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Kno (of CunninLynguists) – Rhythm Of the Rain f. Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji

blame it on Meka September 7, 2010

One of Shake’s top-5 producers drops the first leak from his long-awaited solo debut, Death Is Silent, which sees the light of day October 12th. Shake, thoughts? SHAKE EDIT: The album is super dope; with this being one of my favorite cuts (instrumental and a capella can be found at QN5). Tunji continues to impress me with each verse. Pre-orders are also available now. The Obituary Edition looks pretty fresh too.

DOWNLOAD: Kno – Rhythm Of the Rain f. Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji

  • TheReignMan

    This song is super nice…

  • 1woRd

    no mediafire link?

  • ^it’s down right now.

  • I like this a whole lot. A lot better than the other trash we hear.

  • Elijah Craig

    this is bananas! Pre-order: Check!

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Kno is one of the best prodcuers of all time and I am not afraid to go out on a limb and say this. Cannot wait for this album, definitely getting the ‘Obituary Edition’.

  • amp

    ridiculously ill

  • sam sneako

    FUEGO! After 6 of consistently classic albums, I think it’s safe to say that Kno is the best producer in hip hop right now. CATM will be classic.

  • And Won

    This is a good one….Tunji impressed me also

  • Dave

    so nice

  • Ricky

    If not the best producers at least top 5
    His music is amazing

  • WestCoastin420

    How the fuck is this only getting 11 comments?
    Such genius music, the beat so dope, all 3 penned some great lyrics

    this is the music we need more of

  • Best song I’ve heard all day.


  • josh

    kno dropping more heat, not surprising

  • joe burns

    joe burns stamp of approval

  • karakakashk

    QK10 FTW!

    This song is fucking beautiful.

  • swoby

    Beautiful song…


    ((((((WESTERN TINK)))))))

  • Matt Leaf

    Tunji is a God Damn BEAST! Throw Kno in the equation and wer talking Classic!! Good shit as always!!!

  • Bakke

    Kno – Death Is Silent + Kokayi – Robots & Dinosaurs (that Roxtar track goes hard!) = WIN!

  • H

    love the track!whos on the courus??whats it sampled frm??
    tunji goes in everytime

  • D1

    i was the 2010th download.


    This song will live on my mp3 player. Like a broke down ’73 Chevy Nova this is staying put.

  • Egg

    Album is beautiful

  • thetruth

    the layering and sampling on this cd is second to none…if you have slept on this cd your missing out…all you have to do is listen to one song and if you like it,m you will like the cd…since almost every track sounds the same…. simply dark and awesome

  • thetruth

    oh yeh and the artwork is dope as fuck