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QuESt – The Reason: A Defense Mechanism (Preview)

blame it on Meka September 3, 2010

Shot by UnkleLuc, here’s a small taste of QuESt’s upcoming project, set to drop… November 23rd?! The hell kinda extra-early preview shit is this?

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  • Woo woo cook swag chef woo

  • sik

    wtf man november y tease us

  • dope video.

  • almost 3 months…

  • JaySole

    man QuEST we got to wait that long. *sigh

  • J_EaRLy

    ^ word. ninjas need some new music!!!

  • Wasn’t his tape suppose to drop in August and now it’s November? If all these dudes do is rap then why does it take them so long to do a tape? You would think if music is your main focus that it wouldn’t take 3 months to record what 15 songs?

  • Nastynate

    ^^ Unless you’re an artist (and by artist i mean a person who makes great music) I dont think you should be able to judge someones work ethic. Besides, QuESt is still an up and comer, and from his past shit, its pretty obvious hes also dealing with real life. And greatness takes time. Besides its FREE. So chill out and wait for the shit. It builds anticipation anyway. Im stoked.

  • ART

    niggas try to hard man..

  • This album is going to be highly ill. Some of the records from it are crazy dope!

  • ALMOST there!