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B.o.B – Magic f. Rivers Cuomo (Video)

blame it on Meka September 3, 2010

Directed by Sanaa Hamri and featuring the guy from Weezer, here’s the latest set of visuals from The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

  • GOD

    Why am I the only one who thinks B.o.B is average at best?

  • ben

    “That guy” is a genius. Don’t disrespect.

  • yea….

    hey its the “guy from weezer” whutuppppp mr cuomo

  • ben

    excuse me “The guy.” Rivers Cuomo, that is, he’s a GOAT.

  • Steve

    Good lord this song is terrible.

  • @GOD

    Because you haven’t heard his mixtapes.

  • DreamOn

    lame video for a good song

  • B.o.B is like Jibbs. All his singles should be the Hook Singer featuring B.o.B. And fuck a mixtape.

  • feining liquor often

    pretty terrible visdeo to be honest. this was a pretty weak album, but the more i think about it. its not that great of an album. i feel like its more pop than rap now. just doesnt sit well with me.

  • yeah

    Lol @ the people who think Rivers Cuomo is talented. Weezer has 2 good albums, but now all they’re good at is choosing cool album covers.



  • This video was pure randomness, but that’s what made it funny. No one should over-analyze it to much.

    And remind me of when B.o.B ever proclaimed that he was solely a “hip-hop” artist or that “The Adventures Of Bobby Ray” would be a pure hip-hop/boom-bap album?

    He never did…so people proclaiming that it may have sounded pop is right…but the point is, he never told you otherwise, so it’s not like he betrayed anyone. But if you watch his interviews and just know his music in general, you’ll see he made music true to himself; and it just so happens to be POPULAR. So what’s the problem?

  • LOL all you so called no it alls, B.o.B vs Bobby Ray had the same element as the album, It had pop hiphop rap & rock on it. go back and listen

  • JJ

    yea, honestly i feel as b.o.b. could care less what people that comment on hip hop blogs say. He had a #1 album, people around the world love his music, and two of the biggest entertainers in the world (jay-z and eminem) have him opening for their STADIUM show. This guy is gonna be making hits for years to come, on matter whether its from pop, rap or rock records doesnt matter.

  • Jonnie H

    YO Kendrick Lamar is previewing his new tape live on ustream right now..bout to be mixtape of the year smh already a classic

    The next Random Act Of Fuckery will be on Lupe Fiasco’s career.

    Shake said this on September 2nd, 2010 at 2:35 am << Shake was that u or a stan???

  • dope video btw…but this isnt my thing..i can see y bieber like him tho.

  • madConsumer

    yeah this album was fuckin garbage. homeboy peaked with his mixtapes

  • STR

    B.o.B. must stand for Big Old Bitch!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like dudes music, but I’ve been having that yellow Nixon watch for the last year and people always gave me shit saying things like “Hey, nice watch. What did you get in a kids meal or something” to which I would respond, “No, it was a gift from your mother after I fucked her so hard your newborn baby sister popped out instantly”. Now, Imm’a wear it and people are gonna be like “Hey, nice watch, to bad you swagger jacked B.oB. you punk bitch!” and I’ll be like, No! that ain’t what happened and try to explain to them my story, at which point they’ll also add liar to my list of negative adjectives. FML!

  • BigWill

    He did his thign at the show i didn’t see him open if he did but he came out for airplanes and everybody went crazy but not as crazy as when Dr. Dre, Drake,50, and Trick Trick came out best concert ever next to the Fade to Black Tour

  • grimm

    im not a fan of B.o.B but honestly this song is pretty dope. the video has like no creativeness but ehh its still straight. I STILL dont see him as anyone important in 2 years.

  • Ape$hit

    I don’t see how you can say someone has peaked when they are still making music. This song fits well with the disney crowd not sayin thats a bad thing but i’d like to hear something a little more aggressive

  • hiphopishead

    B.o.B just straight up sold out. Most people will try and deny this because they just can’t accept the fact that a talented artist they watched come up and blow up over the internets, who they supported, would do something so wrong. It’s true. It’s not just that B.o.B’s album is pop, there’s really no authenticity to it at all. Everything sounds manufactured and cliche. Nothing new or creative, or original. The music on his album isn’t like the mixtapes he was known and loved for, and it wasn’t a progression or regression either, it was just a mistake.

