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(2)Deep: The Jaz – It’s That Simple f. Jay-Z [1991]

blame it on JES7 September 4, 2010

This joint can be found on The Jaz’s 1991 EP, Ya Don’t Stop and is much better than Hawaiian Sophie. The earliest recording of a young Jay predates this and Hawaiian Sophie; High Potent’s HP Gets Busy, circa 1986, but that shit is basura.

DOWNLOAD: The Jaz – It’s That Simple f. Jay-Z | Mediafire

  • BUCK

    haha look at jay z’s ugly ass hahahaha. song is a hit tho, im dancin in my seat

  • moolaguap

    lol that nigga jay-z is mad ugly

  • gangster

    can’t stop laughing :))))))) @ Jigga’s face

  • PACO


  • ayo

    Dear teacher, you’re probably somewhere near a speaker
    I’m ballin’ outta control, can you hear my sneakers

  • holla if ya swalla

    19 years ago haha and dude doesnt sound any different

  • BawSe

    sound like some shit that was suppose to be on the juice soundtrack

  • red

    100 times better than that Lloyd Banks song.

  • DJ Drama


  • Majority of the commentator’s in here typed about the mans face instead of the song. Yall some fruits forreal…

  • stompintom

    lmfao @jay-z’s camel face haha but on a better note i miss hip hop like this

  • Rezo

    “From Shawn Carter to Jay-Z, damn you on Jaz dick” -Nas

  • thakid

    i prefer hov’s verse on this than to any he has done recently. no doubt

  • Adi Pre

    Classic shit.

  • more jay, less war.

    “How could you forget? Back of Johnnie’s album cover, red and blue Gucci shit.”

  • vamosarapiar

    KNOWxONE putting in work. Very dope to see posts like this on here, too often blogs (this one included) are all about the newest & hottest…always nice to see some people appreciate and spread the word of hip-hop history. Keep doing your thing.

  • luda848

    love this shit dog…not only great music but rare as shit, and i thought i had a sick collection haha, keep it up

  • diandre pickett

    and to think…we used to dance off of this shit….


    LMAO how in the world did get beyonce???

  • party music o.d.

  • who else

    Possibly the best rapper alive but lmfao this nigga been ugly.

  • Corsico

    The song can be found on Jaz’s full length album as well…

  • his rap talent to ugliness ratio is off the charts doe

  • KillaKam

    ^^^ I can’t help but laugh at you guys calling this dude out on how he looks. I would be “ugly” in a heartbeat if I could be waxing B every night. You questionable ass niggas.

  • Equani

    Shut the fuck up. That nigga ugly as hell.

  • dia

    and now and days u cant hear a song of his without him talking about how dope he is. money changes things.. hes still one of the greatest tho

  • There it is… the hype shit. lol… Jay-Z and Jaz-O was the shit together. With the exception of Hawaiian Sophie. That shit was corny as fuck.

  • Coolin

    Damn…he could have recorded those vocals yesterday and I would have had no idea…his voice sounds exactly the same!

  • Real shit, is does sound like Jay-Z recorded this shit yesterday…

  • *it

  • stan lee

    damn.. he murked this shit and he sounds EXACTLY the same..

  • Iza

    Very nice. All these “guys” commenting on Jays looks would probably be the first to come to Craig Mack or Biz Markie’s defense if this post were about one of those two. Gay.

  • q

    Dope…Prince Paul produced this track

  • I had this 12″ back in the day on vinyl, I think my
    Best friend still has it in his crates!!!

  • COKE