Fortilive - F*ck You Song (prod. !llmind)

Debut single from Fortilive (!llmind x Mushmouf x Slo-Mo) w/ no relation to Cee-Lo's latest.

Back in like '99 when I was a youngin', I used to post a lot of my beats on Back then, this was a relatively new concept, especially since most people were rocking dial-up connections. I remember it used to take hours to upload a low quality mp3 to the net! Long story short, a few young mc's from The Gritty 50 (for those who don't know, that's Hawaii) named Mushmouf and Slo-Mo hit me up on saying that my beats were hot. I sent them more, and they recorded songs and sent them back. I was blown away. Fast forward almost 10 years later, after years of recording, talking, buggin' out, racking up songs, and murking fools, we are on the cusp of going IN to introduce ourselves to the world as the entity known as Fortilive. - !llmind

DOWNLOAD: Fortilive - Fuck You Song (prod. !llmind) | Mediafire
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  • the shoster

    Dopenesss. Fortilive always comes correct... Hawaii Stand Up!!

  • eyezblind

    This shit is fuckin CRAZY!

  • nikesaleonline

    is Stand Up!! go

  • foeonefive

    HAWAII??!! wow, never would've thought. shit goes hard as fuck!

  • greatpaid

    fortilive feeling it!

  • t.a. morales

    A lot of people sleep on Hawaii's talent and the talent that Hawaii brings out. 808 All day! Dope to see one of my favorite producers teaming up with MCs outta my state.

  • chef

    this bumps

  • Feverdon

    Good to hear some real shit


    Damn, I ain't even see this one. Peace to Mush, Slo & Wun!

  • Cregnem

    these guys never disappoint

  • young tweek mayn

    ya doin it, good shit

  • uptownswuite

    my usos mush/slo/illmind----already know i aint gotta say nathan other mothafuckas aint said. shit goes! one love from that 7-0-savill ya digg! churchh