  • hiphopishead


    @STR shut the fuck up and stop being a big old bitch. Your gayass watch isn’t that important to anybody. make something of your life, seriously.

  • dont see how B.O.B. sold out…still talented and makes good music..there was songs on his album that soul in it like Dont Let Me Fall…good music is good music, whether or not he has the same approach to it as he used to…

  • *that had soul in it like Don’t Let Me Fall

  • not a music video, its a shoe commercial. good for him getting paid, but this dude’s music fell way off after ‘b.o.b vs. bobby ray’

  • @Hiphopishead I disagree strongly when you say that his album had no songs that had soul or authenticity. Go back and check songs like “Don’t Let Me Fall,” “Ghost in the Machine,” “5th Dimension” and especially the bonus tracks “Satellite,” “Can I Fly,” “Higher,” and “Not Lost.” His sound is as fresh and creative as ever. I never really understood the selling out aspect of music, because if the kid has the talent to make a hit record such as Airplanes or Nothin on You, why wouldn’t he? When someone gives you production that clean and catchy, and it invokes you to write verses, why wouldn’t you be the one to use that production. When he was making those tracks, he wasn’t thinking they would blow up to be pop hits, he just thought they would be good songs. Which obviously they turned out to be. People are just hating because he blew up.

  • @b_lett you know most of the songs you mentioned were from the mixtapes first ,right?

  • lm

    saw weezer at reading festival, should have headlined, above paramore and blink that day.

    hes hilarious.

  • LOL sold out huh, Well if you call opening up for Jay Z & Em selling out then I love selling OUT!!!!

  • birdz

    you guys just don’t understand what b.o.b is trying to do for us, and the world in general. you’ll learn about it one day, young starseeds.

    don’t be so close minded. open up to new dimensions of THOUGHT.

  • AnalogDigital

    for yall saying he didnt sell out with album if this was any other hip-hop artist whether it be wale, jay-z, kanye or whoever yall would be singing a diffrent yall were kid cudis erase me was sell out and wack and is way better than this song period

  • AnalogDigital

    *with this album

  • AnalogDigital

    and its not that people are close minded its that u guys are trying to make excuses why u like the album giving that he is a talented artist and a dope rhymer but this album was just a hack of cliche pop shit this album was more pop than a britney spears album and shes about to work with rusko who is not pop at all now thats out the box people can say the same thing about wocka flocka or the song like lean like a cholo its not that im closed minded its that its bad

  • DP

    well shit, somebody must not think it’s bad homie if dude has like 3 top 5 singles in the country. What you think? doesn’t really matter cuz all this shit is opinion. I thought B.o.B’s album was pretty good.

  • From the songs I mentioned, only “Satellite” was from the mixtapes. And a version “Ghost in the Machine” leaked like a year before the album. You act like he recorded all of his songs in order of when they come out? The talk of him having done a song with Eminem was around for over a year before his album came out. He didn’t fall off after his mixtapes. You guys are crazy. I bet you he did most of the really pop songs long before the album came out, and just held on to them until the album release. His mixtape stuff definitely tells you what his newest work is, but his album is a compilation of any song that he’s done throughout the creation of his mixtapes and after his last mixtape. You guys think so narrow minded.

  • courageous

    Black people are so closed minded when it comes to music. You just want the same shit over and over and whenever an artist branches out to try something new you wonder YO WTF Y HE AINT SOUND LIKE ATCQ or HE LOST ME WIT THAT SHIT HE SHULD STICK TO RAPPIN!
    Shut the fuck up and expand your mind.

  • AnalogDigital

    on the real i listen to everything from datsik, ac slater, rusko, i6 bit, bassnectar and plenty others who are dubstep i listen to aniki, louis la roche, treasure fingers, la riots, dj craze, kill the noise and many others who are electro and disco house, im a diehard hip hop fan and rnb i listen to music from all eras i love indie acts like the drums, vampire weekend, two door cinema club, bad rabbits and the lists goes on and prince is my favorite artist of all time and he has one the most diverse catalogs out of any artist ever so for u to say black people are close minded is ridiculous we created house we created funk we created pop, hiphop, rnb, rock all these genres its just how u do it man u cant fake the funk and if u fakin it im a call it out dog period ur the one thats closed minded for calling a whole race of people close minded

