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Joell Ortiz – Battle Cry (prod. The Audible Doctor)

blame it on Shake September 7, 2010

The Brown Bag AllStar producer lends his production touch to the first leak off Joell Ortiz’s Farewell Summer EP, dropping this Friday. Shouts to OnSMASH. And yes… Free Agent and the YAOWA mixtape are still on the way. UPDATE: Back to the top with a bonus joint from Maino. Off his upcoming Art of War mixtape w/ DJ Drama.

DOWNLOAD: Joell Ortiz – Battle Cry (prod. The Audible Doctor)

BONUS: Maino – Ask Me Bout Brooklyn f. Joell Ortiz

  • Emperor

    lol cover fail

  • ^beat me to it

  • dc

    link is fucked!

  • Adi Pre

    New link please shake!

  • Onederin

    1) Really dope

    2) The d/l link doesn’t work

    3) A gigabyte is pretty big. Shoulda said kilobyte or something for that punchline.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    joell ortiz is losing all the momentum from his freestyles and the slaughterhouse albums…its all his fault anyway he has been talking up the Free Agent album and the yAOWA mixtape since like last summer and hes talked about working with talib kweli, styles p, m.o.p, premo, dj khalil, raekwon, statik selektah, nottz, bun b tech n9ne and so many other people and thatzs not fair to us…his fans

  • cover has been fixed.
    link should work fine.

  • link doesnt work idiot but i found it through another song link posted previously

  • just keep trying it.
    usershare is acting up but if you try enough it works haha.

  • thequeensking

    Two much going on with the track. Needs a better mix, sound more like a blend then a studio tack..Biggest fan but his movement is kinda slowing down. Less internet focus and more radio.


    nah this dude is pretty much a failure. he got skills but if u go 2 cooper youll hear his ass sayin yaowa… what a waste. Free agent the new detox

  • spec-c

    damn joell tac nuked the track

  • yeahnnik

    it’s dope.

  • RIP track.

  • zookeeper

    niiiice (fab voice)

  • SlaugherdUP

    hada come back n find this post due to joell puttin out the rawest shit of the week this and or last. this song hasnt come off rotation since yall Uppd it n im not even in the mood to listen to music today.. this beat is nuts n joell bodied it like he always do. AND IM NOT EVEN A BIG JOELL FAN

  • G

    fuck sum of the comments on this page… I’m thanking the Hip-Hop gods everyday for Joell Ortiz, simply because of these type joints… fans today be on sum bullshit… it would be nice mastered more, but is still absolute fire… “I’m on my grind like a pair of in-line skates, get on tracks and go bananas like a primate, baboon, gorilla, chimpanzee, or wild ape, king-kong when he escaped, i’m bout to sky-scrape, but the sky aint the limit, i could teleport in my mind any minute, take u to a place where the lions go ribbit, all the frogs roar, and the fiiiire is rigid…” #comeonson

  • iLL Vibe

    this track is dope, anyone sayin anything else right here can shut the fuck up.

  • JordanD

    My man ate that shit for real. Some of these niggas are crazy the way the hate. Like I know this gets said a lot, but if you don’t like it keep it movin’. No need to hate keep that shit to yourself

  • robo

    YAOWA!!! Damn these fans are reaching with their comments. Never satisfied! This is absolute fire!


    All i was sayin is dude is wastin his potential. make some songs, do an album INDPENDENTLY if da labels are fuckin u over or STFU. i dont wana see random freestyles here and there i like complete albums. Fuck i look like shufflin thur my ipod to find random 2 min freestyles

  • always goes in but i finally like a song of his.

  • denz

    Brown Bag AllStars x slaughterhouse! Love it

  • word

    damn even joell doing the “bigseanflowthatdrakemadefamousthatpeoplecantagreeonwhereitstarted”

    and yes a gigbyte, is pretty much the opposite of a little memory joell. but hey he from the P’s..

  • RIP Track. Joell left no mercy, he stabbed the shit out of it. God daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    @word People have been using that punchline style long before Big Sean or drake. Case and point Monkey Barz by Sean Price from 2005. Check that album, and I guarantee that it’s been used extensively for well over a decade by countless known rappers, it just didnt get as much attention because they didnt use it every single verse like Drake did.



  • chef

    i have no words to describe this track.

    joell just singlehandedly raised the bar. dude just made almost every track to come out this year sound like a joke in comparison to this.

    10th listen in a row and its still fucking amazing.

  • prkgfx

    joell never disappointments, dude knows how to control the mic. he is a real artist, and i look forward to everything dude brings to the table.

  • word

    @thrill which is exactly why i said “people cant agree on where it started”.

  • Shark One

    Joell usually doesn’t disappoint but these tracks are whack. He’s like Nas with the worst beat selections ever.

  • TR9NB


  • yerr

    Has everyone lost their god damn hip hop sense? WHY AM I SEEING ANY SORT OF HATE? this song just killed it. The beat was amazing..his flow was on point..the lyrics…god dam the lyrics were so damn good. Stop listening to drake and listen to some god damn real music.

  • donut

    People have truly lost their mind. This song is everything that hip hop should be. Beat reminds me of the great old school Jeru beats. And then Ortiz proceeds to absolutely murder this song. What are you people looking for?



  • DG

    This is the Ortiz I like. He just killed this shit and the beat is banging


  • the queens ing

    The bars are crazy but the beat need work , Sounds like all the highs are mid level…But he killed it, Please no more half %$#$ work…

  • kremeon

    damnnn this shit is dope!! YAOWWWA

  • tyrone

    Dog this makes me want to quit rapping man! DAYYUUUMMMMM