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Kendrick Lamar – O.D. (Artwork)

blame it on Shake September 4, 2010

Art by RedefineCreativity.

Cover art for Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming project, O(verly) D(edicated).

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  • FunkyButtLovin

    im thinking of myself catching a ball and im jumping to catch it

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Umm ok idk, but ikno this shit fina be hard!

  • andrew

    question: what does ‘OD’ mean?
    i hear it all the time..
    i know in this sense it’s ‘Overly Dedicated’.
    but that’s not what it always means, right?

  • jorge

    Over Dose….andrew lmao….

  • overdose.

  • R. Kelly’s piss victim

    that cd cover is O(verly) D(isappointing).

  • Sage

    mm at least she got a nice body lol

  • robo

    I like it. Its fitting. This shit is going to be fire like his last project. Average joe is pure heat!

  • 11

    Dope A.f.!

  • JO

    Kendrick was giving previews of the tape on ustream the other night… #DOPE

  • andrew

    lol…..ah….hence the pics of people who have overdosed.
    ha….damn. but i don’t get why some rappers say it then?
    lol. it doesn’t seem like thats what they’re talking about.
    ………cover is DOPE though! haha

  • Mann Thaa Goat

    Shake had no hand in the artwork?? whats up? shit slapps though

  • ThatKidRawr


  • orbit


  • Unknown

    fuck yeah.

  • just made me realize how many great artist/celebrities o.d on somethin. at least its creative

  • mike c

    did all those people O.D on the cover

  • twenty3

    hahaha the dude who didn’t know what OD meant… funny shit.

  • P.

    too geeked for this project.

  • yea kendrick is the truth

  • N.E.R.D

    can’t fucking wait

  • ghostdog221

    I like that he put Sacer from Irak on the cover, that dude was definitely overly dedicated. RIP.

  • gospher

    fuckin A thats what im talking about

  • Ojandkush24

    Been folowing this dude since high school when he came out with Trainning Day and his name was k-dot can’t wait for this to drop. Thank you Kendrick Lamar for showing the world that the west coast can actually spit! real shit. Ab-soul and Punch west up!!!!

  • HipPotHead

    When is this supposed to drop?

  • N.E.R.D


  • Dopest cover ive seen in a while!!!, never listened to KL before but the cover and title alone have me interested

  • RussDa59

    can someone tell me what her head is plz

  • jurrien

    someone can answer that question, would like to know

  • D

    dope cover.

  • blasehblah

    HONESTLY, he’s the only young rapper I’ve been paying attention to recently and he might just put the WEST back on the map, if he already hasn’t.

    #OD 09.15.10 already got it marked!

  • 999999


  • Pretty rad cover! Is that SACE?

  • dopeE

    classic shit hoe

  • RussDa59

    no one knows -__-