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Bring It Back: 2pac – Ambitionz Az A Fighta (Mike Tyson Tribute)

blame it on Shake September 7, 2010

Just over 14 years ago, the city I live in now became the last city Tupac Shakur would ever spend time in. While we all know the overall story of Pac’s untimely death; the one about his friendship with Tyson has always been left untold in it’s entirety. That is until now; as Reggie Bythewood and ESPN’s 30 for 30 series dive head first into the rapper/boxer relationship. One Night in Vegas aired tonight; and I’ll make a new post when a rip of it surfaces, but until then… enjoy Pac’s remake of his classic for Iron Mike.

DOWNLOAD: 2pac – Ambitionz Az A Fighta (Mike Tyson Tribute)

  • Stephon

    good documentary…good song

  • Da best

    In b4 the PAC dickriders he’s overrated as hell and is a NEW YORK nigga and wasn’t a thug at all he was a actor and all u lame west coast folks no it and keep liveing your dream pac was won ofthebest east coast rappers

  • A.B.N.

    @ Da best is english your second language.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    ^^^^^^^^^^^haha, Pac was such a thug that he didn’t get locked up until after he started acting like Bishop from Juice in his real life. & Reppin LA when he was from Harlem, smh. He’s still a hiphop legend tho, no doubt.

  • BigWill


  • lars

    it was a great doc
    didnt kno mickey rourke was close 2 them tho

  • Ca$h!

    Legendary 2pac

    Legendary Mike Tyson

    good shit

  • GR

    Not G.O.A.T, but its easy to say he’s the greatest without any backlash in the community or knowledge of hip-hop. It’s true. But he’s up there though

  • luuu

    pac = G.O.A.T

  • Don’t take rumors as truth, I’m pretty sure yall niggaz never knew the late Legend personally.

  • sylver21

    great documentary, best thing i’ve seen in a while. made me see Tyson in a more human light. and wasn’t aware how close he was to Tupac. and the spoken word/poem that dude read about Tyson was crazy. I was surprised by the mickey rourke thing too…damn, i though shake had read my mind when i saw this post. i thought it song they played in the documentary wen Tyson was comin out to fight b4 Pac died. ah well, still glad to see other’s enjoyed the film.

  • michaelthesaint


  • sylver21

    *thought it was the song



  • Peppington

    Doesn’t that guy in the back right look like that dude from Hot Tub Time Machine and the Office lol. Forgot his name Craig something…

  • MateenCleaves

    ^ hahaha hell yeah he does, i just know him as darryl from the office.

  • wu

    @ Da Best, you are a fucking idiot. I bet you were 10 when pac died and I doubt you know shit.

  • VerSusV

    Does anyone have that exact song from the documentary? And side note: that IS Chris Robinson (the black dude from HTTM and Zack and Miri)

  • Fuck That !! 50 TYSON IS THE G.O.A.T.!!
    50 TYSON > Anyone you can think of!!
    All Day Everyday!!

    YABOY 50 TYSON!!

  • Killa

    U niggas like kanye more -__-. I wish i could understand. O well this guy is ur favorit rapper’s rapper so haters eat a dick. His the reason kanye started rapping, his the reason jcile started rapoing. Etc etc….

  • AZ

    link dont work

  • Weezy

    Lil Wayne – American Dream

  • Was a good mini-doc, enjoyed the Michael Eric Dyson interviews; his books are dope. 2Pac is the greatest ever IMO because he transformed Hip Hop more-so than anyone of my genereation (see what I did there?). Everyone has an opinion, but I’m always weary of someone who doesn’t show love to his talents.

  • jasonX

    does anyone else notice “darrell” from the office in the picture???????????LOL…top right…

  • jessie

    there’s 2 it’s this and another 1 called 2pac-Lets Get Ready To Rumble that came out in ESPN’s 30 for 30 series

  • Illness

    Great! that dude on the top right looks like that cop that involved in that Pac shit…or is it the Biggie?

  • Illness

    …lol, so much blast’n

  • tre

    I was like 3 when he died and i remember that shit like it was yesterday yo..sad shit.

  • jessie

    there’s 2 it’s this and another 1 called 2pac-Lets Get Ready To Rumble that came out in ESPN’s 30 for 30 series

  • real

    rip pac fuck any hater …if u dont like pac u must be from atl

  • Dino

    Koval & Flamingo, drove by there 20 min ago bumpin’ Thugz Mansion.
    R.I.P. Tupac

    G.O.A.T. or at least my Fav of all time.

  • ejunco

    Quit talkin shit about Pac, leave him be and let him rest acting like u managed his damn life

  • Shawn

    IMO the best rapper ever. Period.

    I always wondered about their friendship. Anyway, good looks.

  • mmkayy


  • luca

    the best that ever did it. real mother fucker. suck a dick if u don´t like it.

  • ayume

    Let the dead rest in peace.
    He perfected every aspect of hip hop.

  • I wuz 18 when 2-Pac left us and I wuz extremly sad. To me Pac wuz our modern day Malcom, our modern day Marcus garvey, our modern day Huey. To lose someone like that is a major tragedy once again in the Black community. When we needed a voice Pac spoke out for all of us and wuz heard WORLD WIDE and we all listened and learned from him. To disrespect him is ignorance on the persons behalf! RIP 2-PAC you are the G.O.A.T!!!

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