  • mfcl


  • AnalogDigital

    and kesha, 3oh3, backstreet boys, the shop boys, bow wow have all had many singles in the top 10 does that make it good and timeless no it just makes it pop bs like i said i like b.o.b. hes a dope rapper and a very talented dude but i dont care who it is if u gonna make a pop record make a pop record but try to sell to a whole bunch of hip-hop kids who look at u to take real rap back to the forefront and if ur gonna make pop dont make it cookie cutter

  • AnalogDigital

    *but dont try to sell it to

  • dude bob whats with all these pop songs

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!! ONE THING FOR SURE WE GOT YALL TALKING!! B.o.B for president!! Wait till you guys get the new B.o.B mixtape!! Also you ungreatful bastards!! We gave yall 6 mixtapes of free music!! FREEEEEEE All we ask in return is to support us!!

  • AnalogDigital

    ill download the new tape if he ever comes out with one but if its like the album the recycle bin its goin in

  • RalphDC

    BOB’s album wasen’t what I expected from him but i still dig it. But I really hate this Magic song!!!

  • Brother man

    This is disgraceful. I can’t get jiggy with this. He is not a rapper, or the songs on his album are not rap songs. This is in the same realm as Will.I.am. But at least Will lets you know he’s pop

  • tru

    no-one gives a damn whether you’ve sold out, as long as you still make entertaining music then its all good

    but this song is shit.

  • red

    I’m feeling the video I thought it was pretty good. Made me like the song better actually.

  • listen2goodmuzik

    take this into consideration…. instead of bashing wats “pop” or “hip hop” or watever….why not just be a fan of music???? if someone makes good music support it… if you dont like it juss let it be.. .wether its song like “Magic” or a song thats gritty like “Ain’t Nothin’ Ta Fuck Wit”… its all music so stop bitchin that he sold out or not… if its fresh to YOU listen to it,, if it not then dont =D

  • B Rich, can we expect a mixtape by the end of this year? I know B.o.B is touring like crazy right now, but I’ve been dying for some new B.o.B material.

  • Just keep waiting All I can tell you is BoB bringing the lyrics on this mixtape!! To shut up all the haterz!!

  • DP

    @listen2goodmuzik with the realest comment of the day. I hate the fucking word “pop”. ALL THIS SHIT IS JUST MUSIC. I know you “hip-hop” heads hate it when somebody isn’t just straight spitting 16’s over gritty ass beats but b.o.b isn’t just rap. cudi isn’t just rap. charles hamilton damn sure just ain’t rap. those niggas are MUSIC. JUST ENJOY THIS SHIT AND STOP PLACING EVERYTHING IN CATEGORIES AND GROUPS!. and this isn’t my favorite b.o.b song, but he is killing the game right now.

  • DCB

    The gratuitous product placement was a blower. At least be suttle about the shit.

  • GOD



    Because you haven’t heard his mixtapes.

    Hugh Isaacs II said this on September 3rd, 2010 at 1:30 am

    Yes I have. He isn’t good

  • Byaahman

    I would’ve rather seen a video for “Don’t Let Me Fall”.

  • Dia

    ahh that girl did not wanna eat those fruity peebles

  • Musikfiend

    @B Rich.

    Ignore the hatin bloggers man. The same sword they knight you wit, they gon good night you wit. Hov couldn’t have said it any better. B.O.B. doin his thing. The vid was cool & the song is hot.

  • JD

    Dude knows how to make a good track give him props

  • The video is pretty nice if you watch the whole thing & I think the song is dope! The 1 girl that plays the lead looks pretty nice & there is another 1 that looks almost exactly like Amerie!

  • ErinScott

    Ok, seriously? My all time favorite band is considered popular rock, and personally, I’m loving this song. I’m sick and tired of hearing that stuck up girl Rihanna talking about how big some dudes junk is and whether or not it works, or Ciara talking about riding a guy. I’m tired of hearing nothing but hip hop trash all over the radio. So freakin’ what if this isn’t straight up rap or pop or rock. Who gives a shit? You either like the damn song, or you don’t. Does it have you bopping your head, or tapping your feet? Do the lyrics get stuck in your head? Good. That was the artists intention. Ignorant people who seemingly become personally offended when an artist or band evolves or experiments with a new sound are the people that cause artists and bands to leave major record labels under the pressure of being a hit the next time around, when artistically and emotionally they have grown and/or moved on. Maybe you should think of that before you get all uppity and pissed off.