and kudos to them. Now with that being said, somehow they tend to think (well maybe not shake so much) that they’re some type of authority on hip-hop. Whatever tho..just quit with that high and mighty shit (2dbz)

  • me

    they out to get him man

  • Lars

    whyy niggaz hate so much, and tip shit aint flopping
    dumass nigga
    he just slipped up he proably wasnt even smoking proably his man

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    ^^^ Lmaoo iswea niggas got man crushes on these artist on how much dey fight for em.

  • thakid

    @ yo grandpa’s

    i definitely agree with you but you do have to admit there are some dumb ass haters on this site

  • What Happened Mek

    *This is a repost from XXL b/c I know Mek won’t read it at the House of Harris.
    Ayo Mek Dot,

    This is coming from a dude who has been down since Slap Boxing with Jesus, and I’m just wondering when you’re coming back with that heat rock. I know it’s highly likely you won’t read this nor care what I have to say but c’mon son put a little effort into this side work. Even your trademark wit is lacking. Maybe what they say about an artist’s first work being his best is true, because your opus at HHDX(an abomination of a site now b/c the blogs were the only reason to go there but I digress) was pure gold day in and out, even when I disagreed with your views.
    Anyways, I still appreciate your efforts here and your work at 2DBZ(who doesn’t love (2)Dope free music*cough cough*) but I want that Illmatic back.
    Thanks again coming from an ostensibe stan(nullus *see what I did there?*) but just a dude that loves hip hop and funny/witty ish.


  • @thakid

    The next Random Act Of Fuckery will be on Lupe Fiasco’s career.

    Shake said this on September 2nd, 2010 at 2:35 am<<shake was that
    Stuff like this gets said on the site by the makers for no reason. thats y ppl throw rocks at shake sumtimes.

    I think they actually must enjjoy it the controvesy helps get hits n spread word of mouth.

  • T.I.’s CD is stll gonna be dope.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    @ Thakid – you definitely right and some of those hatin’ ass niggas run this site! It’s alright to have an opinion, but when you start speaking on people’s personal family business, no matter right or wrong, you crossing the line..Fools been killed over less.. REAL TALK. SHAKE & MEKA SHOULD JUST STICK TO THE MUSIC. NIggas act like ya know!!

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    Only thing I agree with on that entire page, is biff boofs comment.

  • ZeNiTH

    Meka, you’re damn right about the twitter bullshit words of wisdom… there actually are a lot of real words on there but its like everyone and especially every celebrity’s trying to be a fucking prophet… just because you got somewhere doean’t mean that you got some enlightening (and cookie cutter) knowledge to share… let talk who actually has something to say.